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The Taste of a Successful Business: Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

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Featured image for The Taste of a Successful Business: Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

While you are thinking about the new design of your things, your competitor is making plans to conquer the world. These plans are related to marketing. In modern business, only the one who promotes - wins.

Therefore, it's time to postpone all the drafts and allow your designers to make projects that you will later adjust if desired. And yourself, start preparing a hot and effective plan for your advertising campaign.

Identify your current business situation

An essential part of a marketing plan is developing ideas. But the idea itself depends on what and which consumer you can tell. Accordingly, the first part of the marketing plan is to put business opportunities on the shelves so that it is easier to convey the value of the product.
  • where are you?
  • how many years have you been working?
  • how big is your production?
  • what materials do you use?
  • when are you planning to launch a new clothing line?
  • what is your mission?
  • what are your market goals?
The answers to all these questions are necessary to generate marketing ideas that will work and make a profit. In addition, such questions are an introduction to the brand. Until you know your brand thoroughly, the consumer will not be able to understand your ideology. Accordingly, there will be no desire to buy a product.

Define your marketing campaign goals

The peculiarity of advertising is that brands conduct dozens of marketing campaigns to achieve different goals. After all, approaches to creating creatives, promotion channels and the frequency of displaying ads depend on this.

Principles Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

Principles for the correct definition of marketing goals. Source of the image
Here are some of the main goals that you will pursue in the course of various marketing campaigns:
  • attracting new leads;
  • getting customers who are already ready to buy;
  • remind potential customers about the brand;
  • direct sale;
  • repeat purchase;
  • maintaining communication with the client;
  • increased recognition.

Define a budget

To implement different promotion channels, you need to understand how much you are willing to spend on them. Without a marketing budget you can generate a lot of ideas, but spend all the money on them. Therefore, calculate your total capital, working capital and profit from sales. Now think about how much money you need to allocate for marketing?

The fashion industry is very difficult to predict. It’s easy to come up with ideas; there will be a million of them. But you will not immediately understand which one will be working, and which one should be thrown into the trash. Therefore, the budget must also be flexible.

budget Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

The principles of determining the marketing budget. Source of the image

During the first months, do not seek to blow off everything. Start with one or two ideas, test them, get positive feedback. So you will understand what you can build on and which channels you need to use. Accordingly, you can set a fixed price and decide how you will spend money.

In addition, when budgeting, you need to consider which brands you compete with at a certain stage. If these are world leaders such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and so on, then a few thousand dollars is no longer enough. You need to think about amounts of 100 thousand dollars, or even more.

Conduct market analysis

Market analysis is one of the most time-consuming parts of a marketing plan. Here you will involve a huge amount of people and resources, since it is necessary to obtain and process colossal volumes of information.

Industry Overview

In the clothing industry are constantly spinning huge amounts of money. Why? Very simple: clothing is one of the three most important needs of mankind.

The value of the textile market is approximately $ 130 billion. The average cost of clothing, shoes and related goods is about three thousand dollars a year (this does not include the acquisition of exclusive goods).

It is very important to understand that in many regions people spend money on clothes just to feel fashionable. For example, in Manhattan, spending $ 500-700 a month on clothes is a common thing. At the same time, in Leicester (Britain), the average cost does not exceed $ 200, since the city is relatively small and large, there are not many social events there.

Why analyze this indicator? Only in this way you will understand how much competition plays a role in a particular region. After all, if a person spends small amounts, then he usually buys from a trusted manufacturer. At the same time, if the consumer is constantly updating the wardrobe, he is always ready for new items. But he needs be informed about this new product.

SWOT- analysis

Due to the nature of this business and the brand you are building, it is advisable to hire the services of a staff and business consultant with a biased attitude towards fashion and commerce. It will help to conduct an objective SWOT analysis and create a business model that will become part of achieving all goals.

SWOT Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

Components of a SWOT Analysis. Source of the image

The SWOT analysis is completely individual for each brand, since it depends on the strengths and weaknesses, key opportunities and risks. Do not believe the consultants who promise to conduct a SWOT analysis in 2-3 days. To do this, check a large amount of data.

Carrying out a SWOT analysis will help to generate focused and honest marketing ideas. You will be based on clear facts. Thus, the potential buyer will no longer be able to find a catch: it just won't be.

Target Audience Analysis

Without a doubt, the clothing industry has one of the widest consumer circles. The approximate number of potential buyers is the population of planet Earth. Exceptions are too narrow a style (for example, gothic), but even in such cases the target audience is huge.

Based on the design and style that your brand provides, you need to understand the people who will become your customers:

  • where do they live;
  • what age group;
  • what are their priorities;
  • where do they work;
  • how they prefer to relax;
  • how much are willing to spend on clothes.
Having received answers to all questions, you should form a clear group. For example, it will be:
  • men and women;
  • at the age of 20-30 years;
  • mainly corporate executives;
  • love sports;
  • relax in restaurants or country clubs;
  • do not save on clothes to look presentable.

Sales analysis

An analysis of the sales level of your clothing line is inextricably linked with the study of the target audience. First of all, you will understand what elements of the wardrobe will be profitable. In the case of the above example, you will receive income from the sale:
  • men's corporate and casual shirts;
  • women's corporate and casual dresses;
  • trousers;
  • polo;
  • jackets;
  • suits and tuxedos;
This is an incomplete list, but the main thing to understand is this direction. Why? Based on the type of clothing and style, you will create appropriate videos, select brand ambassadors and think about the placement of advertising. For example, it makes no sense to place a banner on the sale of business suits near the football stadium.

When analyzing sales, also remember to take into account the seasons, as they affect the demand for certain commodity items. So, sweaters will become popular in the winter, and short-sleeved shirts or linen jackets in the summer.

Uniqueness of your brand

One of the main factors for marketing. The end user buys on emotions. But the impact is precisely the unique competitive advantage. Why should your clothes be more delightful than a store around the corner?

In this case, it is worth leaving stories about the rich experience of your designers. The average buyer does not understand these issues, so he will not understand if your designer or manager is so good.

Very often, the approach to production makes a great impression. For example, your advantage is that you send all the waste for recycling and disposal, and even better - to create artificial islands (such as in Japan). Social utility instantly attracts even those customers who initially did not think about your brand.

Another advantage may be the production of clothing for individual orders. This attracts the attention of premium customers who want every item to fit perfectly.

After analyzing the uniqueness of the brand, you can indicate your key features. For example:

  • long-term clothing;
  • reasonable prices;
  • without harm to nature;
  • individual tailoring;
  • quality assurance.
The customer always buys value. In addition to his own satisfaction, he will be able to tell friends about such an experience. If before the purchase he understands that there will be nothing to tell, then there will be no dealing.

Strategic marketing

How many brands do you know in the clothing industry? One hundred or two hundred? Most likely, offhand you can name no more than thirty. But in fact, there are thousands of them. It seems that it is impossible to win in such a competitor market. It is this factor that stops many novice manufacturers and designers.

But how do some brands succeed while others stay at the bottom and sell their stuff locally? Of course, part of the success is the quality of the fabrics. Design also plays a big role. But if you look at the red carpet, then only a small percentage of the stars will be in exclusive things. The rest put on the same tuxedos and roughly the same evening dresses.

Big brands win thanks to strategic marketing. None of the stores wants people to wear only its clothes on the red carpet (well, maybe just a little). Why? In this case, there will be no one to compare yourself with. Accordingly, the field for development and new ideas will close.

Global brands do not just want to buy from their competitors. They stimulate such sales. Someone does this unknowingly. And someone enters into an alliance with a competitor. And such an approach is at the top of skill.

If you have launched a line of sportswear, look for competitors at your level. Perhaps it will be Nike and Adidas right away, and even better. Thus, your brand will become the third in this long-standing confrontation. Customer expansion is guaranteed.

Customer Retention Strategy

A customer who once bought the product and no longer returns, costs nothing. Why? Because of the cost you need to take away the cost of materials, marketing, staff costs and much more. Business success is directly proportional to the number of repeated transactions. If a company reaches at least 50% customer retention, it has a huge turnover.

In order to constantly talk about your brand, and so that you have new customers, the marketing plan needs to include ideas about customer retention. How can repeat sales be generated?

  • provide quality goods;
  • make sure you receive feedback;
  • provide constant feedback on any review;
  • give the customer the choice of color, size, design, etc;
  • use customer relationship management software;
  • develop a loyalty program (in the case of clothes, very often such is a discount card).
The customer should always be prepared for a repeat purchase. Even after he came to you for the 20th time. He constantly has before his eyes an advertisement of your competitors, therefore you cannot make mistakes.

Customer support

This is not just a service, but also part of a marketing strategy. Brands win the competition not only thanks to a good product and creative ideas. Buyers just love them. For what? For the human attitude.

Think about how you will analyze the quality of customer service. One of the easiest ways is to call. But today people do not have much time to answer these questions by phone. Another option is to fill out a short form at the checkout. But it should not contain more than five questions. At the same time, they should all be simple.
client Marketing Plan for Clothing Brand

Ways to communicate with the client. Source of the image

Today, the best option is to provide the opportunity to leave a review at a convenient time for the client on any platform. Therefore, clothing brands are required to maintain sites, pages on social networks and blogs. In addition, you can even be active in thematic forums. Indeed, many people like to leave feedback about their experience there.

What is your task? To react. If this is praise, you need to at least thank and invite for further visits. If a negative review - find out a specific problem, explain the possible reasons. But the main thing in a negative review is to take it into account, make changes and notify the user about it.

Make a list of questions that will help you get to know your customer’s desires closer. Here are the standard questions asked in almost every store:

  • are you satisfied with the quality of the clothes?
  • if you are not happy, what would you like to improve?
  • what colors and sizes do you prefer?
  • how do you want to know about the new clothing line?
  • how much are you willing to pay for individual tailoring?
  • how often do you update your wardrobe?
  • where do you buy things: an online store or a physical point?
  • are you ready to recommend our brand to your friends?
This list can be updated indefinitely. The more answers you get, the more accurate your customer’s portrait will be. Accordingly, the next ad will not only be creative, but also customer-oriented.

Take action now

An important principle of a marketing strategy is to act. Not every advertising move will be effective, it is obvious. But your task is not to give up, try again and again. It doesn’t happen that the audience is bad. There is only one reason for failure - the wrong approach.

If you have missed at least one of the steps listed above, you have already chosen the wrong tactic. Indeed, in this way, you have incomplete information about your market. What success can we talk about then?

Know your industry and goals by heart. Then sort through the ideas. Try each one until you find the best. Get the first customers - keep in touch with them. Get them ready for your next purchase. That’s the whole point of a hot marketing plan.

Merehead does professional development of marketing plan for clothing brand. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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