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Top Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers 2019

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Featured image for Top Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers 2019

Since the world has moved to the digital era, a lot of things get changed around us. The way we see, the means we hear and the medium we communicate and the measures that secure us. Almost everything has become more accessible and achievable.

Ever wonder that how the search engine knows my likes and dislikes and serve us our favorite platters while surfing over it. Have you ever imagined of doing our shopping in our living room? All it had been done by the dramatic growth of technology in diversified sectors.

Being everything available at the doorstep takes a lot of circuitous backend processes. That involves numerous factors including money, time, technology, hard work, and data. Moreover, to thrive on this digital age, we have to look after some more facts that matter the customer such as reliability, trust, quality, and transparency.

As a website or cryptocurrency system owner and more of a business enterprise reliability and trust are the most two elements that can help grow our business in the market.

Hence, an SSL certificate is the best option that we can add to our website for ensuring their value of trust for the customer. An SSL certificate is a digital document of authority to secure our communication and transactions across the website. It helps add trust to our address and establish a secure communication channel with the user and our website.

So, let have a look at some of the most reliable SSL certificate providers in our market. Over our in-depth search and pertinent user analysis, we could find out an array of cheap SSL certificate providers with the best quality.


SSL2BUY. A best and promising option for a comprehensive SSL certificate for every website owner. They have an array of certificate choices to choose. The stunning offers and deals are inspiring and afford to all. The excellent customer support, refund policy, and agile process time make it a most recommendable Certification provider.

SSL2BUY SSL certificate service starts from $9/year with Comodo Positive SSL makes them throne on the first place in our list. Cheap, Authentic and Reliable is the main quirks of SSL2BUY.

SSL Provider: ssl2buy

2. GoDaddy

We know GoDady as the daddy of web hosting services. Most of us never familiar with their SSL certificate. Over these years they are serving as a reputed SSL certificate provider and offers custom-tailored certificate service. They are one of the reliable certification Authority. They have almost all varieties of SSL certificate such as DV, OV, EV, etc.

The affordable price range for certificates is meant for every website owners. Their offer starts from $59.99 per year for a single website and the SSL certificate covers all subdomains just $279.99 per year.

SSL Provider: godaddy

3. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is an established web service providers including SSL certificate. Their services include web domains names, online commerce solution, marketing and SSL certificate.

Their customer support service reportedly needs to be better and more responsive. Network Solutions SSL certificate price starts from $69.99/ year with a refund option within 30 days for a single website. For an EV level certificate, they charge $549

SSL Provider: network-solution

4. DigiCert

DigiCert is popular over their exciting Wildcard SSL certificate service. By the acquisition of Symantec-one of the biggest website security provider, they could improve their reliability over the market.

The starting price range of SSL certificate with DigiCert is a bit higher comparatively, and it doesn’t look fir for all. But their WildcardSSL with unlimited servers and multilevel domain coverage for $595 per year looks tempting.

SSL Provider: digcert

5. Comodo

As a trusted SSL certificate provider, Comodo has established their market reliability through their reputed service. The promising qualities that they proved over all these while making them a trusted Certificate Authority.

With exciting deals and efficient support crew, Comodo SSL certificate service is affordable for all website owner. Their DV level SSL certificate coming with an annual charge of just $99.95 and SSL wildcard service for $449.95/year.
But, validation time may vary and go longer if the information is no readily available online.

SSL Provider: comodo

6. GeoTrust

GeoTrust is renowned as an all-inclusive security solution for websites. Their service includes SSL certificate, enterprise-level SSL, Signing Service. From domain level security solution to EV level certification. They seem more friend for the high-level certification customer with a competitive price and a bit disinterest on single domain customers.

The validation process for GeoTrust is a lengthy process that consumes time. Mostly, they are dealing with enterprise-level solution that requires a more precise operation.

SSL GeoTrust

7. Entrust Data card

Entrust Data card. Quick and smooth is the service offered by entrusting Data Card as a reputed firm working on the security domain for decades, they are really a reliable option for an SSL certificate. They offer a number of security products and services. And an SSL certificate is one of the best services they offer. Their SSL certificate products start at $174/year and $609/year for Wildcard SSL that is covering unlimited servers and subdomains.

SSL Entrust Data card

You can find several SSL certificate providers out there with diversified promises. Each may have them own specification and feature. As the requirements and features of the certificate, the price and time vary. We recommend having quick research to find whether the provider is a real Certificate Authority or not. We’ve listed here are the existing and current best cheap SSL certificate providers. Hope you understand and get a clear picture to select your SSL certificate partner and never get cheated in the market.

Top Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers 2019 key takeaways:
  1. 1. SSL2BUY
  2. 2. GoDaddy
  3. 3. Network Solutions
  4. 4. DigiCert
  5. 5. Comodo
  6. 6. GeoTrust
  7. 7. Entrust Data card

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