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The world is changing rapidly. Our technocratic society sets its pace in every sector of economy, especially in IT industry. Pondering on this subject, I do understand that the world will not be the same as was before. Today robots perform up to 10% of production tasks. According to Bank of America forecasts, this figure will increase up to 45% until 2025. Thus, in a couple of years many professions will disappear forever. Some services have no demand at the same reasons. International Transport Forum conducted a study and according to one of the scenarios 50% -70% drivers in US and Europe could lost their jobs by 2030 due to automated cargo transportation. Do you know already web design trends 2022?

Lots of new sites appeared 15 years ago, when the age of Internet rapid development started. Web development services were at the peak of their popularity. It was the time when systems of websites automatic creation began to appear at the market. Some of them failed, while the others received worldwide recognition. For example, in 2004 Shopify system appeared which allowed users to create quickly an online store with basic functions. Then came Wix, Wordpress, ModXetc. They enable you create a website for almost every business in a couple of clicks. PWA is in web development trends 2022.

Every year it becomes more difficult for digital agencies to compete with automatic systems. However, demand on the custom solution increase despite of the aforesaid facts. After all, all these systems are designed for a mass use, and often with a limited set of features and capabilities.

Nowadays Internet is developing rapidly and it is not sufficient only to have a site for gaining a success. It is necessary to take into account internet marketing, user experience, make analyze of customer behavior and optimize work for each case. Every web project should make a profit. And if your site does not attract customers, then most of them are at the competitors’ website. Nowadays it is of vital importance to adapt quickly, since only such projects can survive.

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