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Featured image for Top AI Conferences 2020

Yesterday you had to concentrate on the road as much as possible and at the same time switch the gearbox correctly in order to drive confidently to your destination. Today, just turn on the autopilot. This is made possible by AI.

For many drivers, it looks like a simple click of a button. But behind it lies thousands of hours of testing and development, problem solving, and quick learning.

Most importantly, this is not the work of one, or even hundreds of people. This is the achievement of thousands of professionals from around the world. And in 2020, they will again share their own observations and ideas regarding the implementation of AI in our world.

An integral part of the future

More than 10 years ago, the world saw the film "Back to the Future", with automatic lacing of sneakers, a jacket that itself chooses the size and a leash that is programmed for dog walking. Today, some of these things are real, and some are only in development. But the bottom line is that we are clearly moving towards a complete transformation of our lives.

We got this opportunity thanks to digital technology. But even they are outdated (if we talk about the initial definition). A new era is not just the use of digital technology, but the full replacement of a person in some things. For example, painting a car now only requires setting parameters.

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of the future. For some people, this is already part of the current time. And all conferences that are dedicated to this topic are aimed at training leaders and ordinary employees of different brands. But in addition, even those people who have nothing to do with the development of new technologies should receive knowledge at conferences. After all, they have to use these innovations.

It is impossible to escape from evolution. The future has already come. The purpose of such conferences is to build a full-fledged ecosystem of artificial intelligence around the world, so that people can safely exist in a new era.

Rise of AI

Site: riseof.ai

Place: Berlin, Germany

Date: 13-14 May, 2020

Cost: 599€ (normal access), 1200€ (premium access)

AI Conferences Rise of AI

Rise of AI 2019. Source of the image

Rise of AI began with a small group discussing singularity in a cafe in 2014. Today, it has become one of the most influential European platforms in the field of AI, which annually brings together thousands of experts to discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on our world.

Key topics:

  • AI status at the end of 2019;
  • what will be the post-ai world;
  • AI is not a threat, but a chance for society;
  • AI in enterprise development;
  • how to overcome the fundamental problems of machine learning.

This time among the 80 speakers will be Chris Boos (CEO at Arago AG), Manuela Mackert (Chief Compliance Specialist, Deutsche Telekon), Dr. Frank Kirchner (Director of DFKI Bremen). Do not miss your chance to hear their performances.

Augumented World Expo

Site: awexr.com

Place: Santa Clara, California

Date: 27-29 May, 2020

Cost: 95$ before February 3, 295$ - after (for 3 days), 95$ and 895$, respectively (for two days), 49$ and 299$ (only exhibition, two days).

AI Conferences Augumented

10th AWE was the largest AI conference in 2019. Forbes calls AWE the most important AR / VR conference and exhibition. This event covers aspects such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, as well as the practical application of new technologies, such as AI or 5G.

Key topics:

  • Smartphone is a key part of AR;
  • Otherworldly experience of augmented reality;
  • The virtual world as part of the real.

In 2020, AWE speakers will be Daniel Beauchamp (head of AR / VR at Shopify), Julia Schwartz (chief Software Engineer at Microsoft), Alice Cheng (CEO and founder of Perfect Corp), and many other speakers from major brands like Bose, Coachella, Facebook and Snap.


Site: DATAx

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Date: 10-11 June, 2020

Cost: 1100-2500$

AI Conferences DATAx

This event, held at the luxurious Mariott Marquis Hotel, completely immerses the practical side of artificial intelligence. If you want to learn more about machine learning, structured and unstructured data, computer vision, and other AI-related topics, you should visit DATAx. Enough is the fact that employees of Apple, Google, Amazon  and other similar companies do not allow themselves to miss this conference.

Key topics:

  • Machine learning;
  • Deep learning;
  • Data driven culture;
  • Natural language processing;
  • Personalization of data;
  • Cryptographic algorithms.

DATAx 2020 speakers were Ankit Mangal (associate director of Wayfair), Jack Hanlon (head of data processing Reddit), Nels Lindahl (director of CVS Health) and Katie Tanimura (senior director of Strava).

Reinforce AI Conference

Site: reinforceconf.com

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 6-7 April, 2020 (conference), 8 April, 2020 (workshop)

Cost: €390 (conference) €330 (workshop)

AI Conferences Reinforce AI Conference

Reinforce AI 2019. Source of the image

The second international conference on artificial intelligence will be held under the slogan "AI - new electricity." Reinforce is your chance not to wait when detailed information about AI appears on the network, and get the main insights now.

Key topics:

  • AI in the development of the Internet;
  • minimizing the consumption of resources using AI;
  • the value of cognitive systems;
  • workflow automation.

This year, Reinforce speakers will be Adras Fülop (Datapao Researcher), Emmanuel Ameisen (Machine Learning Engineer at Stripe), Francois Cholet (Software Engineer at Google) and even a simple machine learning freelancer Stefan Otte.

Applied Machine Learning Conference

Site: tomtomfest.com

Place: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Date: 15 April, 2020

Cost: 225$ (access only to the conference that is part of Tom Summit). Full access to Tom Summit – 1000$.

AI Conferences Applied Machine Learning Conference

Applied Machine Learning 2019. Source of the image

Last year, Applied Machine Learning became the "Best East Coast Machine Learning Conference." Its key advantage from the rest of the events on this list is the low cost of the ticket. In addition, it will be held in a small town, instead of a huge metropolis. But let it not confuse you: the conference is really worth your time.

Key topics:

  • business transformation through applied machine learning;
  • the importance of data analysis;
  • AI based on team activities.

Since the conference is one-day and is part of an entire summit devoted to various topics, you will not see a list of hundreds of speakers here. Nonetheless, you can listen to the insights of Drew Conway (senior vice president of Two Sigma), Natalie Evans Harris (co-founder of BrightHive) and Sarah Robinson (Developer Advocate on Google)).

GOTO Conference

Site: gotochgo.com

Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date: 27-29 April, 2020

Cost: 655$ (one day), 1310$ (two days), 1965$ (three days). Prices are valid until January 29, after which there will be an increase in value.

AI Conferences GOTO Conference

AI is a new technology for many, because its use is problematic. Want to know which AI approaches are useful today? Want to see your future software? Want to see how you can create a more cohesive team using AI? Then GOTO Conference is right for you.

Key topics:

  • the role of Cloud Native in software development;
  • development of machine learning;
  • use of microservices;
  • the human side of technology;
  • Best DevOps Conferences;
  • Internet of Things.

This year, GOTO speakers were Adam Thornhill (author of “Your Code as a Crime Scene”), Avdi Grimm (ShipRise Chief Aeronaut), Brian Gotz (Java Architect at Oracle), Charlie Hunt (JVM Engineer at Oracle) and others.

AI Summit NSW 2020

Site: AI Summit NSW

Place: Dockside Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia

Date: 21 May, 2020

Cost: 495-1495$

AI Conferences AI Summit NSW 2020

AI Summit 2019. Source of the image

AI Summit NSW 2020 is organized on the basis of the following thesis: "40% of all companies associated with digital transformation will use AI by 2021. So the technology is important for understanding now." During the summit, you will receive comprehensive information about the implementation of AI, as well as maximizing the benefits of the strategy for using artificial intelligence.

Key topics:

  • AI as the future of your organization;
  • new options for using AI to transform a business;
  • determination of the internal capabilities of AI;
  • balance between AI and corporate ethics.

The conference organizers made a big emphasis on the development of business with the help of AI. To this end, they included Ashish Bansal (Senior Machine Learning Engineer on Twitter), Jasmine Jill (Head of Automation at QBE Insurance), Artak Amirbekyan (Head of Data Quality at Transurban) and many others.


Site: ai4.io

Place: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: 1-2 September, 2020

Cost: $500

AI Conferences Ai4

At this conference, business executives and data scientists learn about AI implementation and best practices for using artificial intelligence. You will also have plenty of time to personally chat with AI professionals. As the organizers themselves stated, their main goal is to provide valid ideas for those who work on the AI front.

The main message of the conference is “What does AI mean for you?” The following key topics will be addressed as part of this thesis:

Since the conference will be held only six months later, the organizers are still forming a list of speakers. But it is already known for certain that in these two days it will be possible to choose among 200 speakers on 10 different stages. If you want to know more about AI, then this conference should not be missed.

Deep Learning World

Site: deeplearningworld.de

Place: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Date: 11-12 May, 2020

Cost: €895-2045

AI Conferences Deep Learning

Deep Learning World. Source of the image

Deep learning is a set of machine learning methods that is focused not on the execution of specific tasks by the algorithm, but on the study of representations. Today, for people of science, this is not a new discipline, but one of the essential tools of work. Deep Learning World helps you learn how exactly different organizations use this approach and what problems it solves.

Key topics:

  • neural networks with short-term memory (LSTM), recurrent neural networks (RNN);
  • methods of recognition of speech, objects, language processing using deep learning;
  • attention mechanisms;
  • DataOps;
  • augmented reality analytics.

The full list of speakers is not yet available, but Dr. Sven Crown (Director of the School of Management at the University of Lancaster), Martin Dirler (LBBW Research Analyst) and Amarot Singh (CEO Skylar Labs) are already among the speakers.


Site: ai-everything.com

Place: World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE

Date: 10-11 March, 2020

Cost: the exhibition is free, access to the conference is 400$ until February 6, 800 - after


AI Everything 2019. Source of the image

The UAE is developing rapidly and the authorities plan to transfer all the country's activities to AI by 2031. One recent Forbes report showed that cities in the Middle East like Dubai have long been ready for a new era. Because AI Everything 2020 will be a great place to find out exactly how the city came to such a result so quickly and how it can be implemented in your own activities.

Key topics:

  • AI in healthcare;
  • AI in transportation;
  • AI in the energy sector;
  • AI in public administration;
  • AI in retail;
  • AI in education;
  • AI in marketing;
  • AI in the financial sector;
  • AI in telecommunications.

At AI Everything you will meet more than 10 thousand participants, you will be able to visit more than 130 exhibition places and listen to more than 130 hours of content from 200 speakers, including: Reza Horshidi (AIG Principal Researcher), Carol Riley (Drive AI Co-Founder), Joanna Hutchinson (Chapter Data Manager at The Pensions Regulator UK).

Top AI Conferences 2020 key takeaways:
  1. An integral part of the future
  2. Rise of AI
  3. Augumented World Expo
  4. DATAx
  5. Reinforce AI Conference
  6. Applied Machine Learning Conference
  7. GOTO Conference
  8. AI Summit NSW 2020
  9. Ai4
  10. Deep Learning World

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