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Best Agile Conferences 2020

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Heard the word Agile, but don’t understand what it is? Ready to implement this technique in your organization, but don’t know where to start? Could build a clear Agile strategy, but progress has stopped? All such cases will be reviewed at the 2020 Agile conferences. The best ones are listed below. If you want to go to a new level, then you need to visit at least one of them.

Agile company development

Annually, leaders look for ways to improve their organizations and products. In addition, they need to find effective approaches not only in product development, but also in motivating the team. Over the years of improvement in various fields, the world was able to see Lean, Agile and Scrum techniques that are today considered the best.

Regardless of whether you go to the Facebook office or a small room where a startup team works, everyone will talk about Agile. These techniques significantly accelerated all work processes, which helped save money and human resources.

But Agile also does not stand still. Almost every year it is improved, which allows you to show even better results. This is achieved through research and testing, which you can familiarize yourself with at conferences dedicated to agile development techniques.


Site: LeanAgileUS

Place: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Date: 24-26 February, 2020

Cost: $299-699

Agile Conferences LeanAgileUS

LeanAgileUS 2017. Source of the image

This conference includes three different directions and offers a lot of useful information for everyone who believes in Lean and Agile practices. The congress gathers speakers from all over the world who not only switched to the Agile methodology, but successfully implement and improve it. Thanks to LeanAgileUS, you will be able to familiarize yourself with practices that are not yet covered in any publishing house.

Key topics:

  • scaling of Agile indicators;
  • agile application among remote team members;
  • effective use of conflict to create reliable solutions.

The conference annually gathers more and more speakers who immersed themselves in Agile techniques. So, in 2020, the stage will feature: Lissa Adkins (founder of Women In Agile), Dimitar Karaivanov (CEO and co-founder of Kanbanize), Anthony Adanuti (Director of Canada Services Delivery in Ultimate Software) and many others.

Business Agility Conference

Site: Business Agility NY; Business Agility Vienna

Place: New York, USA; Vienna, Austria

Date: 11-12 March, 2020; 18-19 May, 2020

Cost: $1800; €900-1450

Agile Conferences Business Agility

Business Agility Conference 2018. Source of the image

This event was organized by the Business Agility Institute and every year attracts more and more participants. The main idea of the conference organizers is that Agile is not a framework, practices or tools - it is a way of thinking. The conference has a special format: after every three speeches by industry experts, round tables are held to discuss insights and personal ideas.

Key topics:

  • Agile finance;
  • Agile for marketers;
  • search for breakthrough innovations by simulating a crisis;
  • using transformation skills to rebuild a business.

The conference in New York will bring together about 50 speakers, including Holly Delaney (Lead Link of People Ops in Zappos, Inc), Sally Ellata (CEO at Agility Health), Marina Alex (founder of SWAY systems) and many others. List of conference speakers in Vienna isn’t announced yet.

Agile 2020

Site: Agile 2020

Place: Orlando, Florida, USA

Date: 20-24 July, 2020

Cost: $2499

Agile Conferences Agile

Agile 2014. Source of the image

Agile Alliance is an organization that develops Agile approaches and holds dozens of events every year, from conferences to exhibitions and seminars. One of these Agile Conference, annually held in North America and gathers up to a thousand delegates from around the world. According to the organizers themselves: “We are gathering Agile tribes”.

Key topics:

In the near future, the organizers will announce a complete list of speakers. Today it is already known for sure that among the speakers will be Klaus Leopold (author of the Flight Levels model) and Lara Hogan (founder of Wherewithall).

Agile India

Site: Agile India

Place: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Date: 15-22 March, 2020

Cost: $135-505

Agile Conferences Agile India

Agile India 2019. Source of the image

Agile India organizers talk about the event as the largest Asian event related to agile techniques. This is one of the conferences held by the Agile Alliance team in conjunction with the Agile Software Community of India. The forum includes a training camp with workshops and seminars, as well as the main stage - reports of industry leaders. Each day will be dedicated to a separate topic.

Key topics:

Visiting Agile India 2020, you can find the latest insights by Aino Corry (founder of Metadeveloper), Finci Yusuf (Client Success Manager at EY GDS), Jeremy Kriegela (UX Lead at The Broad Institue of MIT 7 Harvard), Naresha Jane (founder of Agile India ) and many other specialists from different industries.


Site: ACE

Place: Krakow, Poland

Date: 20-22 May, 2020

Cost: €330 (after every 10 tickets sold the price rises by € 10)

Agile Conferences ACE

One of the largest Agile conferences in Central Europe. In 2020, Ace will combine two tracks - “Development of the best software” and “Creation of the best products”. Ace focuses not only on the technical component of product development, but also on the quality of customer relationships.

Key topics:

  • how quick requests can blunt the company;
  • design taking into account human emotions;
  • Agile processes in the team.

The full list of speakers has not yet been published, but today it is already known that the speakers will include Daniel Vacanti (co-founder and CEO of ActionableAgile), Jose Casal (trainer for Business Agility), Cliff Hesel (founder of the Cognician Group) and Joe Justice (CEO at Wikispeed).

Agile Testing Days

Site: Agile Testing Days US; Agile Testing Days EU

Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA; Potsdam, Germany

Date: 21-25 June, 2020; 8-13 November, 2020

Cost: $2970-3490; €722-1911

Agile Conferences Testing Days

Agile Testing Days 2019. Source of the image

Agile Testing Days are held twice annually in different regions - North America and Europe. The conference is intended for all software developers and testing specialists. This congress provides a platform for communication and interaction with the Agile community through tutorials, seminars, lectures, discussions, and social (media) conferences.

Key topics:

  • Python benefits for testers;
  • approaches to testing web and mobile protection;
  • testing tools;
  • test automation;

The full program and list of speakers for the conference in Europe has not yet been announced, but information about the speakers of the Agile Testing Days in Chicago is already available. So, you can hear the insights of Doc Norton (co-founder of OnBelay), Angie Jones (Senior Developer Advocate in Applitools) and Tarika King (founder of Selftest IO).

Agile-Lean Ireland

Site: Agile-Lean Ireland

Place: Dublin, Ireland

Date: 20-21 April, 2020

Cost: €310-1090

Agile Conferences Agile-Lean

This conference combines open sessions with traditional seminars, presentations and quick discussions. The event is dominated by authors and practitioners of Agile and Lean methodologies. The theme of the 2020 conference, “Go For It,” symbolizes the embodiment of the spirit of values such as courage, commitment, and a focus on learning and innovation.

Key topics:

  • scaling up the culture of innovation;
  • what approaches can improve your organization?
  • the secret to successful collaboration of the product and UX design;
  • what to do with a failed Agile transformation.

This year's conference will feature world leaders such as Daniel Vacanti (co-founder and CEO of ActionableAgile) and Lisa Adkins (coach and author of the Coaching Agile Team).

Global Scrum Gathering

Site: Global Scrum Gathering

Place: New York, USA

Date: 11-13 May, 2020

Cost: $1650

Agile Conferences Global Scrum Gathering

Global Scrum Gathering 2019

The annual Agile conference, which has been held for 10 years, this time will bring together about 1000 delegates. Past forums covered many introductory and advanced topics, and presenters focused on how to enhance the benefits of Scrum and Agile across all industries. Global Scrum Gathering focuses on knowledge sharing.

Key topics:

  • anatomy of an Agile leader;
  • non-verbal communication in the learning process;
  • three critical steps towards improving the organization;
  • how to motivate a team.

Today it is known that Squidoo founder Seth Godin will open the conference. The remaining speakers have not yet been announced, but we can safely assume that among them will be the best in their respective industries. Why? Speakers last year were Alexander Osterwalder (co-founder of Strategyzer) and Frederick Fabrius (author of The Leading Brain).

Path to Agility Conference

Site: Path to Agility

Place: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Date: 20-21 May, 2020

Cost: $200 (cost for 2019), ticket prices for 2020 not announced

Agile Conferences Path to Agility Conference

Path to Agility 2019. Source of the image

At this conference, Agile leaders present their research materials and changes to the organization of the team. Their reports are focused both on managerial topics, and on a combination of business with technical. No matter how long you have been working with Agile techniques, you will be interested in this conference.

Key topics:

  • implementation of flexible approaches in business;
  • adaptive management;
  • practical methods of Agile coaching;
  • agile development documentation;

The conference will be held for 2 days, during which 40 sessions will be held. During this time, you can hear 37 speakers. But the organizers keep the intrigue and don’t announce people who will perform from the stage this year and share their insights yet.

Agile Prague Conference

Site: Agile Prague

Place: Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 14-15 September, 2020

Cost: $260-380

Agile Conferences Agile Prague

Agile Prague 2019. Source of the image

The conference at first glance seems rather small, but in fact it gathers hundreds of managers, Scrum-masters, testers, developers and managers for 9 years. This year, in addition to presentations, seminars and round tables will be held so that participants can share their personal experience and ideas on the development of Agile methods.

Key topics:

  • approaches to solving organizational problems;
  • creating a product that resonates with the wishes of the client;
  • achievement of constant flexibility at all stages of development.

The conference will be held in September, because today a set of speakers is still open. Perhaps you will become one of them. In the meantime, it is already known that with their reports in 2020, the stage will be: Linda Risin (Director of The Hillside Group), Roman Pihler (Product Management Expert) and Howard Sablet (Chief Product Owner in Scrum Alliance).

Agile Manchester

Site: Agile Manchester

Place: Manchester, UK

Date: 13-15 May, 2020

Cost: £210 (one day) £535 (full access)

Agile Conferences Agile Manchester

Agile Manchester. Source of the image

Agile Manchester has been held for 6 years. Let it not become the largest event in the world during this time, but managers, developers and managers from all industries who annually share extraordinary experience gather here. Agile Manchester is another opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders.

Key topics:

  • how to set a limit of decisions per day;
  • creating a better design with Agile approaches;
  • predicting the future with Agile metrics.

What leaders will appear from the scene in 2020? Wimla Appadou (Lead Service Designer at Digital Bridge), Ian Forester (Senior Firestarter at BBC), Tim Marriott (VP at Booking.com) and many others. Some speakers have not yet been announced, so stay tuned if you plan to attend this conference.

Best Agile Conferences 2020 key takeaways:
  1. Agile company development
  2. LeanAgileUS
  3. Business Agility Conference
  4. Agile 2020
  5. Agile India
  6. ACE!
  7. Agile Testing Days
  8. Agile-Lean Ireland
  9. Global Scrum Gathering
  10. Path to Agility Conference
  11. Agile Prague Conference
  12. Agile Manchester

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