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Profitable Web and Design Services Careers For Millennials

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Featured image for Profitable Web and Design Services Careers For Millennials

Are you looking for an amazing new career opportunity?

Web design and development could be just the industry for you. Not only is it packed full of opportunities to experiment with some of the latest tech on the market, but this landscape is also perfect for anyone who has a creative streak.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, design experts are in high demand, which means that you can find plenty of opportunities to earn a small fortune doing what you love. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most profitable careers in web design and development for people in the millennial market.

1. UX Design

UX design is an incredibly lucrative field, offering an average salary each year of around $96,505. The amount you earn in UX design will depend on how successful you are at creating experiences that your customers love. After all, UX is all about “user experience.”

A job in the UX space incorporates various elements of visual design, interaction design, information architecture, and even in-depth research into your target audience. You might find yourself creating user personas, designing prototypes, and even playing with usability testing, all in the same week.

Profitable Web and Design Services Careers For Millennials

2. Product Design

Product design is another high-paying job opportunity for experts that have a flair for things like technology and creativity. In the digital landscape, product design usually focuses on things like smartphones, computers, and other tech-savvy devices. However, you can become a product designer in virtually any field.

With an average yearly income of around $89,224, product designers figure out what their customers are looking for in new and trending items, and create things that help entire companies to stand out from the crowd. Product designers experiment with the aesthetics and functionalities of products, as well as doing extensive user testing. They might design the next Nespresso machine, or chug coffee while making an amazing new smartphone.

3. UI Design

UI design is all about user interfaces. If you’re a user interface designer, you’ll create things like platforms for design software that companies can use to make their own websites, or interfaces that end-users can work within apps. The experts in UI design make around $88.434 a year on average, and they often focus heavily on things like users’ visual experience, and how people interact with a product.

The job of a designer in the UI landscape is to design the screens that individual users move through every day. That might include designing apps where people swipe to choose who they want to date or entire platforms.

4. Game Design

Game design is perfect for anyone who loves spending their weekends playing games on their consoles, phones, and computers. Video game design is one of the highest-paid developer and design careers around. Most of the people in this space earn an average of $86,510 per year.

The best thing about game design isn’t the income, however. It’s the fact that you get an interesting and varied workload every day. Video game designers get an opportunity to test their skills as visual artists, programmers, and storytellers, all at once. You might even create a plot for the next best-selling game and create some of the biggest characters that your end-users will play with.

5. Multimedia Artist

Multimedia artists and animators can earn a significant amount of cash in their jobs too. Usually, these professionals get around $63,800 a year in their roles, and they get the opportunity to play around with their creative skills in various areas. Multimedia artists are responsible for creating some of the most amazing visual effects that we see today, including those on television, in movies, and in video games as well. Depending on where you choose to specialize, you could work on everything from computer graphics to creating 3d characters.

6. Web Design

Finally, web design is one of the most natural places for people with a passion for tech and design to get started. Web designers create websites and other crucial web assets, like landing pages and video hosting platforms. They usually get an average of around $59,633 per year for their hard work.

Web designers thrive best when they learn how to understand the unique nuances of their client’s vision and transform those visions into reality. This career often comes with a wide range of extra skills, including knowledge of visual design, SEO, and basic programming principles.

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