Featured image for Exam Guide: How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Without a Failure Using a Practice Test?

Exam Guide: How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Without a Failure Using a Practice Test?

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Featured image for Exam Guide: How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Without a Failure Using a Practice Test?

Microsoft has more than 60 credentials and over 100 exams for different technologies. And due to the constantly changing world, the company closes its outdated certification programs, releases new and improves the current ones. There are even several levels of certificates and MCSA is one of them. In this article, we will talk about the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification (Associate level) and one of its tests – 70-761. In case you are considering taking Microsoft 70-761 Practice test , then this post is for you. We will show you some of the most important details related to this exam and tell you what resources you should use to study and prepare for the test with ease. Let’s dive into it.

What Is Microsoft 70-761 Exam?

Microsoft 70-761, Querying Data with Transact-SQL, is a highly valued certification exam. As we said earlier, it is one of the two tests required to attain the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certificate. Besides this exam, you must also clear Microsoft 70-762: Developing SQL Databases. Also, would be a great fit to learn a new programming language in 2020.

The first step for passing any certification exam on the first try is to know its details and structure. As for Microsoft 70-761, the average number of questions will be 50, and you need to complete all of them within 2 hours. There will be different types of questions to deal with, therefore, you need to be prepared for any of them to appear on the very test.

The types that you may encounter are as follows: drag and drop, active screen, case study, built list, multiple-choice/best answer, multiple choice/multiple answer, multiple choice/single answer, and so on. The passing score is 700/1000. The Microsoft 70-761 test is available in English, and you should pay $165 for it. As a result, you can become a database developer.

What Are Microsoft 70-761 Exam Topics?

Knowing the topic areas and the questions, which may be asked during the test, is also very important for your preparation process. For Microsoft 70-761, there are 3 main knowledge domains as listed below:
  1. Manage Data with T-SQL – 40-45%.
  2. Query Data with advanced T-SQL components – 30-35%.
  3. Program Database by using T-SQL – 25-30%.
The percentage against each objective represents the total number of questions that are likely to come from the respective exam objectives.

How to Pass Microsoft 70-761

What Prep Tips Should You Follow to Nail Microsoft 70-761 Exam?

Bearing in mind that server database administration and development and system engineering will have a significant effect on the IT industry today and in the future, you should be concerned with how you are going to clear the Microsoft 70-761 exam so that you can add the associated credential to your resume. Armed with it, you will stand out from your peers.

Enrolling with Microsoft gives you an opportunity to access the official prep materials designed to help the candidates prepare for the exam. The training materials are readily available on the website for those who have already registered. With these resources and all the relevant details at your disposal, you will be better placed to pass the 70-761 certification test on the first try.

Microsoft is also generous enough to provide all the interested with mock tests.You can use them in order to identify any knowledge gaps and gauge the understanding of the material. By practicing, you will also be familiar with the format of the real exam and you will learn how to frame your answers in the right manner.

What’s more, there is also a useful community of users on the Microsoft website and this study group can be of much help when it comes to your preparation process. You can ask the members of the community to get answers to the questions you have been interested in and get clarifications on whatever you don’t understand. There are also a lot of files and tables, books and instructor-led or online training courses. And all these tools you can use by visiting the links on the exam page.

In addition to the training materials and preparation resources available on Microsoft, there are also many other great prep tools for Microsoft 70-761 and other exams available on various platforms. For instance, there are equally useful materials onthe Exam-Labssite. Here, you can find Q&A, 66 lectures of the training course, the study guide with 1153 pages, and the list of VCE files. All the materials are valid and verified by experts.

Armed with all these prep resources, you are literally on the right path to clearing the Microsoft 70-761 test with flying colors.

How Is Passing Microsoft 70-761 Exam Helpful for IT Professionals?

There are so many benefits that come with passing the Microsoft 70-761 exam. Here are just but a few of them:

It gives you a prestigious credential.

Successful passing of the relevant exams (70-761 and 70-762)guarantees you the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certificate. And it provides a solid foundation on which you can build a lucrative career. After acquiring this associate-level certification, you can pursue MCSE: Data Management and Analytics.

It affects your knowledge.

The Microsoft 70-761 exam is more than just giving the right answers to the questions and gaining the passing score. It is the certification test, which is designed to impact the relevant knowledge and the latest skills in handling data with T-SQL. Look out design trends 2020 - something fresh is coming.

It validates your skills and expertise.

Passing the Microsoft 70-761 exam shows that you are capable of managing data, programming it, and querying with T-SQL. Clearing this certification test and gaining the associated credential is clear proof to the employers that you are up to the task.

It opens up more employment opportunities.

Generally, the certified professionals are usually more employable than those who don’t have any IT certification. With the MCSA certificate, which you earn after passing the Microsoft 70-761 exam, you will stand out from your uncertified peers who are also looking for job positions as you.


Taking the Microsoft 70-761 certification test and passing it may be a difficult quest. But with all the prep materials and adequate training, you will get a high score and obtain a prestige certification as a reward. You can do it. Good luck!

Exam Guide: How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Without a Failure Using a Practice Test? key takeaways:
  1. What Is Microsoft 70-761 Exam?
  2. What Are Microsoft 70-761 Exam Topics?
  3. What Prep Tips Should You Follow to Nail Microsoft 70-761 Exam?
  4. How Is Passing Microsoft 70-761 Exam Helpful for IT Professionals?

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