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Modern Website Development Trends Predictions in 2020 to Watch For

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Featured image for Modern Website Development Trends Predictions in 2020 to Watch For

The software development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Specialists in this field are the most popular in countries such as Japan, China, the United States or Germany. Although such a demand is far from a new trend, in recent years it has grown significantly due to the development of technologies such as blockchain or artificial intelligence.

Biggest Modern Website Development Trends Predictions in 2020 are:
  1. Programming languages
  2. Frameworks and libraries
  3. Emphasis on versatility
  4. Teamwork
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Chat bots
  7. Blockchain
  8. Extensions
Software development projects affect any sphere and at least 70% of the world's inhabitants. More and more people are moving into this sector, studying its trends and trying to create something of their own.

The last two years, as well as the next few years are very interesting in this area. But how to choose the right technology that will not go out of fashion in 3 months? What ideas have become viable, and which - only short-lived mainstream?

Programming languages

The first thing I want to draw attention to is the basis of website development. Programming languages are the core of the digital industry, in which the battle for first places is also sharpened. But for several years Javascript has been recognized as the best. This is evidenced by the Github and PYPL-index summaries, as the developers themselves say.

Trends in Website Development 2020 languages

The popularity of programming languages according to Github. Source of the image

2018 is characterized by the fact that on the same level with Javascript came Python. Despite the greater complexity of the study and weaknesses in some areas (Python is bad for creating mobile applications), developers are increasingly giving it preference. In particular, they highlight its high performance and a wide range of possibilities.

Surprisingly, PHP ranks high. This programming language remains popular from year to year, and its specialists are in demand in all large companies. This is surprising since many polls have shown that developers call it "the most terrible programming language." But the fact remains: PHP is still in trend.

Frameworks and libraries

Proceeding from the first point, it is also worth paying attention to the development environment, which is worth learning (or strengthening knowledge) by 2020. If the situation is approximately obvious with programming languages, then, in this case, the indicators often diverge. Therefore I selected only the most demanded tool kits.

React.js – the best Javascript development environment for today. For a long time, it was on par with Angular, but the last year showed a significant gap between these toolkits in favor of React. Such indicators it deserved thanks to the highest stability and easy integration with other libraries.

Vue.js bloomed recently. This development environment was created in 2014, but only now has the recognition of developers been earned. A lot of users still do not trust it. But it is necessary to focus on large companies, rather than singles. Xiaomi and Alibaba have completely switched to this framework.

Trends in Website Development 2020 Javascript

Popularity of Javascript frameworks. Source of the image

Svelte is a technology to pay attention to right now. Today, its community is very small. But most developers said they want to learn this framework. The last study showed that Svelte is the main candidate for the top rankings in the future. That’s why do not lose the opportunity.

Laravel is another popular framework that concerns back-end site development. This is one of the oldest technologies that are used today on a global scale. At the same time, statistics shows that in the future it will not give up the position.

Forums are teeming with questions about the future of Angular. Some say that the latest update will help revive this framework. Others claim that it will not bypass React and Vue. Based on official polls, like The State Of Javascript I can conclude that Angular will not be a trend framework in 2020, or in subsequent years.

Emphasis on versatility

I want to talk about the trend of hiring. Recent trends are aimed at reducing the staff, or replacing old workers with universal developers. The intersection of different technologies at one point is becoming more common, because any company is interested in an employee who can understand the problem of any nature.

Trends in Website Development 2020 Universal

Universal developers dominate any field. Source of the image

Highly qualified specialist becomes less popular if it has a narrow profile. It is increasingly likely that he will face a new task, which he will not be able to accomplish qualitatively due to lack of skills. That’s why the new trend of the whole future is developers who are familiar with different directions and are able to easily adapt to any situation.

Today, this trend has little impact on the software development industry. But already in 2020, and even more in the future, it will become much cooler to be a “jack-of-all-trades”.


Trend for start-up creators and software development companies.
Technologies are moving to a new level. We can confidently say that even the most successful developers simply do not have time for how their industry is developing. It's quite normal. But you should take advantage of it right now.

If you are preparing for a start-up, the development team is absolutely necessary. If you provide software development services for websites, you cannot do without a lot of specialists. After all, there will be a lot of orders, which means you need to have several teams at once.

In both cases, it is important to have developers who are able to work together in a team. As I said, they do not have time for the development of modern technology. That’s why they need to complement each other.
"Played" team is much faster and more efficiently complete the task, than two or three highly skilled developers.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, AI penetrates into any sphere. According to the research of analyst company Gartner, the income from this industry by the end of 2019 will be at least $ 1 trillion. It is noteworthy that this is 70% more than in 2018.

These numbers accurately reflect the value of artificial intelligence in our lives. There is no doubt that AI will be the main trend of the next 5 years at least. I can't think of anything better than this technology. Therefore, I will say that in future, the AI will be the basis of any development.

Trends in Website Development 2020 AI

AI: myths and reality. Source of the image

Many companies implement AI for the simultaneous execution of many tasks. Thus, they achieve a higher quality of service to their customers.

Accordingly, AI will lead software development to the highest level. First of all, this trend will facilitate the work on the creation of programs. For example, developers will be able to teach a neural network to use some tools to perform the simplest tasks, which will already reduce the time it takes to complete tasks.

In the end, AI will be implemented directly in the program's functionality with user orientation. Sites will be automated, so the quality of service should increase several times.

Chat bots

One of the ways to implement artificial intelligence - the development of chatbots. Today we can see the benefits of this technology. Unfortunately, not everywhere. Some sites still have stupid chat bots that are not able to answer even simple questions, not to mention sarcastic.

But there are much more successful examples. So, the clothing store Zaful has a qualitative bot, which understands most issues related to the purchase of goods. It needs a minimum of time for answer. As a matter of fact, this is how I determined that this is a high-quality bot, not a human.

A person needs at least 10 seconds to help the user with some questions. After all, it’s impossible to keep in mind all the nuances of working with an online store. But the chat bot answered the most unpredictable questions within one second.

This development is one of the best software development solutions. In fact, the mechanism for creating such programs is already known. Proper implementation will help improve customer service. Moreover, chat bots will increase the sales level of any project, as they are able to work 24/7.


The trend is not new, but is not going to lose its relevance. Blockchain has become a hot trend thanks to cryptocurrencies. But the world has learned to use it in almost any sphere, from financial to the wine industry.

One of the key advantages of this technology is a high level of security. It is becoming more important with the development of the role of the Internet and other developments. Thanks to its mechanism, it is almost impossible to access databases that are based on the blockchain. In fact, it’s only in theory.

Protection in the blockchain is based on decentralization. If you try to break into one computer, the rest will recover the data. Thus, for hacking the network, you must simultaneously attack all the computers that work on it. This requires a huge amount of resources, but the probability of payback is almost zero.

Blockchain can be used for organizing deliveries, storing personal data of users, administration and much more. IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, government agencies and many other companies are gradually moving to blockchain. Accordingly, the demand for software developers based on this technology will grow.


One of the most interesting technologies of the 21st century. The fact is that expansion is still underestimated by many. Developers are still not paying enough attention to them. Therefore, users refuse to work with them. But the high-quality extension optimizes many sites several times.

In fact, the work of extensions is somewhat similar to a personal bodyguard. They are always passive, but if necessary they are ready to help immediately. One example is the service Grammarly.

This extension does not flood the user with notifications. The error will not be corrected automatically, because Grammarly is not able to take into account all the features of the context. But that's the beauty. The user will simply be pointed at it. And he is free to choose whether to make changes.

Some companies are just starting to implement this technology. For example, the Chrome browser has the Recent History extension. It greatly optimizes the search for previously viewed web addresses. Another example is Nimbus Capture. This extension allows you to take screenshots of sites or their individual elements with the possibility of instant editing.

Do not look at the low popularity of extensions today. In 2020, they will undoubtedly become the trend of software development and website creation.

Be prepared for the future

In fact, the future is already very close. And you need to be ready for it right now. Most of the trends that I called, show themselves today. Now they are at the stage of crowding out old technologies. There are very few and the companies will abandon the fully studied approaches.

Be prepared for the biggest, as for me, changes in the software development industry. These innovations will make the world of technology much better. But you need to devote a lot of time to study them. The faster you do it, the faster you will become a sought-after specialist of the future!

Modern Website Development Trends Predictions in 2020 to Watch For key takeaways:
  1. Programming languages
  2. Frameworks and libraries
  3. Emphasis on versatility
  4. Teamwork
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Chat bots
  7. Blockchain
  8. Extensions
  9. Be prepared for the future
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