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Artificial Intelligence integration within a business is a sound idea today. It is necessary, like corporate websites ten years ago. Enterprises have the edge over their competitors if they integrate AI. Companies that will not keep up with the new era of Web 3.0 will lose their money since chatbots, recommendation mechanisms, self-learning systems that analyze information, and other solutions on artificial intelligence offer too many advantages, so businesses cannot just ignore it.

This article will tell you what programmers and scientists mean by artificial intelligence, the types of AI, and how they can help your business. Furthermore, it will give you a look at hiring an AI developer.

The advantages of AI development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intellect employed by programs and machines. It is different from the natural mind of animals and humans. It means the ability of a device to perceive the environment (receive data and analyze it) act, hence improving the chances to fulfill a goal. 

Google search engine, YouTube recommendation mechanism, Amazon, Netflix, Siri and Alexa voice assistance, self-driving Tesla cars, and NPCs (non-player characters) in video games – are all examples of AI systems. These variations of AI solutions help people in different sectors and bring billions to their creators.

The map of programs and products developed on artificial intelligence

The map of programs and products developed on artificial intelligence. Source.

AI types and employment options

Depending on the purpose of artificial intelligence for business, there are several development sectors.

Data science

This type of AI system focuses on analyzing massive volumes of data, searching for correlations (cause-effect relationships), analyzing patterns, and formulating conclusions.

Here are several examples of this type of AI system employed for specific business needs:

  • Client segmentation and marketing personalization; 
  • Increasing the sales, marketing, and logistics efficiency;
  • Identifying fraudulent activity with sales and credit cards; 
  • Crediting and investment risk modulation; 
  • A system of hyper-relevant recommendations; 
  • Financial and other forecasts. 

Machine Learning (ML)

This AI option allows these systems to self-learn and develop on the former experience to make conclusions and look for interactions while not following strict rules.

Usually, these AI solutions are employed for the following: 

  • Recognizing texts in chat, reviews, and articles; 
  • Recognizing speech, gestures, users’ images; 
  • Diagnosis of patients (checking for illness signs);
  • Forecasting people’s actions, markets, and reserves;
  • Classifying activities, processes, objects. 

Neural network

These are complex structures created of digital neurons that can process massive data volumes and give a sole outcome. Neural networks are capable of self-learning, and they are employed for various practical applications:
  • Generating images, texts, music, 3D models; 
  • Writing and optimizing program code; 
  • Classifying and recognizing objects, faces, speech; 
  • Forecasting weather, markets, illness progress; 
  • Controlling movable objects (cars);
  • Economic and statistical modeling. 

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Software robots do routine tasks to optimize business processes and staff performance.

These are the most prominent examples:

  • RPA assistants can help your staff organize their day, draft documentation, maintain attendance, organize meetings, etc. 
  • RPA recognizes texts, analyzes documents, and automatically inputs necessary fields. It is hyper-useful for logistics (e.g., clearing customs), governmental institutions and medicine (scanning documents), etc. 
  • RPA systems that automate production processes control equipment and transport, from receiving and distributing Amazon parcels to producing iPhones. 

Intelligent chatbots

It provides services for interaction with clients and takes the trouble of routine work. Chatbots, developed on AI-based technology, are the ground technology for developing call-centers, customer support, sales consultants, personal secretaries, waiter assistants, etc..

These agents help to:

  • Increasing the efficiency of marketing and sales; 
  • Decreasing the load and expanses on the support service; 
  • Increasing the speed and quality of service;
  • Personalizing the communication with the clients. 

Computer vision

It involves teaching software to perceive and interpret the visual world (photos, videos) within specific tasks. Usually, it also involves identifying and defining the objects’ location and then responding to this information.

Some examples are:

  • Deleting the background on a photo/video; 
  • Recognizing the users’ faces;
  • Managing the avatars in games like Just Dance; 
  • Identifying the criminals by city cameras; 
  • Looking for illnesses on X-Ray films. 

AI integration process into business 

As for entrepreneurs, integrating artificial intelligence into business is relatively straightforward. There are three main principles:


The first step to creating an AI solution involves the developer requiring data that would be used to teach the system. The more data available, the better AI would work. The type of data is directly linked to the system’s purpose.

For example, if you require an AI solution for sorting letters on applicable and spam, you will need to provide examples of valuable and spam. Also, it requires explanations why a specific letter belongs to a particular category. For instance, AI would recognize words like Buy, Credit, Additional income, Sales, Offers, as spam, so it would process them to a particular folder or delete them.

If you need a recommendation system that will offer the clients new films or goods, then it will require data on previous purchases of movies watched. This data will concern both certain users and the market in general. Then AI would recommend what is in trend.

This data can be collected independently or from open sources (particular websites with data for teaching AI). Another option is to buy data.


Next, the business and the AI developer would define essential business needs. They will decide what data (characteristics, settings, metrics, features) the system should trace to learn and solve the business tasks.

The required data for AI solutions that work with customers are demographic data, the number of purchases, average check, frequency of assets, etc. Altogether, it impacts the customers’ behavior, which can be predicted. If it is an AI solution supposed to work with animals, then it requires data on the breed, size, color, length from the tail to the tip of the nose. AI for automobiles involves information on the model, age, mileage, speed, etc.

The thing is to provide the AI with specific data that will help to trace its efficiency and development.


At this step, the developer chooses a method to help accomplish the business aim. The strategy defines the speed and accuracy of processing the source data. Also, it establishes the level a program can be taught. The easiest option is to employ a neural network (e.g., a library,allowing us to model and create neural networks) and teach the AI to solve business tasks. There are many libraries and frameworks, for example, SciPy, TensorFlow, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Theano, PyTorch, Keras, Pandas, etc.

Developing AI through libraries and frameworks requires the particular expertise of your technology partner so that there are no faults. Here is the list of the most popular frameworks to launch AI with deep learning. 

The most famous libraries/development environments (framework) for artificial intelligence (AI) in the community of artificial intelligence developers in Poland and Europe in 2020

The most famous libraries/development environments (framework) for artificial intelligence (AI) in the community of artificial intelligence developers in Poland and Europe in 2020. Source.

AI development instruments

But for the frameworks, the development company should have experience working with many other instruments. Here is an example of the technological stack for AI on Python. 

What can AI provide for your business?


One of the most significant advantages of AI is automatizing many routine processes in finances, logistics, e-commerce, marketing, programming, and even art. Artificial intelligence may do the tasks that will increase speed and productivity, efficiently use the product, improve the quality, and shorten the order processing time. 

Researching and analyzing data

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning technologies allow forecasting models and algorithms for data processing and trend analysis. Moreover, the computing powers of artificial intelligence can boost many pieces of research and product developments.

More conscious decision-making

Artificial intelligence can coordinate data supplies, reach data consistency, provide forecasts, search for issues, and perform other crucial tasks for the business. Moreover, until AI is not programmed to imitate emotions, it will remain calm and take unbiased decisions, where a human might be biased. 

Increasing the quality of client service

Intelligent chatbots, voice assistants, and other solutions on AI can help businesses swiftly respond to clients’ inquiries and complaints. Using AI technology for processing the natural language and AI for dialogues can create personalized messages for the clients, which helps find the best solution for clients’ needs. Moreover, it will lower the load on the support team staff. Eventually, it will lead to increased productivity and lower expenses. 

Increasing business efficiency

Artificial intelligence can make the services available round-the-clock. Yet, the productivity, consistency, and efficiency levels will not depend on the time of the day or the program’s running time. Performing routine, boring, and repetitive tasks will not annoy the AI or make the system feel tired. Hence, the efficiency of the business is increased, which will help avoid multiple tragedies and faults in the future.

Minimization of the human factor

Since AI instruments can perform routine and repetitive processes, it significantly reduces manual errors due to a human’s inattention. It might be crucial for enterprises that cannot allow even the tiniest mistakes, for example, in the cryptocurrency world where it is impossible to cancel a transaction, even if the transfer was done to a non-existent address. 

Solving hyper-complex tasks

Recently, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies provided the technology with everything required to solve super-difficult tasks, from identifying fraudulent activity in credit lending to developing medicine for diseases considered incurable before.

Why is it beneficial to cooperate with Merehead?

Due to the advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the government and businesses show significant interest in the technologies. Merehead has an experienced team that can provide world-class AI solutions that provide the best result with low expenses. Here are the projects we can help you with:

Intelligent chatbots

We develop self-learning and scalable applications for chatbots that will increase client interaction. It is vital for finances, e-commerce, marketing, support service, etc.

Production processes automatization

Our team develops various AI solutions to help your business manage the supplies, sales chain, financial operations, and many other repetitive processes.

Analyzing the users’ behavior

Also, we develop self-learning instruments on AI that can analyze the users’ behavior. It will help to understand the clients better, leading to increased conversion, attracting new clients, and increasing the loyalty of the active ones.

Comprehensive business analytics

Furthermore, we develop AI solutions for business analytics that will help you make fuller decisions while managing the enterprise. 

The benefits of working with Merehead

Strong expertise - we have expanded our team to provide a decent range of services and programmers focusing on advanced technologies for many years. We develop solutions for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Security and reliability - our software solutions have a high degree of security and are protected from hacking, data leaks, and possible malicious actions.

Transparency - our clients know everything about their project development thanks to regular reporting and constant communication. They can promptly make the necessary changes when new ideas or changes in business objectives arise.

Honesty and anonymity - we care about your copyright and business confidentiality, so we offer each client to sign an NDA and ensure a high level of secrecy to maintain maximum confidentiality of clients' business ideas.

Post-release support - many projects fail because of poor post-launch support. Our team will provide you with extensive technical support and post-launch consulting for your business needs.

Reasonable prices - in all our projects, we offer several options with different price to future product ratios, which allows us to meet customers’ needs with different budgets, locations, and requirements.

Our Roadmap

  1. Defining the aim. We study your idea, business needs, target audience, and competitors based on this information to create a roadmap for developing the artificial intelligence you need.
  2. Developing the UI/UX design. We create an efficient user design that considers the specifics of the market and the preferences of the target audience. Furthermore, we develop the tone of voice of the project and the brand identity as a whole.
  3. Writing the code.  At this stage, the software design and functionality in code are implemented. We develop front-end and back-end components, create a mobile application, write smart contracts, etc.
  4. Testing the product. We find and fix bugs in the code. We perform functionality, security, usability, and reliability testing of the created product. Also, an internal and/or external (independent) audit of smart contracts is done.
  5. Deployment and release. This step involves transferring the product from the development to the production stage. It is published on Google Play or App Store if it is a mobile application. The smart contracts and DApps are deployed on the blockchain. 
  6. Supporting the product. At this stage, we teach the staff to work with AI. We also provide services after the release. Furthermore, we establish the functioning of the support service.

Our recent projects

BigFan - it is a platform for selling sports NFTs using ERC-1155. All tokens are issued in cooperation with sports teams and players or their official representatives.

Vleppo - this BaaS platform provides freelancers and enterprises with a solution to manage and transfer their digital assets, create smart contracts with integrated escrow features, and take a loan with cryptocurrency collateral.

Wide Wine - a logistic blockchain platform that helps trace the supply chains of wine and verify the authenticity. Study the case.

Coinbird/CEX - cryptocurrency exchange with high-level security and safety. Furthermore, it supports operations with fiat currencies. Study the case.

AltcoinsHub - it is a P2P exchange that helps to trade all popular cryptocurrencies. 

Final word 

Our team offers extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning development services for finances, e-commerce, marketing, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, insurance, logistics, etc. Contact us via +1-206-785-16-88 or sales@merehead.com, and our experts will tell you in detail about artificial intelligence development and the advantages it can bring to your business. 

Merehead does professional development of Hire AI developers. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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Merehead review. Vleppo is a startup, digital asset exchange platform based on the Komodo blockchain protocol.

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