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10 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020

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Featured image for 10 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020

The success of any business entirely depends on the Web site design. To attract your customers it is important to pay attention to the basic terms in the internet and web design contexts. Here, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the main terms and principles that you need to understand how web sites work.

To stay ahead in this competitive marketplace paying attention to web designing is important. It is good to pay equal emphasis on placing the design elements in graphic design trends 2021. The principles discussed in this section will help you to accomplish more satisfying results.

Web design trends are continuously evolving. This year almost going to end and we are about to enter the New Year 2020. With this New Year, there are endless technical possibilities and web designers are looking forward to new styles to incessantly experiment with latest techniques. At the similar time, some well-liked old styles are not going to go away any time soon, such as colorful flat illustrations that we have been seeing for a long time now.

So the question is what will be the latest web design trends in 2020? If you want to discover the newest trends then you are on the right page with us. Let’s dive into something exciting!

Giving preference to Simplicity

Everything looks good if crafted and designed in a well-designed manner. Over-designing of the app or website doesn’t work. Putting a lot of features or elements on your website may divert your visitors from the actual purpose of your site. As we know that simplicity is the main element in creating effective, spotless and unique designs that will make your website interesting, as well as boost the engagement rate of your website. In short, this thing will help you to generate more and more leads and that too in an efficient manner. Keep in mind to keep your design straightforward and simple to use so that your audience can easily navigate through your services.


Adding the Uniformity factor in web design is a very significant aspect of any business. Try to pay equal attention to your website design and to generate constancy across the website. To make your app user-friendly try to work efficiently and navigation of the website needs to be understandable and uniform across your website including headers, font style, footers, and other tab styles. Bear in mind, consistency and adds value to your website looks throughout.

Easy to read and understand

No matter how attractive your website looks, easy to read text is one of the more significant aspects of web design usability. The easy to use text allows users to efficiently read the content of your website and the information you have mentioned. The poor front size or readability can annoy your user; as a result, the user leaves the site. You should keep your website well updated with good quality content, along with Meta tags, Meta titles, descriptions, keywords, and other insightful SEO elements.

Mobile-friendly approach

Due to the augmented use of smartphone devices, it’s vital to pay equal value to responsive web design. A Mobile-friendly approach is a demanding factor these days as to make your services according to the screen size of diverse devices. Several web designing tools can help web designers to design a responsive and mobile-friendly website that will boost your business value. If you want skilled web designers to develop a website, you can hire web development services from a leading website development company.

Great combination of colors

If you want to evoke the mood of your customers then use bold and vibrant colors on your website. It is important to choose the right set of colors to evoke certain moods. Color psychology plays a key role in making the customer happy. It was also revealed by various studies that color’s impact on human behavior and marketers use this thing as a tool to sell things. Well, we can say that there are some common feelings connected with colors.

10 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020

High-quality video

p>Video has long been a medium that grabs the attention of the user easily. Videos are essential for websites. People love to watch videos as this keeps them engaged with the brand for some time. It’s the most helpful online marketing tool that is used nowadays for branding and marketing on social media platforms. While the video is king, and to use this tool try to add informative videos related to your services or products. Plus add few high-quality videos rather than adding thousands of randomly assembled videos.

Thumb-Friendly Navigation

In this hectic life schedule, everyone is just looking for a responsive design to save time. Thumb-Friendly Navigation is no more an option but a need. Your website should work smoothly and easily on mobile devices. But in 2020, the main focus on web design will be focused on creating sites that are thumb-friendly.

Faster Loading time

Everyone wants instant solutions and thus no one likes websites that take more time to load. So make certain that you optimize your website images, JS or other popular programming languages 2020, CSS, and other On-Page factors in the best way possible increase the loading speed of your website, plus HTTPS also helps you to increase the loading speed of your website.


A user's main purpose when visiting a website is to get information.. If your website is able to communicate with your visitors and provide all the information that they want, then they will spend more time on your website. This will help you to generate more leads or conversions for your online business. Therefore always try to organize information properly including links, the information in bullet points, headings and subheadings.

Easy to Navigate

To create effective navigation you need to create a proper logical page hierarchy like breadcrumbs, and by designing clickable buttons in your whole web design. It shows the user where to start reading and where to navigate through the site.


Whenever you are going to design a responsive web design you just need to follow these 8 design principles to create a mobile responsive website for your business. These web design principles will help you design a perfect website for your online business and a boost to your traffic. At the point of this new decade, web designers are simultaneously looking to the future and the past for inspiration. And thanks to this multitude of opposing design trends, movements and styles, it’s safe to say that web design in 2020 will be full of revelations.

Author bio: Anshul Sharma is CEO at Fluper, a leading UI/UX design company. He has ample years of experience in IT industries to develop a creative business system. He is a tech enthusiast and loves to explore new trends.

10 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020 key takeaways:
  1. Giving preference to Simplicity
  2. Uniformity
  3. Easy to read and understand
  4. Mobile-friendly approach
  5. Great combination of colors
  6. High-quality video
  7. Thumb-Friendly Navigation
  8. Faster Loading time
  9. Communication
  10. Easy to Navigate
  11. Conclusion

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