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E-commerce Trends 2019

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It would not be an exaggeration if I say that the era of online trading has already come. Yes, we still see supermarkets of electronic equipment, boutiques with exquisite clothes, furniture stores. But it is more difficult to meet a buyer who at least once in his life did not use the services of an online store. And the number of buyers in the field of E-commerce will grow.

According to forecasts of economists at the beginning of 2019, Internet shops around the world will sell goods for 2 trillion dollars, which is 6% more than in 2017.


The number of stores on the network is growing. The owners of such companies already today need to introduce new technologies, improve their websites, track new developments in the field of web development. Research in the field of e-commerce directly indicates that modern digital technologies can form and guide the whole path that the buyer passes from an acquaintance with the goods before acquiring it. Such technologies create new patterns of interaction with the client. The most obvious way is through the web and graphic design.

If you want to increase your income in online trading, you should familiarize yourself with current trends in E-commerce. I will tell you about the most popular and promising E-commerce trends.

AI and chatbots

Experts predict that every year a large part of the advertising budget will go to the development and implementation of chatbots. They will facilitate the work of sellers and allow buyers to optimize time to choose and order goods. Companies will receive detailed information about customer preferences, which are freed from the need to communicate with the staff now. Chatbots can be simple and can be developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI). These bots will understand live speech and are able to learn new things.

AI provides tools to assess the user's preferences, analyze his purchases and even predict the next order, and understands which advertising will be most effective.

Combining offline and online sales

A pronounced trend in E-commerce has been the expansion in the offline sector because people recognize their modern logos/a>. Buyers appreciated the opportunity to receive an ordered online product in a store near the house. The development of special platforms allows you to combine different systems, making them available online, allowing customers to act at their own discretion. Naturally, the buyer will choose the seller who will give him the greatest comfort.

E-commerce brands, which opened retail stores, seek to ensure the offline points formed a client-oriented system with their digital infrastructure. For this, AI products are used to increase the effectiveness of advertising companies. Now the information about the product and the platform for communicating with the client can be presented on any device, using personalized solutions based on AI.


In a store where you are known, are remembered your past purchases, are familiar with your preferences, it is much more pleasant to make purchases. Configure the interface of your online store so that it adapts to each of your customers. By analyzing the actions of the buyer, you can offer him goods and services that will cause undoubted interest. It is especially important to promote new products and brands. By automating marketing and accumulating data about the customer, it is possible to offer products in promotional mailings, and even contact the customer by name. Literally, this procedure quite often can be faced on cryptocurrency exchanges. ICO and own cryptocurrency yet not always do KYC.

Personalization programs include intelligent products that help the customer choose the product. Programs for selecting cosmetics or eyeglass frames based on a customer's photo will recommend the right product. Programs for the virtual fitting of clothes have been developed. Taking a picture of your home, you can see how it will look like this or that piece of furniture and interior, whether suitable for this room the wallpaper chosen in the online store.

The more comfortable the choice and purchase in this store, the more likely that the customer will want to return here again.

Omnichannel and social networks

It's no secret that most users start searching on one device, for example, a home computer, but make out and pay for the purchase using a smartphone. Thus, to have a stable sales, the store must be available on all channels. Multichannel is becoming more important than ever. Today, serious brands use an average of nine communication channels.

two devices for purchase

The ability to make a purchase on a social network page or in a messenger is highly appreciated by modern consumers. Make this opportunity available to your customers, and you will be ahead of your competitors. This knowledge will be important in creating a social network at these days.

Smartphone as a buying tool

To make purchases from a smartphone is very simple. You do not even need a bank card, enough take advantage of one of the mobile application for payment. According to some information, almost one-third of all buyers use smartphones to place orders, and this number will only increase. And if you do not want to lose so many potential customers, you need to take care of the mobile apps ideas for your store. We talked about this in web development trends 2020.

smartphone and amazon

Voice Search

The widespread use of mobile phones to search for and purchase of goods led to the development of another trend - voice calls. By 2020, more than 50% of all search operations will be done this way. And those who work in the E-commerce area will have to take this into account. And the most far-sighted businessmen have been already using apps for voice search.


High-quality informative content posted on your website - one more way to attract customers. It should be an interesting material that will be useful to the client and will facilitate the selection process. Only in this way it is possible to win the trust of a buyer and acquire a regular customer.

Among other trends, it is necessary to include the implementation of search images, the development of new ways to promote products, the use of e-mail, new delivery methods.

IT-technologies for successful commerce

To implement all these trends is possible only with the help of modern software products, which are often developed on an individual basis, taking into account the specifics of a particular business. And remember in the E-commerce world is most important - innovative technology. Implement those of them that will make the business as efficient as possible, with the help of our company.

Now the best example is Amazon.com. This is a simple, convenient, and most importantly - evolving E-commerce. And the most importantly - to make a site like Amazon - not so difficult!

We closely follow the latest trends in web development in order to become leaders in our area, to lead you into leading in your business area.

E-commerce Trends 2019 key takeaways:
  1. Competitors
  2. AI and chatbots
  3. Combining offline and online sales
  4. Customer
  5. Omnichannel and social networks
  6. Smartphone as a buying tool
  7. Voice Search
  8. Storytelling
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