Featured image for Wordpress Plugins: Things You Must Know Before Installing

Wordpress Plugins: Things You Must Know Before Installing

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Featured image for Wordpress Plugins: Things You Must Know Before Installing

The most popular web design platform today is WordPress. With millions of users WordPress has marked it space in the internet world. WordPress is easy to install, provides many free themes and on top of all it is capable of extending its own potential by installing plugins. WordPress has more than 20,000 plugins which can give your website a design that you have been longing for.

However, with so many plugin options it is imperative to note that all of these are not necessary to install and not every plugin can be suitable for your website therefore, you need to know what can go with your site because you might not take a chance of getting a website`s functionality affected.

In Toronto, clients mostly demand a website which is functional and has movement but it can get a little difficult for developers to cope up with this because the plugins are not a piece of cake. However, there are web designers in Toronto which serve exactly what you want. Although even a non-developer can run website on WordPress, he can be unknown to the plugin facts. Hence, even if you are a pro-developer or a non-developer you can go through the points mentioned below telling what must know before installing any plugin.

Wordpress Plugins

Do You Really Need This Plugin?

You have made a website, it might be looking simple to you or it might have a lot of functions and movements going on but you are still thinking of adding something more. Before doing this you need to ask yourself that do you really need this for your website or you want to install it because you have got your eyes on it. And, sometimes your version of WordPress might not support the plugin.

Users also like to install plugin because they have found it or heard of it but are thinking of using it someday late for any other website. You need to keep in mind that it can be installed later if you do not want to use it today. Also, it is seen that people buy something because it is premium. You need to avoid gathering junk at your web space because it will ultimately decrease the speed sat which your website runs.

Is Your Plugin Compatible with The current Version of Your WordPress?

It is quite often that developers are told to install plugins so as to make the website look creative. However, you need to think and evaluate whether or not your version of WordPress supports the particular plugin.

You need to understand that not though all the plugins made for WordPress are suitable with it, what can still be a problem is the version of both plugin as well as the CMS. Take an example of your phone, if you have an outdated phone say 2015 model and currently it is 2020 and you download the application of latest version; will your phone work smoothly? No, right because your phone is of an older version and the applications you have installed are of newer version. In this case, your phone is WordPress and the applications are plugins.

The good thing is if a plug is not suitable with your version WordPress itself does not show it but what you need to be cautious about is that the plugins are available outside the WordPress so you need to read the description box to check the version and any other detail if required. It is more disturbing when you have to pay for the same and face inconvenience later.

A Plugin Can Send your Website in The Maintenance Mode or Can Even Rocket its Speed.

With the above being said, it is not just the speed which can decrease if you’re the loading speed but it can throw your website into the maintenance mode. In this case, the website is directed towards internal server as soon as it is activated which means an increased load time which of course no user likes to spend his time on.

But not making you feel down about it, there is also a possibility that a plugin might even integrate the speed time of your website. Which automatically means the programs can work smoothly with WordPress. There are a few examples of plugins which can help boost the performance; Google Analytics Dashboard, Custom Facebook Feed and many others.

Therefore, it is important to do your research before picking the plugin for the website.

Plugins Can Be Found On Multiple Pages

Normally, anyone who is new to this can download the plugins for WordPress Plugin Directory which has all the plugins and many of which are free. The directory also displays reviews and ratings alongside the plugin for your help.

However, this is not the only place to find plugins. There are many other directories and even developers sell it individually as well. Now, the onus is on you to find what fits right. The plugins available outside can be more complex to use and you need to figure out if this is what you want the next step is to decipher the working. These plugins can even be quite unusual and have a targeted functionality.

The Number is Not Worthy When It Comes to Quality

As already discussed above do not just keep on installing plugins because you know it can make your website lag behind therefore a user might not be interested to spend time on your website.

It is important to evaluate a plugin before installing it. For this, you can check the ratings and reviews given by people with that you can even check number of times this plugin has been downloaded. This is important because the plugin is going to add some functionality to your website. With that said, another thing you need to keep in mind is not to get wild the plugins and download every plugin available because too many plugins can disturb the website and add a lot of movement to it.

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