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The Use of Oracle Database in Business Leadership

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Being a successful technology leader needs a lot more than an impressive resume and multiple skill sets. If you want to grow yourself as an admirable tech leader or want to find one to take a lead role in your organization, here we will look into some of the most important personality traits and skill-sets needed for successful techno leaders of this era.

#1 Knowing the art of establishing trust

The team leads or tech managers need to first establish trust at both ends as to the company management as well as his or her team members to positively associate with them on a daily basis. To bring out the best from the employees working on various projects, leaders must be able to connect with them on a solid basis of trust effectively.

Without the capacity to establish personal connections and converse with honesty and openness, leaders will not be able to go beyond certain limits. Good leaders not only try to establish trust but also go a step ahead to establish a personal bond with each one in the team which enables a closer personal level of communication.

#2 A futuristic vision

Technology is a fast-changing sector, and the leaders also need to maintain a futuristic vision as by seeing what comes next in the row. If you are considering a tech leader, talk about the company's history and ask what to anticipate in terms of future growth. The technology business leaders may need to sail with the flow and comfortable with making changes based on the market trends.

In order to stay up and relevant in the increasingly competitive market and fast-changing industry crannies, the tech leaders must be analytical to make quick rational decisions in response to the changes. The successful tech leaders are found to have a natural futuristic vision to foresee the future scope of a company, set realistic goals accordingly, and then motivate others too to work towards these goals.

The Use of Oracle Database in Business Leadership

#3 Creation of a culture of cohesion

Even though academic qualifications, technology skills, and intensive experience are important for the tech leaders, it important to discuss the company's culture in detail if you are hiring one. Each organization will have a unique set of value, and a tech leader also needs to share the same values in order to perform well.

Hiring any random tech leader just based on his or her list of qualifications and level of experience may end up in disaster if they are tuned to a different culture on the basis of the values. It may not be easy for someone who is nurtured in a totally different culture to get adapted to something different that easily. The business leaders need to have a clear overview of the unique set of value to create a culture of cohesion and effective synchronization.

#4 Effective problem solving

Technology organizations of all sizes used to challenge the applicants with on-spot problem-solving skills. It's not about who solves the problems quickest, but it is all about solving the problems in the most efficient manner. The problem solvers need to have the ability to explain the process of problem-solving thoroughly so that the other can also easily understand and follow it.

The interviewees need to brush up their skills in terms of step-by-step problem-solving skills to explain it effectively to the recruiters during the interview. In terms of technology leadership, it is essential to have excellent problem-solving skills to understand the unforeseen problems too in an effective manner and get out of it successfully.

Oracle database in business administration

One of the most effective skills technology leaders need to have is the efficacy in dealing with the database and interpreting data in terms of strategic planning and business administration. As suggested by RemoteDBA.com administrators, Oracle is one of the leading database solutions providers, which the business leaders can leverage for better data management. Let’s further explore the benefits of using Oracle database in enterprise database management.

– Portability

Oracle can be ported to a huge number of DBA platforms compared to any of its competitors. Oracle is now successfully running on 100+ hardware platforms more than 20 network protocols. This makes Oracle applications pretty safe to use irrespective of the changes in OS and hardware systems. One thing to consider is that the applications using any kind of constructs like field-level triggers have to be reworked while porting them. It is possible to develop fully-featured Oracle DB applications even without knowledge of the OS. The key OS built using C, if you're looking for prominent programming languages 2020 check out this article.

– Market share

For the last several years, Oracle remains the largest in relational database management systems across the globe. The provider puts in more effort and investments into R&D than any other existing RDBMS. Oracle had now grown to claim the largest RDBMS market share in the fields of UNIX, VMS, and OS. On using Oracle, you are less likely to leave in a lurch as there are a lot of third-party interfaces to support and it is easier to get expert support also anytime.

– Version change

One major reason why Oracle remains reliable to tech leaders is that it is good at informing the users as to what is supported and what not in case of any major releases from time to time. Backward compatibility is one of the major advantages of all Oracle releases, which can help you a lot while upgrading the DBMS on Oracle.

– Back-up/recovery

Oracle also offers full-fledged support for in-line backup and easy recovery of the database with fully-featured fault tolerance to any flaws including disk failure. The users can also avail the point-in-time recovery option to get rid of any fear related to data loss. You may need archiving mechanism and enough storage space to get benefited from it, with which Oracle enables continuous archiving to tape the devices to multiple volumes.

These ways Oracle also helps the technology leaders to manage the data better and make more informed decisions in terms of business administration. In fact, successful technology leading is not a standalone skill, but it comes for consistent practice and effective utilization of the available technological and non-technological resources along with personal tuning.

The Use of Oracle Database in Business Leadership key takeaways:
  1. #1 Knowing the art of establishing trust
  2. #2 A futuristic vision
  3. #3 Creation of a culture of cohesion
  4. #4 Effective problem solving
  5. Oracle database in business administration

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