Featured image for Most Prominent Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must Have

Most Prominent Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must Have

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Featured image for Most Prominent Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must Have

How vicious has the competition become? A lot!!

Because of the digital transformation, the businesses are in a tough environment to manage and deliver high-quality service to their customers. It becomes crucial for the established companies and businesspeople to consider digitization in their working ethics.

The fast-paced change in technology insisted the businesses think out of the box to get noticed among all. Running a business is not as it was before. It demands a lot of effort to make things happen. And if you have not adopted digitization yet, then do it now before you lack behind.

Small to large companies are raising it to sell the products and services to enable the users to download the different multimedia products, such as videos, games and music. To serve these aspects, web applications have a significant role to play. From Communication with customers, secure data storage, collaboration with employees, giving information and data management, the web application has covered us fully.

Using web applications, you can target several clientele and customers simultaneously. The businesses are embracing it quickly to building a web application with the guidance of developers to accomplish their business needs. And they even hire the top app developer to do the needful. Acquiring a developer can help the business to understand and manage everything from the beginning itself and they also assure about the safety and maintenance of the web application.

The benefit web application hold is enormous. It plays a critical role in the branding process and maintains an appropriate communication channel among the business organization and eminent customers. The web applications boost the popularity of web applications and improve the lead generation. After comprehending the significance of web applications, let’s find out the best features that one should incorporate in web-application.

Main features of the start-up application should have

Most Prominent Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must Have

A Logical Roadmap

Any web application should be aesthetically pleasing. However, it is more critical for it to be valuable than just engaging. Before you even settle on the server or the HTML tag, you should first map out how you would want the app to function. It is essential for robust Search Engine Optimization and user experience as well.

Complete Business Information

One of the biggest failures most people have is that they always try to develop an app they want and not the app that they need. So, it is essential to build what customers would like to see if you want to increase the success rate of your business.

Contact Information

Contact information is considered to be the most vital detail of your business app. It demonstrates the importance the contact information should have. As it more frustrating for the customers when they find it tough to get in touch with the companies. So, it is imperative to integrate contact information into your business app.

Clear Navigation

Any picture is useless without a story, and a business app too will be useless without clear navigation. Assure to use easy navigation so that the customers can check the various features and other information you have added to the app. Better to use a call to action (CTA) while developing the navigation strategy.


It would be beneficial if you will put some effort to make your web application secure. Assure that it should have an SSL certificate if you are selling anything online. The SSL will encrypt all communication between you and your customers that will help in alleviating their fears when they are providing you with their personal information.

There is lots of identity theft on the internet. GeoTrust, VeriSign, Entrust and TrustE are some of the best options you can always explore.

Social Media Integration

There are many social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Foursquare and LinkedIn. Use them to promote your presence using your website. Social media is considered a crucial component when it comes to marketing your business. Before development a crypto platform, prepare a business plan.


When you are into business, you should always be ready to answer all the queries either from your customers or from visitors.

As you receive concerns from your client and get feedback via email or SMS, you need to collect the most asked questions, make a list of them and then provide a clear and concise answer. Most of the queries revolve around the product description, company’s history, shipping information, return policies and sizing, etc.

Browser Compatibility

Web apps should be developed according to progressive enhancement practices. The progressive enhancement is the primary website method that should provide the basic functionality to the customers despite the browser they are using. Therefore, the start-up web apps should work better with every browser and should be compatible with each device regardless of the specifications and the screen size.

Reliable Hosting

The web apps have to be appropriately deployed as the chances that it could be misused by the cyberbullies and can be attacked are more. It is recommended to use the cloud platform as a secure platform for app deployment. The cloud platform is preferable as it is more flexible, scalable and secure. If you are deciding to host the web apps on the localhost, then get ready to face a lot of issues.

This is because the businesses are forced to deploy the app on the cloud. It requires less hardware configuration; can be accessed from anywhere, is secure, cost-savvy and very reliable and flexible.

Easy installation and discoverable

The search engines classify web applications, as app stores do not distribute them. The apps can be shared from the URL instead to discover them quickly. The web apps should be installed easily, and it should be flexible enough to add to the device's home screen.

Some Features You Don’t Need

It is essential to keep simplicity as a significant concern while building a web application. Make it simple so that customers can comprehend it easily. Therefore, you can abandon some of the following things on your website.
  1. Flash.
  2. Music.
  3. Anything that outplays; it can be a video or music. Extraneous media and information.

Concluding Remarks

The number of the start-up business is continuously increasing, hence an increase in the need for web applications. It is not known to most of the business person that what is vital to add-in the app. So, we have mentioned the general features that we cannot miss. Rest there are other features, such as push notifications, background synchronization, offline working mode and many more than are also necessitate in the web-app.

Precisely, the other things that you should consider when making a choice are functionality and performance, cost and development time, last but not the least, customer satisfaction. Adapt these features, and you are good to go.

We hope you liked this article. If there is something, we have missed then let us know in the comment section below.

Do share your queries and suggestions in the comment section below. Your engagement will be highly appreciable. Happy reading!!

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Most Prominent Features Your Start-Up Web Application Must Have key takeaways:
  1. A Logical Roadmap
  2. Complete Business Information
  3. Contact Information
  4. Clear Navigation
  5. Security
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. FAQ
  8. Browser Compatibility
  9. Reliable Hosting
  10. Easy installation and discoverable
  11. Some Features You Don’t Need
  12. Concluding Remarks
  13. About the Author

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