Featured image for Which Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work in 2020

Which Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work in 2020

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Featured image for Which Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work in 2020

The online space is ever evolving; quite unbelievably fast and furious. What is super popular today may be resting comfortably in the trash bin tomorrow. Gone are the days of little competition where webmasters would rest at simply having a neatly designed website that provides the basic details of a company or institution. Now one must keep up with search engine optimization best practices or else you will find yourself sitting at the bottom of the search engine results pages with little or no traffic.

When we talk about the search engine optimization strategies to employ so as to remain relevant in 2020, we are referring to the current trends that if implemented properly can propel you to the first page of search results, rewarding you with high traffic and customers alike. It’s important to note that top search engines like Google, YouTube and Bing are always tweaking their ranking algorithms every year and unless you keep up with these new improvements and make necessary updates to your website, then you can kiss the dream of becoming an internet giant goodbye. This article looks at some of the hottest SEO trends to watch out in 2020.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work

Top SEO Hacks to Help You Win in 2020

Voice Search

Millennials are growing incredibly 'lazy' or laser-smart thanks to technology. Gone are the days when one had all the time to type in queries on the search box using a desktop. Nowadays people want to ask their car for directions using voice and Bam! It complies. The launch of voice technology applications like Alexa and Apple’s Siri has seen more and more people drift towards voice search even when it comes to shopping online and searching for information. If you want your website to hold fort on the search engine results pages in 2020, start optimizing for voice search now to ensure that the modern tide doesn’t surpass you.

Featured Snippets

Whenever you are looking up for some information or product online, you must have realized that there’s a result that appears above the paid ads and organic traffic in what is referred to as position zero. Usually they include a question and a provided detailed answer for that question. These are what are commonly known as featured Snippets. They are so important in that more than half of website traffic on Google comes from them. Ensure that you employ this Q & A tactic in your content so that you hit this jackpot that sets you above the #1 search result and earns you mammoth traffic.


YouTube is indeed the new TV. More and more modern businesses are cutting down on the costs of TV spending and investing more resources in video marketing. The reason why YouTube is the second leading search engine in the world scoring double traffic than Bing is because people enjoy watching interesting stuff. Nowadays millennials are getting an education by simply watching tutorials online and you can get to impress your spouse with a mouthwatering dish using some recipe pulled from YouTube. Ensure that you create relevant video content for your website that you can post on YouTube and embed on your web pages. The results can be amazing.

Website Security

One of the laws of physics is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is quite evident on the online space where although technology advancements have changed our lives for good and rewarded us with so many tangible benefits, it has also created room for the smartest of hackers and cyber criminals to thrive. Nowadays internet users are scared than ever especially, when providing personal identifiable information on a web page. One good way to stay afloat as a webmaster is showing your customers and prospects that you care about their security. To instill trust in users, you need to invest in a high-quality SSL certificate. This way your website will not be flagged as Not Secure. For an affordable price and single domain, you can consider multi domain wildcard SSL certificate for website security.

Content Quality & Length

If you are targeting a top position in the search engine results pages, it’s very important to understand the algorithms and considerations that search engines employ when ranking websites. Content is king when it comes to websites and almost every webmaster knows that. But exactly what kind of content are you putting out there? Google has a new algorithm known as E-A-T that ranks websites based on the Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness of the content that they put out. If you are not an expert in your niche, then hire an expert to create content for you. Ideal blog posts should also be at least 2,000 words long which increases the dwell time of a reader. Capture their attention using visual forms like high quality images as well as educative charts, graphs and so on.

Influencer Marketing & Backlinks

The effectiveness of paid ads is dwindling at a fast pace. Most millennials feel irritated by intrusive ads and would rather learn of a new product from a trusted influencer that they follow on Instagram. If you want your website to rank higher in 2020, approach respected influencers in your niche who could provide you with valuable mentions and backlinks. High quality backlinks and mentions can never go unrecognized by leading search engines. If you get a chance to feature in respected publications and podcasts, rise to the occasion thoroughly because the gained backlinks will propel your website to superstardom.


In conclusion, appearing on the top spot of search engine results is not a magic trick or some luxury for the rich and the lucky. It just takes a combination and proper implementation of search engine optimization best practices. You do not have to do all the work yourself as you can hire a qualified search engine optimizer who is a natural in such stuff. Website security is paramount to not only win customer trust but also to avoid being flagged by search engines as 'Not Secure.’ Start by acquiring an appropriate Comodo SSL certificate for your website and then implement smart SEO hacks. The future can only shine brighter!

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