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How to Redesign Existing Website: Checklist & Steps

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You decided to redesign the existing business website, which was designed several years ago. You understand that you want something more. The old design no longer attracts customers and efficiency falls. So, you want a new, more functional and modern website that will allocate you among the competitors and bring new customers. Let's look at the basic steps that should be taken into account before designing an existing site.


Before you start redesigning, you need to think about the goals. What goal do you want to achieve with the new site? Increase sales, improve the design, make the site convenient and responsive. Write down each goal and provide a list to web development company. They will take into account your wishes during development.

Check your competitors

Do you know what your competitors are doing? Sometimes they can use effective methods and approaches to attract customers or promotion of a website. In general, I recommend making a list of sites of your competitors and conducting a detailed analysis every half a year. Believe me, you can learn many interesting and useful things. Take best practices and implement in your project, especially before the start of web or graphic redesign.


If you want to improve the project and add many new features, then think about future plans. Before the starting of the redesign, it is useful to know the further steps. In this case, the web development company will set the foundation for future features. Sometimes it happens that the implementation of new functions requires a radical change in the current website. If your project will have a basis for scaling this will save you money and time in the future.

How to Redesign Existing Website - Checklist

SEO and Analyst

Many clients don't pay attention to SEO and analytics. Moreover, some companies also keep silent about this because there are no necessary specialists in the team. This is an important point in the development of your new project.

Internal SEO optimization will improve your site in the search of Google. This will increase the traffic of your site. I think you will not mind getting free extra customers. Also, don't forget about the analytics system Google Analytics. It is installed quickly enough and helps to analyze user behavior. If you want to increase the conversion, let's measure it using the analytics system.


Before you start redesigning, you need to decide on the budget. Check how much it costs to develop a website you can from the last article. If your site has several pages and it is a business website, then the cost will be $500 - $2000. But if you have a complex platform or a large e-commerce project that requires a complete redesign, you will need to spend between $5000 and $20,000. In general, it all depends on the functions and features that you want to implement.

Development time

The development time, as well as the cost, depends on the complexity of the project. The whole process consists of the phases of web development for any kind of project. Such as writing technical requirements, design, coding, testing, etc. Even development website such Amazon need to follow those steps. Otherwise you'll fall down. Each of which can last from one week to several months. A small project does not require much effort and can take up to 2-3 weeks, while a large project will take up to 3-6 months of strong web development.

Choose company

When you determined the goals and clearly understood what you want, it's time to choose a web design company. Based on my experience, this isn't an easy task. For example, in the US there are 60,000 web design agencies. Most make great projects, but there are web agencies with low quality. First of all, your website should look professional, reach your goals and bring additional profit.

As you can see, project redevelopment is not much different from website development from scratch. You can not copy code or design except that some styles or modules. I hope this article was useful.

How to Redesign Existing Website: Checklist & Steps key takeaways:
  1. Goals
  2. Check your competitors
  3. Scaling
  4. SEO and Analyst
  5. Budget
  6. Development time
  7. Choose company
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