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Online authentication and product tracking service based on blockchain

The customer

Wide Wine Company produces premium quality wines in the premium segment. It is one of the leading companies in Spain, which uses modern technology to improve business processes and efficient production. The main problem for Wide Wine is the fight against counterfeiting of its own wine. For help, they turned to Merehead, a leading developer of blockchain solutions. Our experts estimated the extent of the problem in detail and suggested developing an application that would combine two functions: counterfeiting and supply chain tracking.

Thus, Wide Wine will be able to control the logistics process. On the other hand, each buyer, buying a bottle from $1000 will be able to verify the authenticity of this bottle in real time.


A feature of the Wide Wine project is the uniqueness of this approach. Our solution makes it possible to control the supply of wine only to authorized distributors and to counter counterfeiting. Using a blockchain solution, Wide Wine can be sure of the reliability of the data. At the same time, each buyer can check any bottle using a QR code.

The main difficulties arose in the development of system logic. After all, the task was to ensure that no one could fake the bottle, but the stolen bottle was also considered invalid. Thus, it is very important that all components of the application work synchronously.

Architecture of the project

Our blockchain experts have developed a unique approach that makes it possible to counter counterfeiting and track the supply chain.

The blockchain application gives access to verified distributors to add storage points and wine distribution points. All data is stored on the blockchain network, so no one can fake or delete data. This makes it possible to form a clean supply chain.

At the same time, the buyer can get the necessary information from the blockchain network using the official Wide Wine website and a unique identifier or by scanning the QR code on the bottle of wine itself. One of the main entries is the distribution point of this batch. If it matches the point of sale, the bottle is considered genuine. In a stolen or fake lot, the points of sale (distribution) of wine do not correspond. Moreover, attackers do not have access and the ability to change data. In addition, information about the sold lot is entered into the blockchain network and the buyer can also believe it.


First of all, our experts prepared the frames on the basis of which the design is prepared. At this stage, we worked out the smallest details and functions. Wireframes is the skeleton of our application, a simplified version.


Together with the client, we are approving a new website style based on corporate colors. An individual approach allowed us to develop a design in the shortest possible time.

It is very important that the site looks professional and inspires confidence in the company. At this stage, each layout was agreed with the client.



Constantia - Text Regular

Constantia - Text Italic

Constantia - Text Bold

Constantia - Bold Italic



Merehead has developed a new Wide Wine website and introduced the ability to verify the authenticity of wine by a unique identifier.

In addition, the buyer can scan the QR code and go to a special page of this bottle, where the distribution point and detailed information about the wine will be visible.

The design is made in the corporate colors of Wide Wine and has the most intuitive interface. Thus, you can find out exactly in which store this bottle is sold. If the point of sale does not match the data from the blockchain network, this bottle is considered a counterfeit. In the future, we have plans to add quick response features. One click and you request a counterfeit.

Admin: Dashboard

The page collects data from the CRM system and blockchain.

Our system generates detailed graphs and tables for a more convenient perception. In the future, the permission function and roles will be added.

Admin: Batches

All batches of wine can be seen on the Batches page.

Here is a convenient set of filters and tools for sorting information. The administrator can open any batch and see detailed information for each bottle. Supply chain data are derived from the blockchain network.

Main features

Product search is carried out by scanning a unique QR code on the bottle, which is automatically generated.

Supply chain information is written to the blockchain network. This eliminates the possibility of changing or deleting data.

Authorized distributors have access to the system with limited rights and the ability to record the arrival of goods.

An API has been developed that allows you to fix supply points in the future automatically.

Synchronizing data with the company's CRM system.


In our opinion, every buyer of wine should be sure of the authenticity of the goods, especially in the premium segment from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. In this case, blockchain technologies are well suited to solve this problem. Merehead successfully implemented a new solution that allowed Wide Wine to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and increase consumer confidence in its company.

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