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Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2019

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Featured image for Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2019

A successful business can’t begin immediately. Need to take into account the fact that you need a high-quality analyst for the actual trends of the market and adaptation to them. The part of internet commerce is developing much more actively than the business of other areas. Therefore, you need to monitor the dynamics to be top of a hill.

Mixing business ideas

Some traditional business is losing own popularity. Of course, it will popular. Many companies open new ways online. However, it is difficult for a young startup to compete with projects with a good reputation, business connections and advertising strategy. They need experience and good financial support, which young teams do not always have. This does not mean that the problem is unreal. But it is much more difficult than the beginning of a unique business. Crypto business like starting and building cryptocurrency exchange is easier when you work with trusted companies.

As you can see, the question arises: how to create something new in a world where everyone has already come up. There is an excellent solution - mixing several successful ideas, elements in one business concept. Each entrepreneur creates a unique mix. As a result, the business becomes clear, new and interesting for the target audience. Let's look at how this trend can be integrated into reality.

Online Courses

Educational courses are not a new idea. Traditional projects require expensive rental of space and utilities. Online courses among them have a number of advantages. Online type is not only cheap but also allows you to realize your idea as quickly as possible. In our world - speed helps launch companies of billions of dollars.

It's not a secret for anyone that many entrepreneurs are moving their business online to save money. If we talk about the prospects of online education courses, then this type offers the following advantages:

- Do not need to look for a place to rent or purchase. You and the tutors need only individual aesthetic workspace and uninterrupted access to the Internet.

- This business can be organized around the world. Even if you are after the university returned or moved to another city, you can keep in touch with customers. Online work allows you to find customers not only in different cities, but also in countries. If you are an excellent professional in your industry, but there are no customers. Offer the cost of services 10-20% lower than the average for the market - and people will see the real benefits of working with you.

- You can interact not only with the audience from different countries, but also hire new employees. You can open a small project - an online language school. You have a wonderful opportunity to agree on cooperation with teachers from other localities. The type of teamwork can be different. You are looking for people clients, getting a fee from the total earnings. Together you begin work on an online educational project on parity terms. Whatever of the type, the online project opens up much more possibilities.

The internet is universal for those people who want to earn by providing training services. The most promising areas:
- foreign languages;
- culinary lessons;
- acting lessons;
- oratory

For example, coursera helps people to find a good tutor.

Website ideas 2019 - Online Courses

The development of individual brands helps to increase the demand for the ability to correctly lead and position themselves in the public space. They want to know languages better, have the skills of effective communication, be able to manage reputation. If you are an expert who can provide training services in any of these industries, the idea of online business is very promising for you. By the way, this may be the first step towards from classical work to small business, which opens up much more prospects. Some wizards merge courses and ICO and got something relatively unique.


The business consulting industry is quite interesting. People often need professional advice. Many understand, especially to leave the current place and go to another city, takes a long time. It is much easier to contact someone who provides services in an online format. Even if for consultation you use only such a tool as Skype, a personal business website will still be required for several reasons:

- Firstly, this is the only opportunity on your personal page (and not profiles in social networks) to post information about yourself. It is a personal site - an excellent chance to professionally and conveniently present your education, experience, portfolio and other information. This page is much more effectively generate leads than any page in social network Facebook.

- Secondly, the presence of your own site allows you to effectively interact with even the most demanding target users. People will draw conclusions about you not only on several lines of professional biography, but also on the basis of content analysis. For example, psychologist Olga Lazarenko recommends that clients pay attention to the author's content. For example, your own blog is very much helping to promote your own brand and make users loyal.

If we talk about popular industries where online consulting is in great demand:

- Psychology. A client from one city or country can apply to a psychologist from another city/country. Nothing prevents to get a quality online consultation.

- Business. Accounting, auditing and other types of consultations can be successfully performed online. Having a website is a huge advantage.

- Jurisprudence. We all live in the conditions of the legal field, and therefore constantly interact with it. How to protect your consumer rights; how to get compensation from a dishonest travel company; how to register an inheritance. These and many other issues regularly concern modern people. You do not need to go to the office to a specialist to discuss all the problems. You can order a consultation in the online type. Skype will allow you to establish communication, but an effective and convenient site will be the first step that will tell new users about you. To get as much as possible your brand should be nice and logo fresh.

Any professon working in the consulting industry needs a personal website. Web development companies will help realize a personal project with high efficiency. On the site you can post the following information:

- Information about your education and professional experience.
- Photo of diplomas and certificates.
- Video recordings with own expert opinion on the most popular problems.
- Blog entries that may be of interest to potential customers.

The philosophy of modern business is built on the principle - before you make a profit, you need to give something. You need to make efforts and create content that will attract users.

Websites for the promotion of personal brands

In the modern world, it is not necessary to be an expert in an industry to be popular. The word "blogger" increasingly ceases to be associated with a hobby. Now it's a lifestyle and business. Promotion of a personal page in social networks is one of the directions of SMM. But, a personal site is extremely important for those who are sure that the content is the king of the Internet. The main risks that await you when working with an external platform: complaints of ill-wishers, blocking, problems with the server, problems with SEO promotion. Typically, a blogger has more opportunities to develop a personal brand.

The development of your own project gives you new opportunities to work on different types of marketing: email marketing, SMM marketing, content marketing. It will take a lot of effort to get a good result. But it's worth it. Success comes to the strong.

3D Tours Websites

People become more demanding about the information provided. Many companies solve this problem in different ways. Someone improves the quality of the image, adds a video description. For example, the site 6pm.com actively use video reviews for many items. Previously, the standard photo of the hotel was perceived as worthy proof of its quality, but now tourists have many questions, they want more interactivity. Therefore, there are advertising sites where you can see 3D tours to hotels, restaurants and shops. It is likely that in the future the trend of creating such resources will increase.

Website ideas 2019

Digital agency

Such companies need to have a quality and effective website. This is the main place that brings customers. The main drawback is the lack of personal contact. Thus, the company's website should be made so as to increase the trust and professionalism of the company. This is a difficult task for the illustrators, graphic designers, and developers. The IT industry continues to evolve and in 2019 the number of companies will grow. First of all, they will focus on blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. In the near future, will open a new way - robotics.

In addition to these ideas for websites and online businesses, e-commerce sites will continue to evolve using large data to manage user behavior and develop all types of marketing. The modern buyer needs to be amazed. And it's not so easy. Creative, originality, a combination of different ideas in one project, an emphasis on novelty - it is under such mottoes that online business will develop 2019.

Business and Startup Website Ideas in 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Mixing business ideas
  2. Online Courses
  3. Counseling
  4. Websites for the promotion of personal brands
  5. 3D Tours Websites
  6. Digital agency
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