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Main Strategies to Diversify Your Digital Marketing

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Featured image for Main Strategies to Diversify Your Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is a great investment for your business because, with the money you spend, the chance of earning it back is increased. Just like any investment, you need to diversify and use a mix of different strategies and techniques.

You can use various marketing ideas for startups to increase the chance of earning a higher Return on Investment. Putting all eggs in one basket is never a good option. Thus, you need to explore different channels and industry thoughts on digital marketing. How can you do this?

Here are the main strategies to diversify your digital marketing campaign for better performance.

Use various marketing channels

Small businesses often don’t use all the tools at their disposal and that limits their growth exponentially. To reach a wider audience that might result in conversions, diversify the marketing channels you use.

Don’t stick to one social media platform or use a single particular marketing technique only. Instead, use all social media platforms and maintain consistency across all those platforms.

Mix the social media channel strategy with email marketing and other effective techniques that are consistent with your goals for the business you are managing.

Using all platforms at the disposal of the business you are running like Instagram Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email marketing, you might increase your customer base. With various platforms, you need to manage all these accounts in unison by posting the same content across these channels.

Main Strategies to Diversify Your Digital Marketing

Produce different content

There are different types of content that you can use for marketing purposes and you need to use all of them. You can use GIFs, videos, photos, written content, infographics  and podcasts. These types of content can also be better used for each specific platform because social media channels like Instagram are more visual than others.

It will be beneficial for you to post more photos and videos on Instagram while posting written content for the blog you are managing.

Michelle Porter is a freelance content marketing specialist for resume writing services and a dissertation service. In her opinion, to maintain consistency across all platforms, you can perhaps write a blog post and then create a video and photos based on that content. By doing so, you will reach a wider audience with different preferences concerning the way they would like to receive information.

Use Google Beacon

Google Beacon are a great new technology that was piloted in 2017 that can help boost the digital marketing strategy you have. Including Google Beacon to the strategy you are trying to implement will help you diversify even more. You can use this technology to prompt users to enter your brick and mortar store, if any, to make a purchase.

Businesses can send marketing-related content to nearby customers and give them discounts or notify those clients of ongoing sales. That’s more effective than sending the same content to someone who is at home because if that customer is in close proximity, they might make the purchase right there.

Google Beacon is a great way to sophisticate the digital marketing strategy you are implementing and this technology will take it to the next level.

Optimizing content for voice searches

When diversifying the business’ digital marketing strategy, don’t forget about the developments currently going on, especially pertaining to Artificial Intelligent browsers and devices.

Up to date browsers and the latest smartphones use Artificial Intelligence to conduct searches on the internet. To welcome that change, remember to optimize the content for voice searches.

That can be accomplished in various ways but the most effective and popular one is making the content consistent with searches conducted with voice-activated devices and browsers. Making the content consistent with voice conducted searches is done by using long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are more specific than regular ones and are made up of a mix of words that would be used to make that search. Don’t neglect regular keywords but mix the two for more diversification and outreach.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the evergreen digital marketing strategies that are currently available. In this technique, you also need to diversify because there are various methods of optimizing content and the website for search engines. Activities that you need to undertake to have a Search Engine Optimized website are using a responsive design.

That type of design will make the site easily accessible on mobile devices, which will score you points with Google Algorithms that assign each page a rank on SERPs.

Also, a responsive design will make the website load faster which is also beneficial for any Search Engine Optimization strategy. On the other hand, you can also make this strategy more local by adding the name of the city you operate in.

Prioritize effective platforms

Although it is very important to diversify marketing strategies and techniques, you should also identify the ones that make you the most revenue.

You can use analytical tools like Google Analytics to determine where the majority of your online traffic originates. That data will help you know where to invest more money because of the efficacy that technique or strategy has on the overall digital marketing campaign.

You can then carefully appropriate the budget you have for marketing across all the strategies you will use. More attention will be given on the ones that reach a wider audience effectively.

When a business identifies that email marketing is not that efficient for the campaign they are running, it might be beneficial to cut back a little bit on it. They can then appropriate the funds again to a more efficient technique.

The bottom line

It is beneficial to diversify the digital marketing strategy you are implementing to reach a wider audience effectively. There are a lot of strategies and techniques that can be used for a single campaign and that’s what builds a successful marketing strategy.

Don’t leave out any social media channel that is within your reach and also use different kinds of content. Also, optimize the content you post for voice-activated searches because more users are starting to implement this strategy to browse the internet.

Author Bio:

Tobias Foster is a content writer, journalist and editor with more than 5 years' work experience. He is currently working as a freelance academic writer for an assignment writing service UKEssay writing service and Dissertation writing services. Philosophy, marketing, technology and business are his passion. He has a wealth of knowledge in the subjects that he handles and is a master of his craft.

Main Strategies to Diversify Your Digital Marketing key takeaways:
  1. Use various marketing channels
  2. Produce different content
  3. Use Google Beacon
  4. Optimizing content for voice searches
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Prioritize effective platforms
  7. The bottom line

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