Featured image for How Paper Homework Diaries Are Replaced By Homework Planner Apps

How Paper Homework Diaries Are Replaced By Homework Planner Apps

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Featured image for How Paper Homework Diaries Are Replaced By Homework Planner Apps

Every day, modern innovative technologies are becoming more and more stable in our life, increasingly penetrating into the educational system. The widespread computerization of classes, the use of interactive boards and projectors to showcase material, the gradual replacement of paper books with electronic ones, the use of tablets - all this modernizes the educational process, increasing its efficiency. Today, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire practical skills in an interesting interactive form with the help of innovative technologies. One of the innovative technical solutions is the replacement of a paper homework diary with an electronic version. Pro-Papers experts are going to tell you today about the prospects for its implementation, its advantages and disadvantages.

Electronic applications that help you plan homework are designed to replace a usual paper diary. That is, this is a digital version with a few added and extended usage possibilities. Such applications are designed to simplify the students’ life, to help parents or a student himself/herself to be aware of his/her progress, success and difficulties. Moreover, applications usually serve as an intermediary between students, parents, teachers and school administration. If such an application is officially introduced into the school, all students and parents must be given an individual login and password, which give an access to confidential information in the student’s personal account.

How Paper Homework Diaries Are Replaced By Homework Planner Apps

So, what opportunities are provided by different homework planner apps?

School life management apps are attractive and intuitive. You can make a schedule, homework, exams and even holidays. Such applications are easily synchronized with your mobile phone, tablet. Moreover, the ready schedule can be tied up under your calendar in the telephone device.

Having entered the schedule, you can easily specify all the contact details of the teacher, mark and record homework assignments, and, moreover, write notes on all subjects, including putting down grades for yourself and calculating your average score. After completing your homework, you can cross it off the list as ready with great pleasure. It is possible to set constant reminders with reference to the execution of an assignment.

Another nice feature of such applications is the ability to track the beginning of a lesson or its end. Many students like the visual design function of their schedule. So, you can create an individual schedule for doing homework or a regular school schedule, making it in a unique style. You can download backgrounds, and you can make the schedule, highlighting different items in different colors.

Speaking about such an application as an electronic diary, which is officially introduced in many educational institutions around the world, it is important to note the following functions:

The student's electronic diary always contains general information with individual data. There are student’s name, photo, and contact information on the student’s personal account.

Since such an application is a full-fledged electronic replacement for a paper diary, it can be used to keep track of the schedule for the next week as well as track the necessary information.

The ability to interact with teachers is an important function of such an application. In fact, communication with a teacher has become more, because any student can contact a teacher, write or ask a question at any moment. If we are talking about young children, it will be convenient for parents to track the child’s progress, see the teacher’s comments and the grade obtained, everything thankfully to modern programming 2020.

In addition, a student will always be able to find information about the lesson in his/her schedule. Besides the assignment, the schedule will include information about a teacher, a classroom, and the time of the lesson.

However, the most functionally useful is the presence of a school library in the application. Right here, in the electronic diary, a student can find all the necessary school textbooks in electronic form. Each student has his/her own personal bookshelf, which has all the necessary educational resources. While reading electronic textbooks, you can leave a bookmark, so that you can quickly find the place where you left off, select the fragment you need, then continue to work with it, save the comment and quickly make transitions between pages of the book.

In addition to the benefits, electronic diary greatly simplifies the life of teachers. So, they don’t need to catch a student to put a grade in his/her diary, all information and all student grades are in his/her personal account, in one place, besides, access to the teacher’s e-journal can be on any device, which greatly simplifies the teachers’ work. A big plus is the possibility of working directly with each student. For example, if due to weather conditions, classes are canceled, using an electronic diary, a teacher can give homework to students, both to one and all students individually. After completing it, students send the work done to a teacher for verification.

Of course, as with any phenomenon, there are also disadvantages in using an electronic diary. These include, for example, the human factor, along with which many mistakes in the schedule, in a given homework or even in grading may be made. The unreliability of digital resources - of course, like any digital resource, electronic diaries can succumb to hacker attacks, failures. However, do not be afraid of the unstable operation of the electronic version or data loss in our time, since all data can be freely stored in the cloud service where they are can’t be lost.

In fact, the electronic diary application is a worthy replacement for the usual paper diary with several advanced features, which, despite the presence of some minuses, significantly improve the educational process and help students to distribute and plan their working time properly.

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