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According to the Santiment market report, Cardano became the most popular platform for token launch, smart contracts, and DApps on GitHub in 2021. It has left behind Kusama, Polkadot, and even the almighty Ethereum. And there is nothing strange in it. Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that has no issues with speed, scalability, and transaction costs. Cardano is much better than Ethereum compared to these criteria. Hence, it is one of the best solutions for blockchain projects of any complexity.

Twenty best projects by cumulative development activity on GitHub

Twenty best projects by cumulative development activity on GitHub. Source.

This article will tell you about the advantages of blockchain solutions on Cardano. Also, we will give a hint on how to hire a technical partner to implement your ideas. Furthermore, we will tell you the point you should consider while choosing a candidate.

What is Cardano(ADA)?

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain developed to help people work with smart contracts, NFTs, and DApps. Academic studies proved the security and scalability of this blockchain. Charles Hoskinson launched this platform in 2015. He is one of Ethereum’s founders. Charles worked with Vitaliy Buterin in 2014, yet he left the project before the launch. He intended to develop a ‘correct’ Ethereum together with Jeremy Wood. 

Hoskinson named Cardano after a famous philosopher, inventor, and mathematician — Gerolamo Cardano. They called the native token after the world’s first programmer, Augusta Ada Kind (primarily Augusta Ada Byron, the daughter of Lord Byron). She was the first to describe a computing machine (computer) and its program.

They refer to renowned mathematicians and programmers as Cardano’s team developed and based the blockchain mathematical calculations. They asked famous mathematicians to help with a mathematically stable distribution network model based on a consensus mechanism Ouroboros (PoS variation). Its features are delegated staking (a breakthrough for 2015) and managing the network through voting among ADA holders. One token is one vote.

Let’s look at what Ouroboros and other innovations introduced by Cardano can offer blockchain, token, smart contracts, and DApps developers.

 Advantages of development on Cardano

Ouroboros consensus mechanism

Cardano’s team state that they consider this algorithm their main advantage since it helps to provide a secure network with superfast transaction speed and low fees. Generally, it is just a variation of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm where each node’s transaction is not validated (like in Proof-of-Work). Yet, a selected group of nodes (slot leaders) validate the transactions. 

The leaders are selected from the ADA token holders (like in Delegated Proof of Stake). When a transaction requires validation, the platform randomly chooses one slot leader that approves the transaction in exchange for a reward in  ADA tokens. A part of the rewards stays for the validator, and the rest is distributed between the nodes that delegated the ADA. 

The work scheme of the Ouroboros consensus mechanism in the Cardano network

The work scheme of the Ouroboros consensus mechanism in the Cardano network. Source.

Cardano’s two-level architecture

The second significant feature of Cardano that is crucial for blockchain solutions is splitting the cryptocurrency network into two connected yet independent layers:
  • Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL). This level is responsible for fast and protected transaction processing. Furthermore, in the future, it will be responsible for exchanging ADA on users’ Cardano tokens and other cryptocurrencies, for instance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, SOL, and XRP.
  • Cardano Computation Layer (CCL). This level is responsible for processing smart contracts and decentralized applications. It functions on Haskell. It is a straightforward and secure programming language. 
Due to splitting the Cardano network into two levels, possible issues in smart contracts and DApps will not impact the transactions and vice-versa. Moreover, it allows introducing changes into the blockchain without hard forks (splitting into two incompatible chains).


This property means creating a platform of arbitrary, heterogeneous, and distributed components based on unified interfaces or protocols. Cardano implies the network can typically function with shards (sidechains in Cardano). The shards are separate chains with work principles and specifications that operate parallel with Cardano’s chains and other shards. 

Interoperability helps Cardano create DApps and smart contracts that will function in different shards, yet they can exchange data and assets without any additional settings. Hence, one can implement a complex project of several connected yet independent levels. For instance:

  • The first blockchain will be responsible for laws (rules) accepted through votes by the network users (token holders). They can do it directly or by delegating their vote right to another network participant;
  • The second blockchain will be responsible for smart contracts and DApps that will function according to the laws of the first blockchain;
  • The third one will be responsible for dispute arbitration. 
This scheme of three blockchains perfectly fits the purposes of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government that must be tightly connected yet independent, mainly for security. If one blockchain stops functioning (for example, after a hacking attempt), the other branches will still be regular.


Due to the Ouroboros consensus and shard technology, Cardano is 50 to 100 times faster than other blockchains. It is expected that after the complete deployment of Cardano’s ecosystem and a launch of a relatively small amount of shards, it will process about 1 trillion transactions per second. For comparison, Bitcoin’s blockchain without the second level of Lightning Network can process around seven transactions per second, while Ethereum 2.0 will process up to 100 thousand transactions per second.

This bandwidth will help Cardano better its main competitor — Ethereum. It will become the leading platform for developing and deploying smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, to reach its full potential, Cardano requires a vast network of shards, and without it, the network can process only several hundreds of transactions per second. It is much less than a trillion, yet more than the competitors can offer.

Comparison of the currency and potential bandwidth of blockchain networks and Visa

Comparison of the currency and potential bandwidth of blockchain networks and Visa. Source.


Cardano’s team is confident that their network and management must be decentralized and transparent; hence, their scientific and mathematical research is public. The software is open-source, and technical processes are under regular audit. Its results are free to access, and anyone can look at them on Cardano’s website.

Moreover, several public organizations manage Cardano’s platform:

  • Cardano Foundation. A Swiss non-commercial organization focuses on the standardization and development of Cardano’s technologies and ecosystem. Moreover, Cardano Foundation also communicates with mass media, businesses, users, and governmental structures.
  • Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). A Japanese software developer headed by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson is responsible for servicing and developing the Cardano blockchain platform.
  • Emurgo. Investment fund. They are responsible for the commercial development of the ecosystem and helping the business integrate Cardano into their projects. 


The other advantage of Cardano is striving to follow the rules and laws of the financial sector. For example, if you require a blockchain solution on Cardano that will follow the KYC/AML, you will do it quickly. Cardano also adds metadata to the transactions, from numeric data to text payment details. Some financial, insurance or governmental structures might need it. 

Furthermore, Cardano’s team is eager to cooperate with governmental institutions and businesses to comply with the law and protect their users’ money and data. Cardano's creators believe that only this way can they reach the global approval of blockchain and its integration into international economics.

Cardano vs. Ethereum vs. Bitcoin

Cardano vs. Ethereum vs. Bitcoin

How to hire a Cardano development company?

You might find a decent blockchain developer knowing Cardano on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, there are platforms like Goodfirms.com, Clutch.com, Toptal, and Upwork. Moreover, you might find specialists on freelance platforms focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects like Blocktribe.com, Crypto.jobs, Beincrypto.com, Cryptojoblist.com, Orbi Network, Ethlance, Bounty0x, etc. 

While searching for candidates, focus on analyzing the things mentioned below:

Experience in dealing with Cardano

This is the first thing you must pay attention to when searching for a Cardano developer. Not only that but, the candidate should have experience in the niche you require. For example, if you need a cryptocurrency exchange, you need a company that has developed cryptocurrency exchanges before. It is not necessarily that they created a Cardano exchange; those who developed a cryptocurrency exchange on Ethereum will not have any trouble setting one for Cardano if they are accustomed to the blockchain.

Company’s portfolio

But for experience in blockchain solution development, the potential candidate should have experience in your required niche. For instance, if you require an application to trace goods in the supply chains, look for a similar case in the developer’s portfolio. It will provide you with more chances that the developer knows the specifics, technological standards, and details of your niche.

Wide Wine case — a logistics blockchain platform that helps trace wine supply chains. Source: Merehead.

Client’s feedback and comments

Next, you will need to check what the clients and the employees say of the development company. You may find clients’ feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook, Goodfirms, and Clutch. The employees (current and former) leave feedback on Fairygodboss, Glassdoor, Vault, CareerBliss, JobAdvisor, WorkAdvisor, and other platforms. Usually, each country has its standard websites, which are easy to google.

It is important to emphasize that reviews from customers and employees can be commissioned here. Regardless of whether they are good or bad, just the customer, they have different: good reviews are ordered by the developer himself, and evil by his competitors. 

So pay attention only to those reviews that have what the media call ‘flash’ or texture within them. In addition, it is also critical that the author of the review be a current or former client/employee of the developer.

Honest feedback typically has information on the author

Honest feedback typically has information on the author: name, surname, workplace, position, and a link to the social networks. Here is an example of such a review on Clutch.com

The blog and pages on social networks

You can also check the candidate’s expertise by their pages on social networks and blogs. Top-rated developers use it to attract clients, describe cases, announce the news, and show market trends. They also might post learning content. By reading a few texts, you will have an image of the company’s expertise. 

The language and means of communication

The last significant factor you should pay attention to while hiring a Cardano developer is the language the employees speak and the time zone they work in. Sure, many people in IT know a bit of English, yet it is not guaranteed, especially if it concerns designers, programmers, testers, and managers. 

Why should you choose Merehead?

Merehead is a leading blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finances development company. Merehead offers extensive technological support for Cardano’s blockchain development in finances, insurance, e-commerce, logistics, medicine, metaverses, video games, etc. 

With our company you can quickly and simply:

  • Integrate with Cardano. Our company will help you integrate Cardano into your application, website, service, or business processes so that you can enjoy the advantages of the third generation. Namely, high speed, compatibility, and scalability.
  • Develop a cryptocurrency wallet. We will create a secure and safe wallet for storing, managing, delegating ADA and other virtual assets. We can develop wallets for desktops, mobiles, or browsers.
  • Create a decentralized application. We can also develop a functional, safe, and scalable application that will increase the potential of your business and attract new clients.
  • Launch smart contracts. Our development services include smart contracts on Cardano and launching blockchain solutions in a rapid and secure environment that is constantly growing and improving.
  • Create a marketplace. We can also help you launch a Cardano marketplace for selling real or virtual goods. We offer a complex solution including business analysis, interface design development, creating smart contracts, audit, integrating external services, testing, and listing on stores.
  • Launching a token. And finally, we can help you to create your token on Cardano. Also, we help to issue NFTs on Cardano. 

Benefits of working with Merehead

High expertise -we have experienced blockchain developers who know the ins and outs of running DApps, IPFS, NFT, and other Cardano solutions.

Safety and security - our software solutions based on Cardano have the highest degree of protection against hacker attacks, DDoS attacks, fraud, leaks of confidential data, and other malicious actions.

Transparency - communication with the development team and regular reports will allow you always to be aware of the development progress and promptly make the necessary changes.

Honesty and anonymity - all your business ideas are strictly confidential. We sign an NDA before we start a project and ensure a high level of confidentiality.

Supporting after launch -we are maximally interested in the success of our clients, so we are ready to provide post-transition support.

Our roadmap (the way we do our work)

  • Defining the aim. Our specialists will study your idea and determine the needs of the business. After a comprehensive analysis of the market, competitors, and your requirements, they will develop the Cardano solution for you.
  • UI/UX design development. Next, our designers will develop the user interface design and test it on a group of people closest to your target audience.
  • Writing the code. On the next step, our experienced programmers will start writing secure and reliable code for your blockchain solution on Cardano
  • Testing the product. Right after writing the first code lines, the testers start their work. They study each code line to find and fix the issues and bugs and optimize productivity and reliability.
  • Deployment, release. When the blockchain solution on Cardano is ready and tested, it is transferred to the production environment. It is listed on Google Play and App Store if it is a mobile application.
  • Product support. We also offer post-release support and services so that your blockchain solution on Cardano will meet the requirements and needs of your business as time moves. 

Our latest projects

BigFan - it is a platform for selling sports NFTs using ERC-1155. All tokens are issued in cooperation with sports teams and players or their official representatives.

Wide Wine - a logistic blockchain platform that helps trace the supply chains of wine and verify its authenticity. Study the case.

Coinbird/CEX - cryptocurrency exchange with high-level security and safety. Furthermore, it supports operations with fiat currencies. Study the case.

AltcoinsHub - it is a P2P exchange that helps to trade all popular cryptocurrencies.

Closing remarks

If you intend to launch a token, smart contract, decentralized application, marketplace, or cryptocurrency exchange on Cardano yet do not know where to start; please contact our managers via +1-206-785-16-88 or sales@merehead.com. They will gladly answer all your questions.

Merehead does professional development of Hire Cardano developers. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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