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You need to develop a custom website. In the Internet, there are many companies that have a similar design. Sites differ only in logo. They can provide quality services, but no one notices them. Very often such companies use template solutions, saving a couple of hundred dollars. And in the end they lose customers who bring a couple of thousand dollars. It is really difficult for them to interest customers and stand out among their competitors. Our company offers services of design and development of effective sites that generate new leads and customers. We pay attention to Internet marketing, internal SEO and Analytics. The site should emphasize your strengths and increase the trust of users.


Design can be calm or bright, clean or informative, but necessarily professional and unique. Users immediately feel and see when the company has spent efforts on its image.


In the first stage, our company will develop technical of requirements(ToR). This is a detailed description of all the functions of the project. On the basis of this document, further development of the project will be started. ToR is the documentary basis of a website.
In the second stage, we will create mockups. We like to use a flat design, but in general, it all depends on the customer's preferences. In any case, it will be a professional and stylish design that will emphasize your strengths and make navigation convenient.
The third stage is the development of HTML pages. All mockups with the pixel-perfect approach are coded into HTML pages. At this stage, adapts the pages for all devices (mobile, tablets, desktop).
Based on the technical requirements, a detailed plan for the development of the back-end part is created. All tasks are divided into modules and managed using methodology (Kanban or Scrum).
Testing process. During the development process, the QA-engineer will check each module, but after the completion of the whole project, the full testing begins. The main goal is to find all the bugs that were missed in the past.

Our benefits

We are developing an effective custom website. We have experience in developing large projects with high load.
We have a team of professional designers who develop high-quality mockups.
We take SEO optimization into account and implement an enhanced analytics system on the pages of the site.
We give a guarantee and do everything possible to exceed the expectation of each customer.
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