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Pantone Color Trends 2019

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Featured image for Pantone Color Trends 2019

Colour Trends – it's not just natural phenomena, penetrating into different areas of our life. These are well-tracked and predicted patterns that are voiced by professionals based on the systematization of information. These recognized professionals work at the Pantone Color Institute. Pantone is a research center of the company of the same name. This institute is recognized as the most authoritative source of color information worldwide.

The research center not only explores trends, but also takes into account their influence on various industries. This applies to fashion, logo design, printing, interior design, ui design and other areas. We propose to consider those color trends that will be relevant at the beginning of 2019.

Philosophy of Color

It is not coincidental, therefore, that these or other colors become popular. Obviously, each of them symbolizes something and is associated with something. According to experts of Pantone, by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, in trend will be those shades that are ways to convey the message about:
- necessity of creation;
- creativity;
- individuality.

Such a life-affirming mix will be decisive in the industry. However, the lovers of calm tones also should not be upset. The usual base colors will be successfully redefined in the coming year. Base shades are also not going anywhere from the web design and design of the printing. Therefore, the palette proposed by the Panton will surprise you with its diversity.

«Red Pear», «Valiant Poppy», «Nebulas Blue», «Ceylon Yellow» – experts have come up with such original names for those shades that, in their opinion, will be popular in 2019. The right color may save your marketing budget especially for prohibited or gray area like ICO launching. For other ways, like cryptocurrency exchange development it's also important.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: List

Jester Red

By the beginning of 2019, the palette of actual shades will look absolutely not winter-like. It can be characterized by such features as: unexpected, many surprises, brightness, saturation. By the way, the need for brightness is not a new trend as a whole. Over the past few years, a massive demand for joyful, life-affirming colors has been evident. They are characteristic not only for the summer now, but also for the winter season.

One of the most popular colors will be «Jester Red». Some fashion experts said that they have never met such a pear in nature, but you shouldn’t argue with internationally recognized experts from the Panton research center. Especially, the color is really very cute.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Jester Red

Despite the fact that the color is quite bright and interesting, it doesn’t bothering your eyes. Therefore, such a shade is appropriate not only in clothing but also in various design directions – beginning with interiors and ending with printed products and websites. The only note that concerns web design and printing design: in these industries «Jester Red» will be appropriate to dilute with other shades of red. It is proven that, muted red tones themselves can be associated with danger. From the other hand bright shades, they suggest thoughts of love, dynamics, activity. This way you can achieve optimal color balance. Moreover, in 2019 there will be another red shade among the most fashionable colors. Panton specialists call it «Valiant Poppy».

Valiant Poppy

The color is interesting because of expressing courage and dynamics, it does not cause aggressive associations. This is a very important aspect those professionals who strive to ensure that the message of advertising campaigns is not intrusive and repulsive for people. Such combinations will look good on sites, landing pages, booklets. In the interiors and design of clothes, such a color scheme will also surprise with its elegance.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Valiant Poppy

Nebulas Blue

This color is associated with a bright summer sky and deep blue eyes. This shade will remind you of the waves and pleasant rest in winter. In a warm season, it will be traditionally appropriate as one of the colors that never loses its relevance.

The use of this color in the interior will indicate the tendency of the owners to stability, systematization, order. In web-design, this kind color is fine for those companies whose message is associated with permanence, seriousness, confidence. No wonder this color is one of the favorite color among businessmen. If you choose navy blue in clothes, it looks mysterious and charismatic. It allows you to emphasize identity, depths of world views and delicate taste.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Nebulas Blue

Ceylon Yellow

This color is associated with an exotic and acute perception of life however, it does not cause "poisonous" associations. This color is an optimal solution for people who want to dilute their wardrobe with notes of freshness and joy.

Yellow in the interior is quite favorable. He adjusts to relax, great mood and energy. The predominance of yellow in the interiors impresses sanguine persons.

In the printing-design and web design, this color is suitable for those companies, who in their corporate philosophy emphasize the dynamics, agility, the organization of quality entertainment for customers. Also one of the messages of this color is caution. It is suitable for online resources and printed products, carrying some important information to customers, cautions.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Ceylon Yellow

Brown Granite

Despite such a non-trivial color name, it is quite usual and pushes on associations about depth, peace, naturalness. Using this color in shaping your wardrobe will point to the pursuit of intelligence and restraint. In web design this color is perfect for psychological sites, as well as resources devoted to the theme of outdoor recreation. If you need to add more vitality and drive, this will help gradients.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Brown Granite


The color is familiar, interesting, bright. In the wardrobe, it is optimal for uncommon, creative individuals who seek extravagance and individuality in everything. Abundance of «Turmeric» in the interior is unlikely to be appropriate. The same color trends, where the immoderation of all shades of orange annoys users of sites.

To make the “Turmeric” looks stylish, it should be used under the motto “moderation and taste”. Selected orange elements in the design and the web industry will enliven attention and add to the perception of dynamism. In printing, this color is optimal for booklets about various discounts, promotions, new features.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Turmeric


Deep, rich and interesting shade not in vain was named the color of 2018, according to the Panton. It is quite obvious that in the coming year, ultraviolet will also remain in the list of color favorites. It is interesting both in clothes, interiors, and in the top web design 2020. The only thing as well as with Turmeric, you should not overdo it. Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite. As for the ultraviolet in the design of the premises, you should be careful. For example, an overabundance of this color in the bedroom will act depressingly. At the same time, in restaurants and cafes, where visitors do not spend too much time, this color will add a touch of mystery and tune in to a pleasant stay.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Ultraviolet

Crocus Petal

This color is associated with lightness, ethereality, spring mood. This shade is delicate, airy and exquisite. Unlike the saturated ultraviolet, it will look great as the main color for the bedroom and living room. Despite the seeming simplicity, «Crocus Petal» do not get lost in the wardrobe. And in web design will be an excellent background shade for many sites. It is suitable for a variety of projects on the subject.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Crocus Petal

Lemon Verbena

This shade, along with the already mentioned «Ceylon Yellow», will decorate a palette of colors popular in 2019. Do you wanna to be the center of attention? Then pay attention to this color for a change in your own wardrobe. In other areas of design, shade will be no less relevant.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Lemon Verbena

Quetzal Green

This color is named after a rare bird Quetzal. It looks not only elegant, but also rich. This color will create an aristocratic and interesting look if you use it in the wardrobe. However, in other areas of design literacy and moderation is important.

Quetzal Green perfectly dilute the interior, decorated in the Scandinavian style. A deep green shade will be appropriate for interior accessories. In the field of web design and printing design «Quetzal Green» will look great in gradients with different shades of green and turquoise.

Pantone Color Trends 2019: Quetzal Green

Base colors

As for the basic shades, they are fundamental in the field of design - regardless of whether it is a wardrobe or interior. In 2019, Panton calls these shades:
- Sargasso see;
- Tofu;
- «Almond Buff»;
- «Quite Grey;
- «Meerkat».
These will be the base colors popular in 2019, according to analysts of the Panton Institute of Color.

To sum up

The forecasts of specialists of graphic design are encouraging and encouraging optimism. It is expected that the fashion will be a lot of bright, saturated colors that inspire joy and originality. However, the basic calm tones also will not lose their own relevance, which is quite obvious. It remains only to observe what the upcoming collections of fashion designers will be and whether they will take note of this forecast.

Pantone Color Trends 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Philosophy of Color
  2. Jester Red
  3. Valiant Poppy
  4. Nebulas Blue
  5. Ceylon Yellow
  6. Brown Granite
  7. Turmeric
  8. Ultraviolet
  9. Crocus Petal
  10. Lemon Verbena
  11. Quetzal Green
  12. Base colors
  13. To sum up
Merehead does professional development of trend color pantone design web design 2019. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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