Cryptocurrency exchange platform

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The customer

Our client represents a company of private investors. They have a desire to develop a platform that will allow making cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, the client wants to connect the payment system to make transactions using fiat money. To complete the project successfully, they need a reliable development team with experience developing similar platforms.

Among other features, the system should have all the opportunities for the exchange and trade in such pairs as crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat. Moreover, the client wants to connect currencies and charts that are focused on the African region. Merehead was faced with the good challenge of developing a cryptocurrency platform that would have all the necessary features.



The current platform has some challenges. First of all, we need to make a high level of security. Thus, it was decided to use SMS notifications and 2FA Google. Using these features will allow securing user accounts.

The main difficulty is the integration of fiat money. There are not many payment gateways that cooperate with cryptocurrency platforms. Each system has its own conditions and limitations. The client held long negotiations with ZotaPay to make this possible.

Architecture of the project

First of all, our project manager created the special requirements of the project. This makes it possible to understand all the logic of the system. After that, the project manager developed the visual architecture of the project. A clear structure makes the project transparent and understandable.


Wireframes help visualize all the functions of the project. It is understood how it will work and how it will look. As a rule, at this stage, new small features appear that allow you to make the project more convenient and functional. In the end, based on the wireframes will be drawn mockups.


The design is one of the most interesting stages. That moment when the client sees how the project will look in the future. At the first stage, the client had design preferences and our team tried to take into account his vision. We decided to use dark and yellow colors. This combination allows us to highlight important elements on the pages of the platform.


Lato - Text Light

Lato - Text Regular

Lato - Text Semiboid

Lato - Text Bold

As you can see, the platform turned out to be dark. The primary color is yellow. It harmonizes well with the logo. We have drawn about 30 mockups of different complexity, from the landing page to the pop-ups. In addition, we prepared mockups for the mobile version. This allows the HTML-coder to make pages friendly for mobile devices.

Trade page

The trading page allows the user to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. Despite its simplicity, this page is connected to the core system. It will allow users managing orders and conduct matches using market makers. The core is developed in such a way that it allows users to make up to 1 million transactions per hour.
Like all platforms, the page has a convenient chart for analyzing the dynamics of currency pairs. For these purposes, we used the service TradingView. It has advanced features for detailed analysis of candlestick charts. The trading page has an Orderbook, a list of Recent orders, Open orders and a History of orders. Thus, the user can easily manage the exchange.


Security plays a big role, especially the exchange of cryptocurrency platforms. Users should know that their funds are safe. To increase the security of users account, we implementation Google Authentication, SMS authentication, Anti-phishing system and regular email notifications for basic user actions. Thus, the user can be sure of security.
Back-end part

On the coding side, we use a module to protection from SQL injection, XSS attacks and use a white-hat hacker to find holes in the system. In addition, to increase the level of security, we connect cold wallets.


Admin page

The admin panel has easy navigation and advanced features. It allows the administrator to fully manage the platform and users. In the transaction section, you can see a list of all orders. Separately, there is a section for viewing transactions for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Requests for withdrawal of funds are confirmed by the administrator in manual mode. The system provides for automatic confirmation of amounts less than $100.

In the users' section, the administrator can view information about each user, his transactions, and the history of orders. If there is a need to confirm user identification (KYC). Among other functions, the administrator has the ability to create roles, configure permissions and share access. Thus, other administrators will be able to manage content, confirm transactions, verify user documents.

In addition, the admin panel has the following functions: managing a blog, limits, fees, list of cryptocurrencies, settings, accounts, total system revenue, wallets.


Payment integration

The platform has the ability to make payment Cryptocurrency and Fiat. Cryptocurrencies are integrated using nodes and 3rd services. In this case, it is very important to have a powerful server that can work with high loads. Fiat money, on the other hand, is difficult to integrate into the platform. As a rule, not many payment gateways have the possibility of integration with cryptocurrency platforms and not all customers can agree on terms. We decided to use the universal method of direct payments. Thus, the user can create an account and deposit money by direct payment through his own bank account. The withdrawal of Fiat money also occurs using direct bank transfer to a user account.


Cold wallet

Cold wallet allows the owner to be confident in the safety of all funds. For example, in our case, the client has Ledger Nano S uses to store funds. All money is regularly transferred to a cold wallet. All withdrawal transactions are performed every day at a specific time and are confirmed by the administrator.