Logo Design Trends 2019: bright colors, gradients, experiments with the font

Each direction develops taking into account the trend flows. Logo design is an industry that is not an exception. There are certain trends that both the specialist and the customer should know...

#1. Logo design or branding in general?
#2. Different shapes of color planes
#3. The predominance of the function over the design
#4. Simple geometric shapes
#5. Superhard colors
#6. Transformation of Classicism
#7. Simplify forms
#8. The effect of overlapping
#9. Color transitions and gradients
#10. Experiments with the font
#11. Competent use of negative space
#12. Constructions consisting of letters
#13. Slots
#14. General trends in logo design 2019

Each direction develops taking into account the trend flows. Logo design is an industry that is not an exception. There are certain trends that both the specialist and the customer should know.

For the first such knowledge is required to “professionally survive” in an environment where a high level of competition is characteristic. And for the second – to understand the level of the finished product, which the performer offers.

Logo design or branding in general?

In professional communities there are opinions that it’s not correct to talk about the design of logos as a separate topic. It would be more appropriate to touch on the issue of branding as such. This is due to the fact that the logo and corporate identity of the company should work in a comprehensive manner, complementing each other.

Sometimes a minimalist logo can be advantageous if it is combined with a well-thought-out company style of the company and corresponds to its philosophy.

Different shapes of color planes

Bright colors will be one of the best logo trends and awesome web design trends next year. And, according to many forecasts, the trend for a long time will remain relevant. Unusual color schemes and planes of the most strange, pretentious forms will be typical for the design area of logos in 2019. The combination of pale green and pink colors, dirty yellow shades along with gray-violet – all this can be seen in the branding of popular companies.
The combination of complex colors and angular geometry is what will distinguish the modern brand among many others.

logo trends 2019

The predominance of the function over the design

Earlier, the design component in the development of the logo was given more importance, but now the trends tend toward simplicity and functionality. Not as important as the logo looks. It is more important that it be remembered and in a condensed format delivered information to a potential client about the company. One can even say that there is a tendency for some loss of individuality in favor of classical options.

However, such a trend can not always be a winning one. It will be most relevant for companies that are giants in their field and have already managed to earn an excellent reputation. Such brands can afford to ignore any individualism in the logos, because their recognizability is based on other factors.

Simple geometric shapes

For logo design in 2019 actually, use different combinations of simple geometric shapes. Despite the fact that this technique is very simple from a technical point of view, it opens almost limitless possibilities for the most diverse design of logos. Such decisions – a great option for companies with a broad target audience.

logo trends 2019 design

Superhard colors

The modern direction of logo design is so democratic and diverse that it seems that the most incompatible trends coexist. For example, it is the use of lines in one thickness in combination with bright superhard colors. If the style of pop art suits your brand, then this solution can be optimal. In other cases, it will be tasteless. Therefore, in this case, the scope of the logo is important.
This trend is relevant for companies operating in the entertainment sector. This logo stimulates to have fun and “break away at full”.

logo trends superhard colors

Transformation of Classicism

A new trend in logo design is to generate complex graphics in different styles. Classical engravings, drawings and bas-reliefs are something that can be combined in one modern logo. On the one hand, this trend is on the verge of art and the absurd. On the other – it allows you to look at the logos in a new way. Undoubtedly, following this trend will provide a real brand awareness among many others.

classicism logo design

Simplify forms

The above described tendency of complication perfectly coexists in the design of logos with the cardinally opposite phenomenon – simplification. More precisely, these two trends will coexist in 2019, virtually no effect on each other. Some companies choose for their logos complex graphics, and others – a more simple. Some even change complex and intricate variations to something minimalistic.

logo trends 2019

The effect of overlapping

Using bright shapes that overlap each other, it will be very popular next year year. A new color, which is formed in the overlap area of two others, makes an original and eye-catching logo. This is a very interesting solution for companies striving for an effective redesign. Such logos carry an interesting semantic load.

They are reminiscent of the synthesis and integration of knowledge, which are important components in the development of any quality business concept.

logo 2019 trends overlapping

Color transitions and gradients

Gradients got a new breath in the logo design industry back in 2016. The next year reinforced this trend, which was used by specialists working in this direction. This year gradients and interesting color transitions have not lost their relevance. The trend still continues to influence the design of logos. And especially, it looks logical that when combined with the original massive font.

Experiments with the font

Analyzing the trends of the past year, experts often agree on the fact that it was a period of text logos. Accordingly – this trend has given more opportunities for experimenting with fonts. Such techniques as:
• Indents;
• Kerning;
• Alignment of letters;
• Replacement of letters;
• Interesting combinations of different fonts;

These techniques make it possible to “freshen up” the text and logo to make it more interesting for the perception in the eyes of the target audience of the brand.

Competent use of negative space

Logos in which negative space is used are not a radical innovation exclusively this year. They appeared earlier. However, there are some trends in their development, which will be relevant for 2019. For example, it is necessary to note especially that now hidden images increasingly appear in the text of the logo components. The intersection of letters, or the letter itself will become a place to showcase the image in a hidden space.

negative space

Constructions consisting of letters

This trend is directly related to the continuing popularity of text logos. Variants with a long text are especially relevant. This raises the logical question of how to place text elements, the logo was not too long.

Typically, designers are coming out of this situation, using the layout of the text in a column. Similar options look good if they are combined with bright colors and geometric shapes. Thus, you can use several trends in one logo, which will be popular in 2019.


Among other trends, logos with slots will be in high demand. Commonly used slots in the form of several parallel lines. They can be placed in different ways – vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Logos with slots have proved to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish.
The audience perceives them kindly, because such a design does not overload the visual space and facilitates the perception that the main message of which transmits corporate identity.

Summing up all the above trends, you can derive general patterns that will be characteristic for the design of logos next year. First of all, this is the desire for universality by reinterpreting the context. Modern designer is not enough just to create a logo based on trends. In the process of work, it is also important to understand where and how this product will be used for his creative activity. The design should correspond to the sphere of work of the company.

When designing the logo must have a concrete idea of how it will be used on posters, business cards, packaging, in advertisements. A quality logo design – an excellent additional advertising for the company that uses it.

general trends in logo design 2019

Another common pattern of the sphere is the desire for cheerful logos. A wide audience has a very specific request for positive, because of the social upheavals and uncertainties of the modern world, many people are tired.
Sometimes designers find interesting solutions that allow to resist pessimism and otherwise look at the problems of modernity.

Proceeding from this social phenomenon, there is a growing demand for funny emblems, awakening in people’s sense of humor and stimulating not to be upset over trifles. There are many ways that give the opportunity to convey the logo lightness and cheerfulness. And, it is necessary to recognize, designers have learned to use them perfectly.

logo design trend 2019

Logo design is a complex area where a small symbol of the company you want to display its basic message across to the target audience. It is important to select right web design company which can help you in this, in terms of design. The abundance of various current trends of the current year – a guarantee that designers have enough technical means to create real masterpieces that can “catch” the perception.

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