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How to Create Your Own Personal Website

Are you looking to do the Personal Website?
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Personal website is actually not much different from the business website. However, some peculiarities directly affect the cost of a personal website and we'll talk about them right now.

There are a lot of personal websites as well as many different templates. What is more important is the purpose of your personal website. Why do you need it? Answer on this question first. You can literally create your own personal website for very affordable price but don't expect anything in reward from this kind of website. Users value something different.

Having worked with consultants in financial, IT and other industries, we at Merehead know that first there must be a goal, a purpose that you want to achieve.

Following are the common goals:

1. Increase sales.
2. Build a personal brand or recognizability.

Previously we talked about how much the restaurant website cost. A personal website will make your life much easier if you work as an independent consultant and still got your clients through such social networks as Facebook or as LinkedIn. Such things as lead generation options could blow up users’ minds and give you the continuous flow of leads, prospects, and clients.

Creating a personal website

How to build a brand through the personal website?

Everything starts with the domain. There are 2 different ways for choosing a domain for the personal website:
1. Use your full name in the domain.
2. Use your industry or position in the domain.

Both work well. More importantly, it's a design and appearance. Not necessary to have an over-interactive website but you need to follow design trends to get the best. Simple but nice design very appreciated by users. Gradients will only add value to your website and your graphic trends.

Content, probably the next most important thing in personal web design, especially photo content. Pay special attention to it and be sure that you've chosen the professional photographer.

Working with companies we often use the metaphor "the website is your face". Dealing with personal websites it should be taken literally.

The average cost of a personal website is from $1,000 to $4,000. You'll receive a lead generating machine for $15,000 and the personal website that has earning impact.

Create your personal website

Who should you hire for creating a personal website?

There is an opinion that the agency is too expensive and freelancers are too cheap. This is true only with respect to top agencies located in New York. Their price per hour of work is above $250! The hourly rate of professional agencies in Eastern Europe is $30. "I can find freelancers who are ready to work for $15/hour", you will say. And it's true. But how does it affect web development? Another no less difficult question is how to choose a web design company.

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Working with Eastern European agencies you'll get at least 4 people who will work on your personal website and a clear web development process:
1. Project Manager.
2. Designer.
3. Developer.
4. QA Engineer (quality assurance).

>Each of them is a professional in his craft, has awesome skills and do the job qualitatively and quickly. Freelancer is a person who has one good skill. He or she will still do the job, nevertheless, having poor skills in other areas. Beware of this hidden reef, otherwise, your budget will be wasted and you will not get what you expect.

What do I need to know when creating a personal webpage?

This following list literally saves your budget and allow you to achieve the goal as effectively as possible.

1. Decide on the purpose of the website. This knowledge will save you from a false path.
2. Requirements and desires. Merehead provides SRS (Software Requirements Specificationfree) and Test Case which are based on your purposes, desires, and preferences.

The rest we'll do ourselves. Little patience and the result won't keep you waiting and finally you'll get a professional personal website.

How to Create Your Own Personal Website key takeaways:

#1. How to build a brand through the personal website?
#2. Who should you hire for creating a personal website?
#3. What do I need to know when creating a personal webpage?

Merehead does professional development of Personal Website. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.
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