Featured image for 11 Web Design Techniques That Should Be Implemented on Your Business Website in 2019

11 Web Design Techniques That Should Be Implemented on Your Business Website in 2019

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Featured image for 11 Web Design Techniques That Should Be Implemented on Your Business Website in 2019

Web design trends change frequently and it is important to keep updating content with respect to them. Consult a web design company for ways to do so. Change in the website design creates interest leading to higher traffic and hence better business opportunities. Before you make changes to your website, you should familiarise yourself with the latest techniques that can be used.

Here are Some Trending Web Design Techniques:

Asymmetrical Broken Grid Layouts

This trend seems to have originated in the previous year. These tend to break the monotony of the beautifully laid-out symmetrical designs. While not aligned, they do not look messy and give the webpages a certain individuality. Non-clashing colours and enough white space is the main requirement for this layout. Regular shapes are no more the trend, as they make way for shapes, which simply flow into each other. Inspired by the nature around us, these organic shapes have shown a visible difference in consumer satisfaction.

Nostalgia/Retro Designs

Colour schemes and patterns from the past are being used to give a retro feel to the websites. This peeks into times when these facilities were not available and makes for an interesting design concept. A ‘then versus now’ message works to give a new feel to the products being promoted through the website. A web development company should certainly be able to design a website around this idea.


The website should be kept simple, clutter-free and easy to navigate. There should be no unnecessary elements on the website and important elements should not be ignored. The functionality of the website is more important than its looks, though the appearance cannot be considered low in its relevance. The users and their experience should be given the highest priority. If the website is easily navigable, it helps to improve the business prospects and profits.

Be Different in Your Style

Other than the content and design, the distinguishing factor is your typographic style. Having a different typographic style helps you stand out in a crowd of many others. If you look different, the recall of your brand is likely to be high, which will lead to repeat visits and business growth. A word of caution here: Creativity must not lead to clutter. The minimalistic approach with a unique flavour is what can give the best results as clutter only leads to confusion. You can make the content better, but when that seems hard, make it different from the rest of the content available. This will set you apart and instigate user interest.

11 Web Design Techniques

Keep It User-centric

Websites are created so that users are able to make use of them to get what they need. If the user experience is not good, the business will be affected. The product layout should be designed such that the shopper behaviour in store and online is very similar. Very few look at detailed information before making the purchase. The interesting bits of information catch their attention and the rest is considered as good to know. Content regulation and design help highlight the necessary information. If your SEO services India are successful in getting you the desired traffic, the right designing will help you get the required conversions.

Responsiveness of Themes

Website themes that are compatible to various devices and able to adjust to different screen size. This requirement is a must for all website themes. Responsive website theme will make your business to stand out make it popular in your concerned Industry.

As you know large amount of web traffic is generated from smartphone now a days days. To tap on to this traffic, you need to choose a theme that accommodates the requirements of all kinds of devices. Also, most search engines tend to rank responsive websites much higher as compared to those that do not have a mobile-friendly version. If you hire a web design company, you will be able to have a website design that is smartphone-friendly and also preferred by most users.

Prioritise the Key Pages of Your Website

The key information varies from product to product and it helps to think like a consumer. Arrange the website pages according to importance of information on pages as the order of importance will offer an easy browsing experience in terms of information they are searching for. If the customers cannot find certain key information easily, they would not be able to appreciate your site, so this is crucial to prioritise the key pages of your website for better results.

Easy to Understand

This applies not just to navigation but also to the language that you use on your website. Adding complicated terminology takes away the value of the website. If consumers don’t understand you, they might not continue visiting.

Manage the loading Time

This is the most understandable and most important feature to avoid an increased bounce rate for the website. If the time is taken for the website to load, you could lose potential customers as time is in short supply everywhere and they would just move on to another faster loading sites.

Remember the Mobile Devices

It is the times of a revolution where mobile devices seem to be taking over everything - even the browsing rights! Desktops are being left behind and that should be kept in mind when briefing your digital marketing agency about your website design requirements.

Make Your Typography Identify You

It can become boring to see the same kind of fonts and formats repeatedly. Having different typography can make the recall of your website easier for the consumers. While being different, it still has to maintain the aesthetics of the website by being clean-cut and readable.

With the above techniques trending in the current year, you may feel inclined to incorporate them in your website, but before you do so, consider your company’s requirements, the products, and the brand. Trends are temporary, but adopting them appropriately is completely the company’s decision. Though all the techniques mentioned above are quite generic, the final decision to make is yours. Think carefully as web design is a very crucial decision for your business.

11 Web Design Techniques That Should Be Implemented on Your Business Website in 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Asymmetrical Broken Grid Layouts
  2. Nostalgia/Retro Designs
  3. Simplicity
  4. Be Different in Your Style
  5. Keep It User-centric
  6. Responsiveness of Themes
  7. Prioritise the Key Pages of Your Website
  8. Easy to Understand
  9. Manage the loading Time
  10. Remember the Mobile Devices
  11. Make Your Typography Identify You

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