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Node.js is a JavaScript-based runtime that is unique in its ability to work with both front-end and back-end. This is an innovative platform that is used today for the largest network applications.

We offer development with Node.js, because this tool provides solutions that meet any specification of a business model.

Merehead provides developers who have good experience building websites and individual applications using Node.js.

How Node.js Improves the IT Industry

With the advent of Node.js, the world of software development has changed a lot. Many experts have noted it as the best technology for creating flexible, and most importantly - scalable applications. The first reason is that it almost completely performs the functions of a programming language. The second - it is applicable both to the interface and to the server side.

Serverless Architecture. Have you heard about this? Node.js offers a serverless architecture for any project. In simple language, this is a software pattern where third-party applications are the host for the main ones. Thus, the site does not need server software or hardware management.

This idea is good because developers will be able to concentrate on the software, instead of taking care of controlling the servers. This can mean increased application development flexibility.

Having your own frameworks. Node.js is confused by many with the programming language, because it has its own frameworks. This is what allows it to be used for full-stack development.

1. Express.js. One of the most used Node.js frameworks, which is suitable for hybrid web applications as well as mobile applications. For many developers, Express.js and Node.js are a single entity.

2. KOA.js. This framework helps reduce development time with high-quality error handling. It also has excellent functionality that allows you to expand the potential of applications.

3. Meteor.js allows you to write much less code, which also speeds up development. It can be easily integrated with other frameworks, as well as reused ready-made code.

In addition, Node.js implements microservices, which are independent functional components used to form a large application.

Cloud computing allows you to use different services for development. For example, in the process of creating an application, you can use Prisma to process individual design elements. Thus, real-time interaction of applications is realized, which increases the convenience of their use by the end-user.

The development of the Internet of things. The Internet of things is becoming one of the main trends in all areas. It also needs powerful development tools. Due to the advantages of Node.js microservices (in particular, real-time interaction), this runtime can become the basis of IoT.

Node.js is one of the best examples of successful development. The technology appeared in 2009 and over the years of evolution has become a strong ecosystem trusted by market leaders.

Business Benefits

All the opportunities Node.js brings to the IT sector provide many business benefits.

Serverless architecture provides easier preliminary planning of the project infrastructure. It also helps improve the quality of the code, allowing you to reuse not only part of the code, but the whole service. In the end, it makes it possible to make more accurate predictions of application behavior.

The presence of our own frameworks and microservices provides a sufficient set of resources for the development of large-scale projects. It also significantly reduces the cost of expanding applications.

The possibility of cloud computing allows you to more accurately evaluate your expenses and optimize them by eliminating the optional items. A predisposition to fast scaling allows you to spend less resources. It also greatly improves data security.

Node.js will be a great tool for your business and more interesting among React Native developers. Firstly, it will allow you to quickly enter the market with high-quality applications. Secondly, it will provide extensive scalability. Thirdly, it will provide an opportunity to better organize costs and workflow planning.

Why your application needs Node.js

The influence of Node.js on the IT industry is enough to want to use it for your project. But these are far from all the benefits. Merehead developers have figured out the reasons why world-famous brands use this technology. A lot of the nuances are working with the code. But we want to explain its benefits on the example of several large companies and their reviews.

Netflix. With the growing number of subscribers, this company realized that they needed to solve the problems of scaling until they began to have a negative impact on the services provided. They also needed to improve the user interface and simplify the work of their employees.

By switching to Node.js, Netflix solved all the problems. Firstly, phenomenal application performance has been implemented (download time has increased from 40 minutes to 1 minute). Secondly, the company managed to make a more practical interface and compress the website into one page, which increased usability.

Uber. The company operates in 68 countries and to process millions of trips, a platform is required that can operate at high speed, regardless of the situation. That is why Uber chose Node.js.

The reason is that it is great for distributed systems that perform a lot of network requests. Thanks to this, errors can be checked and fixed without restarting the system, which helps developers deploy and publish new codes on the go. In simple words, Node.js ensures the smooth operation of the system, which creates the perfect user experience.

NASA. A company whose lion's share of the work is everything related to space is supposed to process huge amounts of data. For this, NASA has created its own end-to-end data system. It became possible thanks to Node.js.

After that, they moved their data to the cloud and created a corporate-scale architecture. In this case, only one database was used, and the time of access to resources was reduced by 300%. Node.js significantly reduced development time, and also reduced company costs.

Now requests are processed many times faster, and the data is stored accurately. First of all, it will provide better and safer work in space.

We suggest you hire our Node.js developers to get the same benefits these companies have. With this technology, any business has new perspectives.

Why you need to hire Node.js developers

Such a useful technology is not simple like React development. To use the full potential, you need a lot of experience in programming, as well as knowledge of all the subtleties of both front-end and back-end development. In addition, knowledge of using JavaScript is required.

The main advantage of hiring a team of professional developers is that they can independently organize the process, breaking it into effective stages. By hiring specialists, you will also be sure that each of them is engaged in his own business and is responsible for a specific development element. Thanks to this, error-free and highly efficient development is achieved.

With the Merehead team, you will get professionals who have been working with Node.js since its inception. We studied all the subtleties of its use and determined the rationality of the use of each component in different cases.

Our employees skillfully apply Node.js in various industries. So, for the financial sector, we develop applications that are able to quickly process hundreds of thousands of transactions and show customers their account information.

For the healthcare industry, we have created applications that keep patient data up to date, as well as online consultation applications. We also have experience in the field of communications, which needs fast processing of messages for uninterrupted communication.

We guarantee the development of applications that will help your business take a significant place in the market.

Hire Node.js Developers | Dedicated NodeJS Programmers key takeaways:
  1. How Node.js Improves the IT Industry
  2. Business Benefits
  3. Why your application needs Node.js
  4. Why you need to hire Node.js developers
Merehead does professional development of Hire Node.js developers. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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