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Featured image for Trendy Web Color Tools & Schemes

In application or web development, the visual design of the platform plays a big role. Developers are using a variety of instruments and platforms to achieve the best results. Mainly, they focus on easiness of navigation and user experience. However, the users focus on the color solutions and the design. Web developers use different instruments and trendy color schemes that help differentiate the portal among the others. I would recommend checking these main, popular trends that will help to choose the color scale.

How to make the choice depending on the industry?

For proper identification, the companies and brands choose their corporate colors, which make their product recognizable and demanded. The color scale provides beautiful visuals, and it is also a method of communication with clients. 
  1. Blue. This color means reliability. It is associated with logical processes and calm decisions. You can often see it on banking, airlines, hotels, pharmacy and heavy industry pages.
  2. Red. Making impulsive decisions and being active is the meaning of this color. Fast food restaurants, beverages and food stores use this color to promote their products.
  3. Green. This color is associated with nature and money. The clients see this color and feel like they can grow. Banking sector, food and estate advertising use this color very often.
  4. Black and white. These two colors are used together to promote colorful products. This is why shoe, cloth and accessory stores use this combination. Informational platforms use this color to draw attention to the text, not the page. 
These colors were the most common ones used in various industries. They can use it as independent elements or in combinations with others. Today, minimalism and calm scales are in trend, and the developers try to use those shades, which would meet all the requirements.

Oftentimes these color solutions are used as a gradient or bright elements for headlines and emphasizing. To choose the best combination, the specialists use unique instruments. 

It’s necessary to pick a main color and additional shades that will fit the design of the application or site. If a standard color scale is applied, then you can bring 3 to 7 different colors into the palette. This will help to select the best options and to throw odd ones out. 

The number of colors depends only on the creativity and desires of the developer. You should keep in mind that the aims of the platform matter in color choice. If it is an informational blog, main page of a company or brand platform, then it is better to use a minimum number of colors. 

If the product is an internet shop or a website that provides services, then you can use a wider range of scales. It will help to highlight the headers, categories or other elements, which are designed to draw the attention of the client. 

You can apply various options of color scales to highlight the product cards. It will cause special emotions and highlight the offers. 

The only issue of using a wide range of scales is the difficulties the developers will meet. More issues might appear if more colors are used. You might then get a repulsive and unprofitable service instead of a colorful and attractive one. 

You should not spend a lot of time on choosing the color scale. It is a very responsible step, because the color of your platform will become the face, but do not forget that the client traffic is a result of good content and beautiful interface. 

Which instruments are the most appropriate and popular for web color schemes design?

A professional designer will not select the color scale at a guess. This is a meticulous selection. 

There are many instruments that are in active use in the development sector. Some of are them more popular, because they provide better solutions. In this article, I will show you the best instruments that have achieved a worldwide recognition from the professional designers.  


Trendy Web Color Tools and Schemes

The interface of Kuler service. Source.

This instrument is rated as top one, this is why I will show it in the first place. Adobe Kuler — is an online service that provides a complete selection of color scales for web development and other design sectors. 

Initially it was a simple resource for color selection. But the easy and comfortable interface and a wide range of color solutions made it a professional platform. The means it provides will help to select or create a color scale or even a complete color theme. 

The plugins of this service work with Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. All these features make this service a multifunctional instrument. 


This instrument is applicable to various functions for color scale selection. It is a well-routed service that can be found on the internet. It offers a nice set of solutions for application and website design. Furthermore, it analyzes the color palette that can be used in many projects.

For example, it can show whether WCAG is available to use, or whether conversion is used. It allows you to select the colors and create palettes. 

Color on the Web 

The work of this instrument is based on Flash. It uploads monotone colors as a code. Then it offers a proper set of the color schemes with calculated mathematical proportions. Moreover, it can be used on iOS, so you can work on an iPad or iPhone. ‘’

Trendy Web Color Tools and Schemes

An example of palette selection from a photo by ColourLovers. Source.

This service has a lot in common with Pinterest for color scale selection. ColourLovers — is sort of a community. It was designed, so that the users can share the winning color solutions and palette selections. It also offers a kind of board to choose colors. 
Not only that, but ColourLovers platform keeps growing and updates the trends in web design. A lot of specialists share their ideas and selections there and help other developers to create a web platform.


Here the developers can choose the colors on the basis of the product pictures. They will need to upload an image and the service will offer the best palette for it. 

This instrument can be used as a single platform or in combination with ColourLovers and Kuler. 

Additionally, this instrument helps to create themes based on the image. The user can choose the appropriate colors and those which will complete the image perfectly.


Trendy Web Color Tools and Schemes

Volumetric color selection. Source.

This instrument allows to reproduce a visualization model with various options and defects. It is not a common service for color selection. It was designed as an application that will check and create WCAG-compatible color schemes. You can see the level of contrast here. Furthermore, a lot of useful links are here. Basically these are the manuals, which are written in an easy to comprehend way, unlike the original manuals. 


The features of this service are beautiful visualizations and functions. The color selection is done on the color wheel.

Some functions remind us of Kuler. But, the difference is in the way the color palette is displayed. Here it is a three-dimensional cone. Furthermore, you can create more than 5 color options for 1 scheme. 

This instrument is compatible with other applications like Creative Suite. In addition, it was designed for iOS too. It can also be integrated into Photoshop as a color scale console. 

Color Scheme Designer

Trendy Web Color Tools and Schemes

Color palette by Color Scheme Designer. Source.

This platform offers some interesting options for color schemes. The Color Scheme Designer instrument is an online server similar to Adobe Kuler. 

The main differences are these Color Scheme Designer features that allow to costume the colors even more:

  • Brightness;
  • Intensity;
  • Contrast. 
It simplifies the task for the web designers, since they will not need to choose the colors manually. 

Moreover, except for all these superb solutions, this platform offers access to a set of mathematical methods. They allow to organize a high quality, fast selection of color scales for designers. It may be a one, two, three or four various color solutions with halftones and shades. This service offers a greater diversity compared with others.


Web designers and developers use this service to solve a number of tasks. For example, creating the palettes and choosing the combinations. 

It has an elementary, simple interface with good functional characteristics. The user can leave commentaries to the created palettes, upload images and go through CMYK links. In addition, it allows you to choose the method according to which the color scheme for your website or application will be developed


This is a multifunctional instrument that provides a complete generation of color scheme solutions. It can generate schemes on the basis of uploaded images. It may be an image from the internet of an image of the product.

This process can be done without uploading files too. The user will need to paste the link instead. The instrument will find and offer the color scheme and some options and combinations. Everything is displayed in a quite simple 3D visualization tool. It will look like a diagram which is comfortable.

Even so, this instrument is not very good for applications and websites color schemes, but it will help with image analysis and color distribution over the structure.


Trendy Web Color Tools and Schemes

ColorBlernder interface. Source.

This instrument can create a set of 5 color options that will fit and match each other perfectly. This quantity is enough for you to choose the scale and the design. 

The service is not too complicated. It can create a sample picture, set the color and trace the choice. This process is taking place in real time. Eventually, the user gets a set of 5 colors. They have the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility;
  • One area of subtone;
  • Organic overall concept;
  • Opportunity to create details. 
When you have your set, you can load them in Photoshop or Illustrator. The format will be EPS. 


This service is kind of a community, where the users make the choice, share the palettes and their creative color solutions. Here you can find the sets of 5 components or more.

This bright platform can be a source of inspiration for developers and customers. They can create a set of colors for cooperative design or for the logo print. You can also find various gradients, images with chosen colors and many other things. 

This platform has a wide functionality, bright ideas for inspiration and good mood. 


This server is a widget for your desktop. You can easily find the color scale there. You can choose the colors from any zone, where this instrument is applied. It can be integrated with the dashboard for MacBook. You can also use it with Konfabulator that works on Windows. This widget is a universal tool for various devices. 

In terms of functionality, you will not have any difficulties choosing the colors for the project. This service has one advantage — it is not necessary to install heavy instruments, so it will not cause any difficulties. 


Website and application developers use a wide range of services. Some use only one certain program, which meets their requirements. Others do not focus on one instrument, they use those services that seem good to them/ 

The specialists focus on the customers desires mainly. They can advise a creative idea or ask to use the cooperative colors of the company. The designers usually do not have any limits, so they can use various schemes. 

Today these are the trends:

  • Monochrome page design;
  • Minimalistic colors;
  • Gradients;
  • Calm shades and bright subtones;
  • Dark highlights of the details. 
To make the most out of the choice of the palette and the design colors usage, certain instruments are used. They can be separated into several groups:
  • Online versions for quick access;
  • Applications with wide functional;
  • Adaptive versions for different systems and devices; 
  • Widgets, which can be integrated with other systems. 
Their work is based on solving the task and making a set of required color designs. 

Trendy Web Color Tools & Schemes key takeaways:
  1. How to make the choice depending on the industry?
  2. Which instruments are the most appropriate and popular for web color schemes design?
  3. Kuler
  4. ColorExplorer 
  5. Color on the Web 
  6. Pictaculous 
  7. Contrast-A
  8. ColoRotate
  9. Color Scheme Designer
  10. Copaso
  11. ColourGrab
  12. ColorBlender
  13. Colrd
  14. Colourmod
  15. Conclusions
Merehead does professional development of trendy web color tools and schemes. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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