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8 Ideas How to Make Your Website Effective

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Featured image for 8 Ideas How to Make Your Website Effective

99% of all sites in the world have problems. Some projects have minor errors, while others require serious improvements. Having 8 years of experience in projects developing of varying complexity, I have prepared a list of the main mistakes, recommendations and website ideas that will help to increase an efficiency of your website and bring more potential customers. For sure, you have a problem at least in one of the points below.

#1 Site loading speed

This is very important. I understand that you can wait more than 1 min. for your site to load) Just believe me, the user will leave the page and find another more suitable resource. An excellent is value of less than 1-2 seconds, while normal is 2-4 seconds. Loading speed of more than 5 seconds is bad. And more than 10 seconds is a complete disaster! Do you know that the increase in loading time of the Amazon site for only 1 second can cause a loss of 1 million dollars. Check your website: https://tools.pingdom.com

#2 Responsive design

Do not forget about smartphones. 79% of mobile users make purchases via their phones. Check your site for a responsive design!

#3 Phone at the top

Do you have a business that provides services to the local market? Indicating a phone number at the top of the site increases the number of calls by 37%. It is both good for website or mobile app.

#4 Appearance is of a great importance

In most cases, people make the final decision of buying goods based on how they look like. An online store must have high-quality images and easy design. These are the key factors that affect conversion. But do not use stock photos. It’s 21st century! There are many services that provide free high-quality photos. For example, pexels.com.

#5 Feedback form

If you have more than 5 fields in a feedback form, this means you are losing customers for sure. People do not want to spend time filling boring fields. If you do need to get this data from the client, divide the form into several stages wherein each of them will have only 2-3 fields. This significantly increases the number of incoming customers.

#6 Goals

Does your website have goals? I'm not sure. Use Google Analytics and set goals for different actions. In this case you will know exactly who has made the order. Moreover, the analyst will display where the client came from, on what request, age and gender. If you have this data, you will be able to concentrate your finances and time on multiplying the number of potential customers. Here you could see how to do this: https://www.conversioner.com/blog/setup-goals-google-analytics-3-easy-steps

#7 Track the users

You probably are eager to know what users are doing on your website. There are special services (Session Recording) that can do this. They record a video about each user which states an action made, which buttons they clicked, what he paid attention to. Professional marketers use them very often to increase the conversion on the project. Now you can also do it. Here is a brief list of such services: inspectlet.com, smartlook.com, webvisor.ru. If you don't measure your website activity you have to close website. Here is the list of ecommerce trends 2020 year.

#8 SEO optimization

It's strange, but many developers forget to pay attention on SEO optimization of websites. I'll write some tips on how to make Google increase your site rates. Firstly, the Title must be unique on all pages. The first 3-4 words should contain keywords. Each page should have a H1 tag with keywords. Meta tags ("description" and "keywords") must be filled in. They have already lost their original meaning, but they are still counted by Google.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer them.

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