Featured image for How To Pen An Outstanding Essay: Some Vital Tips

How To Pen An Outstanding Essay: Some Vital Tips

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Featured image for How To Pen An Outstanding Essay: Some Vital Tips

Writing is not easy: this is obvious for those who are confronted with a task to write a text for the first time, but it also stays true for people who write day to day. No matter how you actually love putting letters on paper moving from the first to the last, you can still get stuck somewhere in the process. All in all, you turn to pay for essay writing to some time-proven service like EssayBulls.

Unfortunately, sometimes it even seems that the more you like writing, the harder it gets. Often, the reason for such struggles lies in perfectionism. However, this hardship is not a destiny; you can never absolutely avoid it but you’re still able to circumvent it. So, here are some tips on how to fight perfectionism and make your writing routine a bit less of a Sisyphean task. I hope, they will be useful in struggling to answer how to write an essay, for example for your website.

Firstly, don’t strive for a masterpiece. Thanks to Romanticism and its cult of a genius, it is quite hard for us not to demand too much from ourselves. Yes, the genius: the visionary, the poet of the sublime, someone who is rather divine than simply human, with the inherent ability to turn every word into gold. Surely, this concept sounds good; but besides that, it is absolutely unproductive. Instead of trying to find some hidden signs of talent (or being totally untalented) somewhere at a core of your personality, just focus more on the process. We all want to go down in history, but it is better to set some smaller, easier achievable goals. Don’t try to perform over your head in order to correspond to the image of enthusiastic genius producing masterpiece after masterpiece; better try to write something that is simply good.

Secondly, never forget to do an outline. Writing one is not a boring process but a chance to analyze what you want to say, what arguments you have, what evidence you can use and what is the conclusion of your thinking process. Thus, take a minute and start formulating short phrases or sentences on your list. What's even better, outlines help not to lose yourself and your thoughts while writing and being stick to the structure.

Pen An Outstanding Essay

Thirdly, produce a terrible draft. Paper is not sacred, consequently, you cannot desecrate it with your bad writing. Striving for the perfect phrasing from the very beginning usually puts too much pressure on you and makes you think too much before hitting the keys (or pen). Instead, accept the fact that your first draft will be horrible. It will contain a lot of typos, grammatical errors and simply nonsense. Nonetheless, this is just a first draft, its task is only to give you a starting point.

Fourthly, after finishing your writing process do not rush to send your paper. Let it rest for some time. Of course, this is good advice if the deadline is not around the corner. So, make sure to start working on your paper a little bit earlier to have time for "forgetting" the content of your paper. Then, in a day or two go back to it and reread it. Nobody is perfect, so there is a possibility that you will make some corrections.

And fifthly, it is always a good idea to ask a friend to check your essay. Fresh eye and the new perspective can give some brilliant ideas on how to improve your paper or offer some better arguments to make the piece stronger. Do not be shy! Friend's comments and discussion on your essay can not only improve the paper but make your understanding of the topic deeper. It also can be fun to spend time with a friend having intellectual conversations.

In conclusion, never be afraid to write. You should remember that your text must not be as wise as class readings. So, create an outline and first draft to structure your ideas and see weak places in the text. The idea to give a paper rest for some time as well as asking a friend to check it also can bring improvements and insights. Be creative and use these tips not to face stress from questions like how to write an essay.

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