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Top Graphic Trends in Web Development 2022

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Featured image for Top Graphic Trends in Web Development 2022

Many people, who are not dedicated to the topic of web development, do not see a big difference between web design and graphic design. In the first case, it is possible to manifest interactive components that interact with the user. Graphic components are static, but it depends on the creative and artistic design. These components are used to create a new site attractive appearance or to improve the existing one.

What graphics options will be used by developers in 2022

Graphic design has its origins in printing. Therefore, fonts, geometry, and visualization are of great importance in determining graphic design trends 2022. They help to create a great look for the portal, as well as an opportunity to emphasize a certain part of the page.

To achieve quality and winning design, it is necessary to take into account the fact of constantly changing design trends 2022 and tendencies. It is important to follow popular graphic trends 2022, as this will provide an opportunity to increase user traffic. However, there are also challenges along the way.

Some elements do not have time to catch on and are rejected by the developers at the stage of development. This is since, in addition to appearance, you need to consider the functionality. Innovations can strongly interfere with the work of the web resource because they will load and weigh down the entire structure.

Among the graphic design trends in 2022, I want to highlight a few key factors. These are the ones that will be emphasized while selecting design options.

Minimalism with colorful solutions

Minimalism is a combination of contrasting colors. The most classic option is the choice of black and white. Such a solution is used in numerous portals and has not lost popularity for a dozen years. Now designers are trying to get more colors and add juiciness to projects. Therefore, the entire palette is used.

The key factor in implementing this technique is the use of muted shades, closer to pastels. Acidic colors cause aggression and are not always appropriate for decor. Even though the palette has a limited number of options, designers are excellent at doing their job.

The combining and combination of different shades are beginning to gain traction. As a rule, the following factors are used to implement this idea:

  • the base consists of two key colors with the use of small accents that include a third component;
  • the symmetry of the location can be broken;
  • for variety and adding volume, you can use all variants of shades or create gradients.
Such tricks allow you to leave the monochrome and give freshness and volume to a static picture.

The use of natural colors

Example of the use of natural motifs in the decoration
Example of the use of natural motifs in the decoration. Source.
Since such colors are soothing, they are often used for implementing projects. The need to find tranquility during self-isolation has become the most demanded. This is how a person can relax and calmly perceive information. This component can be combined with elements such as:
  • illustrations with sharp geometry;
  • monochrome decoration;
  • highlighting headings in the form of blocks and much more.
The most popular colors for this are green, brown, beige, blue, and gray. They all go well together and give a lot of space for creativity.

Sharp geometry

Geometric design in graphs
Geometric design in graphs. Source.
More and more geometric shapes appear in the design of web resources, 2022 will not be an exception, but on the contrary, will give a push to the complete use of this idea. The use of such graphics offers several advantages:
  • the ability to create accents to highlight key points of the content;
  • support for minimalist design;
  • the ability to work quickly on a project;
  • simplified implementation into the structure;
  • the ability to combine many elements to create a unique appearance.
When choosing a color palette, it's best to settle on corporate or muted colors. However, bright, unusual combinations can designate numerous shades are interesting effects and emphasize the brand’s identity.

Using illustrations with sharp outlines

Example of illustrations for website design

Example of illustrations for website design. Source.
Such elements are references to “cartoon” characters. This can be used perfectly to highlight the features of the products. Such elements are simple and do not overload the design, which is good for the perception of information. Graphic designs can be used to implement the following ideas:
  • thematic design of the product page;
  • decorating the home page of the site;
  • highlighting headings or important information;
  • using small drawings to create icons and navigation designs.
This version works well with a single-colored light background. It can be white or colored, but necessarily in pastel shades. This will help to make the illustrations stand out in the overall picture.

Using components for visualization

Visualization is necessary to simplify the assimilation of information. A large amount of text without structural components significantly complicates the process of perception. In this case, the easiest text becomes unbearable. To simplify the process of acquaintance, the following options are used:
  • the use of vivid graphics;
  • the use of schematic chains and links;
  • allocation of important parts into special blocks;
  • the use of pictures and so on as output data.
The reader will not spend a great deal of time looking through the information he or she needs. It should be presented in such a way that the user can find the necessary section without wasting much of his own time.

The use of monochrome

The concept of monochrome was the result of the use of a two-color design. Now, designers are trying to diversify this index by applying monochromes.

For this, the specialist chooses one key color, which will be the basis of the entire space. The only deviation and important factor is the use of different shades. For example, pure yellow can occur throughout the site, while at some points it will have a pastel component, and at others, it will be different saturation.

Similar effects are used to create backgrounds, headings, and graphics. To add to this, designers use monochromes to create menu sections or control buttons. In doing so, the colors can be placed as a gradient.

Decorating using gradient transitions

>Gradient decorating

Gradient decorating. Source.

The color palette consists not only of pure colors. Numerous shades are derived from the mixing of two or more components. To highlight the product and create the most appropriate design, smooth transitions from one color to another can be applied.

This type of design can be perfectly combined with monochrome fills. It creates a very nice and soft effect when the color transitions from a saturated pure version to almost white. It is also possible to make a transition of two colors. As a rule, they are chosen from contrasting types. When looking at the color wheel, the design components should be on opposite sides concerning each other.

Also, the use of gradients in minimalism will meet the needs of all users. Portal visitors are not always unequivocal in their preferences. They may like minimalism, but the use of one or a spirit of colors will be a signal to get the conclusion that the site was not worked on with due persistence. The use of gradients has moved into practice from web design. It is a kind of substitute for motion effects but without the use of animation.

Classic fonts and serifs

Such variants of fonts are references to past centuries, when gothic writing was replaced by simpler, printed lettering. However, serifs can be used to create an attractive appearance.

This element represents a kind of extra stroke placed at the end of the letter. It is a decorative element that allows you to create an attractive appearance. Such options allow you to emphasize not only the beautiful content but also improve the appearance and readability of the products.

To demonstrate individuality, developers try to come up with their options and create a selection of the most winning options. This variety allows different types of fonts to be used to design the content at different scales.

Also, the popularization of these fonts provides the possibility of their use not only on information sites, but also in online stores, social networking sites, and so on.

Vintage effects

Design options related to past years have become increasingly popular. At the same time, they are suitable for almost any website and can be a great decorative component.

In graphic design, you can apply illustrations in the form of burned-out photos. Also, in some cases, the effect of jagged images or fuzzy picture edges can be created. All this allows the information to be perceived as something proven and reliable over the years.

This will significantly expand the audience. As practice shows, older visitors are more willing to stay on a page with a similar design. At the same time, young people are also not averse to touching the topics that their parents or grandmothers told them about.

The use of bold fonts

This technique is often used not only in web graphics but also to create videos. Such a technique allows you to highlight a key point in all the content. In most cases, bold fonts are used to highlight such components as:
  • headings;
  • subheadings and important information;
  • company name;
  • the name of the product or its features;
  • the functions of the interface and many others.
Such highlighting will help not to overload the page, providing a great combination with different techniques. For example, highlight the company name on an abstract background. Or write the key data in monochrome schemes.

Applying design with abstract and psychedelic design

Abstraction and psychedelics as a graphic design trend
Abstraction and psychedelics as a graphic design trend. Source.
Abstraction and psychedelics allow you to get a design in the style of the 60s. It emerged against the backdrop of drug use and increasing street riots.

Today, such options are used to emphasize the individuality of the portal. Among the key features of this component, we can highlight the following:

  • the use of many colors in a variety of combinations;
  • lack of sharp shapes and lines;
  • the complete elimination of symmetry.
Such components can lead to chaos and fragmentation of the appearance. Therefore, it is worth using this option with caution and diluting with calmer components.

Another manifestation of abstraction is the use of drop-shaped forms. Such variants of graphics can be found in the design of the names of products of certain groups. As a rule, it can be:

  • goods for children;
  • food products;
  • cosmetics;
  • entertainment products;
  • descriptions of smartphones and other gadgets.
This style of design has been at the top of the list for many years and will continue to dominate popular trends in 2022.


This style has become key not only in interior design but also in graphic design. Since nowadays, a person's life, work, and hobbies are directly connected with the Internet, people tend to get maximum information with minimum distractions.

Designers try to remove as many elements as possible to get the maximum amount of space. In this case, coldness and emptiness are well replaced by the use of warm shades or competent placement of information.

Minimalism is obligatory in the design, even though you may not like this style. Its presence significantly affects the popularity of the website. It also significantly increases the speed of work, as there are not a lot of details that can affect the loading speed.


In the absence of symmetry and order of design, it is necessary to make some components that will be able to accentuate the attention. This category can include:
  • the symbolic notation of some parts;
  • the use of banners with key aspects of the information site;
  • the use of real or imaginary flags;
  • company logos;
  • stylized icons and much more
Such symbolism will be a clinging factor, ensuring full concentration. The user will be able to stop at one point and remember it for further assimilation of information.

Symbolism is a historical and universal language of communication. Classic symbols can explain to anyone what is behind a particular icon. Smartphone menus are an example of such a design. Despite changes in style and appearance, each of the elements remains recognizable.

Competent application of each of these factors gives a chance to succeed in promoting the portal. To get a positive result, it is best to entrust this work to professionals. Our team Merehead has extensive experience in web design works. We carry out a competent selection of trends to create a high-quality design. In doing so, we take into account the wishes of the customer and are guided by the purpose and objectives of the site.

Visual optimism

Positive emotions are crucial to attracting users. Modern life is full of negative vibes and two years of pandemics spoiled our lives worse than ever before. So we need a little fun!

Most designers tend to approve of these ideas judging by the visuals on recently created websites. Now the websites use many optimistic features like bright colors, funny functions, weird typography, positive messages, and pleasant interaction. This carefree and quite random approach is the way to bring us back to everyday life and to sidetrack us from serious problems. 

A perfect example is a website of temporary tattoos Bernard Forever . This online project is fun. It has its cartoon character and other animated elements, friendly typography, and welcoming colors. 

Designers  Anton and Irene use this vivid and fun approach to colors in their online portfolio. It is excellent fun t scroll their home page because the text leaps and disappears, images shift, freeing space, and each piece of information has a lot of free space. 

Conscious web design

For many people, isolation means that their private world became lesser, more straightforward, shyer. Yet, the Internet still is the place of the hustle and bustle, but some web design aspects are now under the impact of inner calamity. 

The designers return to the plain design with great white background, giving our eyes and content space to breathe. Its name is conscious web design. This approach reminds us that the users do not want to be overloaded by enormous values of information and graphics.

Furthermore, this trend is consistent with the requirements of recent Google algorithm updates. As a result, the upload speed of your website will benefit you and boat the page in searching systems lists. The simpler your design is, the less content you need to upload, which is a win-win approach. 

Also, this trend is following Google’s requirement for user experience on mobile devices. In our world, where people use an incredible quantity of devices, it is harder to make the websites work on them. However, the simpler your design is, the easier it is to employ. 

Savor Design  is an excellent example of this trend. It creates unique ceramic works. Although this site has all the fun tricks of modern web scrolling, there's a controlled sparseness to the layouts that instantly make your life more manageable.

3D design and multimedia

New technologies have always boosted recent trends in web design. The modern world is not an exception. The new generation of displays provides a more detailed resolution than anytime before. 

The image quality standard has changed from HD to 4K (four times the pixel density) and higher. More monitors and laptops with 4K+ resolution enter the market. There are even 6K and 8K models. We are also seeing higher broadband and mobile data rates to meet this need for visual detail. 

Many web resources go behind the boxes of standard website models where text and a few static images were used. Instead, web designers enthusiastically use 3D design, animation, AR, VR, large-scale video and pictures, and interactive features to make their websites more attractive and exciting.

Nevertheless, web designers must know about the number of users that cannot connect and use those updated devices. Hence, everything should be developed the way it will function the best for every user.

Smart City Map is one more example of an original and attractive way to use 3D. Kaspersky company that works on internet security, developed it. That map shows new security technologies for various aspects. Each of them is shown as different places. You can wander in the virtual city in three dimensions. It is an appealing way to attract the audience to a rather dull subject.


People often criticize social networks for offending knowledge and ideas, transforming them into fragments that have no impact on the brain. In a worse scenario, it leads to misinformation and conspiracy theories. 

One of the trends in web design that is becoming popular is ScrollyTelling, also known as visual storytelling. With this design, when you scroll through and read a long article, you get fun little visual treats from elegantly typed columns to quirky inserted images, subtle animations, and more.

It's like reading a print magazine (in terms of beautiful and inspiring art direction), but with the interactivity of the Internet and the appealing nature of moving images.

Scrolling is frequently used in online journals. A good example is the HuffPost article about a chef who became a humanist, Jose Andres.  The first time you scroll down the page, you think you're enjoying a sophisticated digital gimmick. But on closer inspection, much of the effect here is achieved through outdated design, particularly the use of angle quotes to add visual interest and a sense of dynamism.

Competent application of each of these factors gives a chance to succeed in promoting the portal. To get a positive result, it is best to entrust this work to professionals. Our team Merehead has extensive experience in web design works. We carry out a competent selection of trends to create a high-quality design. At the same time, we consider the customer’s wishes and are guided by the appointment and purpose of the site.

How to choose a studio that provides high-quality graphic design?

This question worries most customers. For the final project to be of high quality and have good user traffic, it is necessary to make a selection, taking into consideration several basic parameters:
  1. Communication. Professionals constantly communicate and keep in touch with customers. This is necessary to obtain detailed information on the implementation of the idea. This takes into account all the requirements and wishes of the client. If any points go against the harmony of design, the developer does not criticize and gives all the arguments “for” and “against”, to achieve the highest quality results.
  2. Transparency of the final bill. After drawing up the terms of reference and the plan of work, the company summarizes and calculates the cost of the work. Once it is approved and the contract is signed, this figure does not change, and no new data is added. The company starts the work in the chosen manner and follows all the points.
  3. Delivery within the agreed deadlines. Adherence to deadlines is the first sign of good tone and professionalism in an organization. Employees can competently calculate the time that will be spent on the realization of the task, as well as plan and organize the team's work schedule. Clarity of action will ensure that the project is delivered within the stipulated time frame without delays.
  4. Guarantees. The guarantee of all operations for the development of graphic design is a formal contract. The customer is guaranteed compliance with all items that are prescribed in the contract. Also, any professional organization has specialists who provide site verification, certified specialists in web graphics and design.
  5. Providing examples. To understand the way a company works and what its final work looks like, you need to look at websites that are already in operation. Confident organizations with professional staff are happy to provide a list of projects and links for review.
Compliance with these criteria indicates that the customer will receive an excellent result due to the full cooperation with professional graphic designers.

Topic conclusions

Graphic design is directly related to the process of promoting and implementing websites. From, the page’s appearance will depend on its popularity and an increase in user traffic. If you follow all the rules and regulations necessary for quality functioning, you can get a great working website with the good visitor traffic.

If designers apply trending or new components to the design, it will increase the attractiveness of the page. Professionals always keep track of the appearance and disappearance of certain trends, and you can do this only through articles like this.

Merehead employees are always aware of all the latest innovations and trends, not only in design issues but also in technical support. Our team uses only new equipment for the realization of the set task. We also use quality programs to work with a variety of functionalities.

Merehead does professional development of graphic trends in development 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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