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Social Media Marketing Tips for Contractors Insurance Companies

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Featured image for Social Media Marketing Tips for Contractors Insurance Companies

It seems like only yesterday when social media was a mere tool for, well, socializing online. Today, it has become an indispensable tool for marketing a business. Even the insurance industry has already taken to social media, with the biggest insurers in the world already active on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

For companies that offer contractors insurance, social media can indeed become an essential piece of their business marketing strategy. More than three billion people use social media around the world every month, and it would be smart for companies offering products like general liability and roofing contractors insurance to try and reach even a tiny percentage of that audience.

Social media marketing, however, can get a bit tricky. Many businesses have jumped into it only to fail to achieve their goals for one reason or another. If you’re a contractors insurance company, then you might find the social media marketing tips listed below useful.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Contractors Insurance Companies

Identify your ideal customers.

The content you post and share on social media is what will get your activity there going. The type of content you put on social media, however, will depend on your audience. You need to identify your customers first so you’ll have an idea what type of content to offer them on your contractors insurance company’s social media page.

One efficient way of identifying your ideal customers is to create an audience or buyer personas. These are detailed descriptions of your ideal customers. They may be generalized and semi-fictional, but you need to create them by interviewing real people.

When creating buyer personas, the questions you ask should cover things that include customer demographics, interests, behavior patterns, location, goals, and motivation. Pose these questions to actual customers as well as the people working within your company, particularly those who interact with customers on a regular basis.

The answers your interview subjects provide you will make up the bulk of the data you have to use to create these buyer personas. Once you’ve drawn them up, you will then have a better idea not only of who your customers are, but what they want as well.

Be more personable in your approach.

One of the most common mistakes that businesses—contractors insurance companies included—commit when engaging in social media marketing is that they treat their social media pages like it's an extension of their company website. They sell their products relentlessly and put up articles and press releases filled with industry jargon, all of which aren’t exactly appropriate for social media.

You’re on social media to build relationships and trust, and doing a hard sell there with every post is hardly what will make your audience there have faith in you. If you want people to respond to your brand on social media, be a lot less corporate and be more human. Social media is supposed to humanize your brand, so be more personable in your approach.

Post about any charitable work your contractors insurance company does for the community. If there are local events that your company is involved in in one form or another, promote it on your social media page. You can even post about fun company activities and post pictures of the members of your team. With a more personable approach, you stand a better chance of connecting with prospective and current customers.

Always deliver useful and relevant content.

Just because you’re being more human in your approach to posting content doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post anything about the products your company is offering. Of course, it shouldn’t be too promotional or sound like a sales pitch. If anything, your content should always be informative, especially when it relates to your niche.

Your social media audience will undoubtedly appreciate a video that details what your contractors insurance policy covers. If you can post instructions on how to file a claim, then that would be really cool. Articles about preparing for emergencies at the worksite or anything educational would be great as well. Anything that will help your audience in any way concerning your industry will be immensely appreciated.

Be open to feedback.

It’s perfectly normal for businesses to be wary of comments on social media as well as online reviews. Some even resort to disabling those options so they won’t have to deal with them.

However, it would be best if you didn’t shy away from comments and reviews. After all, comments and reviews are a crucial trust factor in shaping consumer behavior. If anything, social media marketing for insurance agents and providers should be much more open to feedback, as they are essentially a wellspring of ideas that will help you serve your customers even better.

So take their feedback to heart. Respond to that review on Yelp. Engage with customers on Facebook. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t lose your temper when communicating with them. Always be level-headed, and answer queries as honestly, calmly, and politely as you can. That way, you will be able to more effectively develop a relationship with your potential customers and policyholders that is based on trust.

Track your results and measure them.

How your company is performing on social media is highly-trackable, thanks to the many analytics tools—both free and paid—available these days. You may feel like your social media presence is successful, but you have to confirm everything by tracking and measuring all your social media metrics. Monitor, among other things, your engagement, shares, reach, volume, leads generated, and time spent on website using a good social media analytics tool.

By tracking and measuring your results, you should be able to confirm your social media success, as well as make improvements to your social media strategy for better results in the future.

There are just some of the social media marketing tips that could prove to be useful to your contractors insurance company. Apply them to your social media marketing efforts in 2022 and see the difference they can make.

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