Featured image for Web Development Trends That Will Have Huge Influence in 2020

Web Development Trends That Will Have Huge Influence in 2020

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Featured image for Web Development Trends That Will Have Huge Influence in 2020

Looking ahead of the curve for future trends is what sets you apart from your competitors. But there are many new trends emerging in this ultra fast-paced tech world on a regular basis. It almost seems impossible to keep up with them. To lessen your stress, we have curated a list of some sure shot trends that are here to stay as we enter into the new decade.

Web Development Trends

Minimalistic design

The less the better, the mantra that has been evolving over the past few years in the website design segment. We all are running after a design that is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes of our visitors. But designing one is no cakewalk.

Minimalistic design is not all about a lot of white space and two-dimensional elements. You can always throw in a few bright colors (not more) and custom micro-interactions as well. Minimalism is all about keeping the most vital functionalities. Also, a clean UI will decrease your page’s load time leading to a higher page ranking.

Voice search

Voice search Web Development Trends

How many times have you turned to Google Maps’ voice to help you navigate the streets of your own city? Voice search has become 35x from 2008 to 2016 according to Google trends compiled by Search engine trends.

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are now being used by all age groups for performing various tasks. Right from playing one’s favorite playlist to finding recipes to calling someone, all these tasks can now be accomplished via voice command. As this habit takes over your users, it becomes imperative to make your website navigable via voice commands.

This feature will also take your website a step closer to web accessibility. You can add the voice search recognition API to your website. This way users can search for their specific requirements in their own way. Your visitors will appreciate the time saved by this feature.

Motion UI

The Internet is an ever-growing space. It is predicted that an individual sees 5000 ads on a daily basis. It becomes a task to engage your users for longer durations. Motion UI comes to your rescue here. Motion UI brings life to all the digital products making the user interface more interactive and engaging.

Web designers are leveraging this trend to differentiate themselves on the internet. Animations, transitions, custom cursors, and micro-interactions are being used in website designing for engaging visitors. 2020 will reveal how this trend is fulfilling this purpose.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design Web Development Trends

Designing your website keeping in mind mobile and desktop visitors is now a norm. Companies not designing for mobile will be losing out on many customers.

Google will now be looking for a mobile-first website for indexing and ranking websites, i.e your desktop’s web version will rank on the basis of your mobile version’s content. So it is now vital to optimize your website for mobile. While designing mobile websites, eliminate any long article that requires a lot of scrolling as the visitors will drop off midway. Keep all the information in a direct and concise format.

You can always combine minimalistic web design with a responsive design for the best results.

Communication via chatbots

Communication Web Development Trends

By the end of 2020, 85% of customer interaction will be done with no human interaction, as predicted by Gartner. And chatbots will play a significant role here. They will be available 24/7 for your customers and you will save on the cost front by cutting down on your human staff.

Chatbots are being liked by customers for their prompt replies. You can deploy them for finding particular products, any website troubles, giving navigation advice and answering FAQs. With the right programming, there are endless ways of using them.

It’s said that chatbots will reduce the need for employing human assets, which will save $23 billion dollars of organizations, which would otherwise be given out in the form of annual salaries and compensation.

Discard the Hamburger menu

The age-old hamburger menu now needs to be done with. The hamburger menu has been the goto option for many years now, but it has a lot of drawbacks. The features were hidden in this and it was difficult to operate from a navigation point of view.

Designers have found other efficient replacements for it. Visible menus like tab bars are now the most preferred option. It covers up all the shortfalls of the hamburger menu. Visible menu designs work on a priority basis. You can select the elements depending on the need and functionality. It is now being used by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Pop-up notification

This may seem like an unusual trend, but it has been used by a lot of companies this year. Pop up notification has the power to capture your user’s attention like no other element. You can use it to inform visitors about new product releases, deals, and discounts, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter among others.

But its usage should be very limited, or else it would annoy your users. Instead of acting as an incentive, it will drive users away from your website.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence Web Development Trends

AI is bringing out changes in almost all business verticals. Web development is not behind in this. Airbnb is using it to customize user’s search results and Netflix is keeping users hooked by giving recommendations they can’t refuse.

You can use implement AI for analyzing your user data as well. This will help you detect user trends and understand your user behavior better than ever. AI will set new business standards and raise the efficiency bar to an all-time high. Thus, be on the lookout for its implementation on your website.

All these trends are not fading away any time soon. Well, this is what the industry experts are saying. So why not jump on the hype train before it leaves the station and sees for yourself what is here to stay and what will fade away. Hope to meet you on the hype train.

Aakansha Damani
Content manager
Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Aakansha is a content marketing expert at Galaxy Weblinks. Her expertise includes QA testing content, blogging, social media as well as strategic policy. She has an in-depth understanding of design and development processes and often writes about user experience, designing, web development, mobile apps, security and more. She strongly believes communication is key to any system, algorithm, design or life in general. Being an avid reader, Aakansha finds fiction and non-fiction academic writing equally enticing.

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