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Key Business and Ecommerce Trends in 2022

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Featured image for Key Business and Ecommerce Trends in 2022

When the world faced the Covid-19, the pandemic which affected each sector of modern economics, the e-Commerce market got certain bonuses. More and more sellers became interested in running online shops and integrating e-сommerce. The number of those sellers is gradually increasing, and the owners of online business want to know the e-Commerce trends of 2021 to build a right strategy plan for 2022. Every single new online shop needs to be powerful and with great functions included.

Main business trends

It is a fact that the online shops owners are working daily on a feature called — «user comfort». It is related to the increasing demands and needs of the users. New ideas on the market are a result of a hard work and will of the sellers to satisfy the buyers in all terms.

In general, every e-Commerce trend aims to create the conditions, where the buyers needs are satisfied in a nick of time and their scruples whether to buy the product now or wait a bit and search for a better deal are minimized.

E-Commerce aims to make the communication on the companies side automatic. Also, a lot of attention is paid to creating the feeling of visiting a real life shop.

In this article we are going to tell what the main e-Commerce trends in 2022 will be. This will help the owners of online shops to focus on those trends right away to increase the success and income in the future.

Main e-Commerce trends in 2022

The most significant formula for success is not only having a website, but the flexibility of the platform and following the business trends 2022 trends.

Online video consultations from the sales outlets

The pandemic has influenced the e-Commerce and started the trends of video consultations. The sellers are on the sales outlets, out of there they communicate with the client. This method was firstly used by Regenbogen, Karcher and M.Video.

This is how the system works: a user connects to the site, looks for a product, learns its characteristics and a detailed description. If a user need more information or has some other questions, the online shop worker answers them on a video consultation. As a result, the customers has an opportunity to go on a virtual tour to the outlet. Experience has shown that, every 3rd video consultations closes the deal.

And especially interesting is that during a video stream the managers and sellers were trying on the clothes, so the costumers see how it looks and fits the body.

There are special services used for providing video consulting. Oftentimes, Eyezon is used for this. To connect this solution the owners need to add a single button to their online shop, the buyer will click on it and see the manager. A window with countdown will appear, so the buyer will know how much to wait. When the sellers are free, they connect to the buyer immediately.

An alternative for call centers — voice chatbots

This option is very comfortable, it also makes the expenses lower. A research company Kvint used voice chatbots and made a thorough analysis of the case. The expenses on the call center were 2-3 times lower. There might be some difficulties with building a client communication scenario for the shop owner. But if everything is done properly, artificial intellect becomes a superb solution for e-Commerce.

A robot can not substitute a human, but for these functions it is great:

  • Technical support for the most frequently asked questions;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Cross-sales;
  • Questionnaires for marketing department.
Robot can make outgoing calls, offer various products for the clients according to a prepared scenario. Also, it can answer the frequently asked question on the internet shop. If a bot has difficulties with answering some questions, artificial intellect can connect the client with a real worker.

What concerns marketing — robots are wonderful assistants. Artificial intellect, that uses voice chat, can complete a survey and estimate the quality according to the clients' opinion. As a result, the company will understand the quality of their service.

Voice assistant usage

Many online businesses form different countries are following the voice assistant trend. For example, a service such as Yandex Alice. You can use it to buy goods on Yandex market.

On Amazon — one of the most popular online markets in the USA, the clients can use Amazon Echo and buy goods, resent research shows that 41% of clients use this function. Now this trend is getting even more popular here, but perhaps in 2022 only voice assistants will accept the orders.

To optimize the platform for this trend, you will first need to optimize the content, and emphasize on the quantity of searches.

The company should focus on developing both, the website and the smartphone version if it is possible. Another important point is to check whether voice commands are working properly. A thorough testing should be done, so the end user will not have any difficulties with buying goods by using the Voice Assistant.

The comfort and simplicity of buying

Users will use the website only if it is comfortable and easy to navigate. Time as a resource is very important now. There is no need to make something complicated. If making an order causes difficulties for the clients, obviously they will search for another shop.

Here are some ideas on how to improve the website and make everything easier:

  • Making an order in 1 click;
  • Making checkout faster;
  • Using a popular paying method;
  • Saving the users’ data;
  • Buying directly on the product page;
  • Offer installments;
  • Making the price and duration of delivery visible.

Environmental goods

The entire world is following the eco trend, and e-Commerce is not an exclusion. The conscious clients are ready to pay more if the company tugged at their heartstrings. Environmental goods are in demand, even so are more expensive. These are not only words, we have researches and data from the hbr.org specialists.

Modern customers are interested in supporting goods, which have been manufactured, re-processed or saved the environment. This sector of goods helps to protect the nature. Businesses in 2022 should pay attention to this trend in e-Commerce. For example, re-processed packaging may be used. One more option is to widen the range of goods, which save the environment. A company may star eco meetings to attract more relevant people.

Omnichannel sales

To get orders, you need to show your goods to people, to reach to more people you should offer your product on many platforms. As online shops came to our lives, potential clients may decide where and on what conditions to make the deal. A lot of advertising is done on Facebook and Instagram, a link to the product page is attached in the post.

Today a lot of buyers use the option of comparing prices. If everything is alright, the clients chooses the best deal. Sometimes you see a product in an outlet, and then you search it on the internet. To your help comes almighty Google.

If the advertisement is present on various platforms, the chance that someone will visit the shop is higher. It is hard to trace the realization channels, so it is better when the clients’ base and communication base are all in one place. This type of integration is omnichannel.

If a business is using different sales channels, it influences the clients’ base by social media, product aggregators, context advertisements and message notification. The best option to integrate the system is CRM, which provides the solutions to managing the channels and effective data analyzing.

Original packaging

A trend for beautiful packaging is permanently in demand, it is a superb instrument, that attracts potential clients. If the packaging is original, the chance of buying the product is higher.

To create a packaging, a lot of designing is needed, because it should associate with the brand name. If it is environmental friendly and aesthetic, make an accent on it.

Fast payment methods

Instant payment is an important aspect for income growth. The owner should provide the fastest way to sell and receive the money. This should be done while the contact between the brand and the client, or video consulting, or direct order on the website. The moment of trust can not be lost. This is why the user should be able to pay instantly, without changing the platform or any registrations.

The 1C has a special solution for payments. A link is sent to the client right in a dialogue window, in a messenger, social network, or via email. The client opens the link and pays right away. If the order is done on the website, there should be no difficulties with instant payments.

Customer Relationship Management is out of trend

Some options for clients attraction are getting out of trend, because they are not cost-effective in a long run. Customer Relationship Management is substituted by client information gathering.  The business owners make a virtual portrait of their clients. A portrait that specifies their behavior on the internet. The communication channels of the shop are also used for it.

CRM systems can not account the virtual activity of the clients, which makes internet shops use CDP-platform in 2022.

Customer Data Platform collects the online and offline data about the clients. The sources may vary. CDP analyzes files from the database, and some of them can tell the owner when is the best time to notification the customers. Otherwise, the costumer can change the resource.

CRM system that is present today, can create a map of users data. There each action done on the online shop is displayed. However, it can’t collect data from many sources at a time.

If clients are not buying anything for a long time, they probably have chosen another platform, and waiting for their return is pointless. Their attention may be drawn again, but certain tools are needed for it.

CDP platform can forecast when the attraction is pointless, and which advertising channel to use, so the clients do not face the consumer write off.

Direct-to-Consumer selling

Businesses are choosing direct selling as a new way of selling goods to final consumers. This method is called D2C (direct-to-consumer). In the past, goods and services were sold from business to business.

D2C is when a brand sells the goods directly to the consumer, without dealers and distributors. This approach means that the brand is understanding what are the consumers needs. Analyzes can be done to find the communication channels with the client, starting from the first meeting to closing a deal.

By analyzing the present situation, we can say that modern brand do not use marketplaces, and do not post their product cards there. While having access to the auditory information, the platform are not sharing it willingly with the supplier.

For example, you can’t find Nike products on Amazon and eBay today. The company says that they quit these platform, because they want to focus on selling goods through their official website.


Smartphone users are the most active on the internet now. So obviously, online shops for mobile phones are a right trend. For example, if a resource is focusing on selling clothes, a virtual fitting room is a good idea. This will help the user see, how those clothes fit the body. To make the most out of the platform, the company should think about adding artificial intellect.

Chatbot is a nice replacement for the consultants. It can help with a proper size selecting, it can trace the order status and ask for feedback. All these features makes the number of returns lower.

In fact, it is a really effective instrument. According to research made in 2020, the returns are a huge threat for internet shops. It cost 205,000,000,000 dollars for the enterprises. The specialists say that until 2023 the financial damage may increase up to 348,000,000,000 dollars. So we should use the e-Commerce trends to avoid this outcome.

E-Commerce development business trends in 2022

Focus on Green Consumerism

When there is an opportunity, people usually choose ways to save money; for example, two-thirds of Internet users say they would rather wait for a product to go on sale than buy it at a total price. At the same time, factors such as the environmental friendliness of the product in its production, transportation, and consumption force users to be less careful with their finances.

According to statistics, 60% of Internet users say they are ready to pay more for eco-products. Meanwhile, nearly half of consumers also want brands to play their part and be environmentally friendly – this tops their list of desirable brand actions.

Focusing on the ecology means that you have to strive for branding that looks good and meets environmental standards, which the consumer demands, and without it, the need for the product will be lost.

The package is the first thing users look at. This clearly shows that the presented appearance is less important than the manufacturing process and materials.

Using fewer chemicals or using more natural ingredients in products is also a fundamental problem.

And the last thing to adhere to when focusing on green consumerism is the ability to recycle and safely dispose of the products. This applies to food packaging as well as technology and other familiar things. In 2022, this trend will develop with renewed vigor.

In conclusion

E-Commerce trends 2022 this year focus on creating a comfortable environment for the clients, which makes their expectations and demands stronger. Finding a new way to satisfy the clients needs, is followed by present trends. All together making the business processes automatic, working with the client base, and controlling the channels of brand-user communication are the general aims.

E-Commerce trends in 2022 can eliminate the clients’ doubts whether to buy the product online or not, also new trends can attract new costumers to the market.

Merehead does professional development of ecommerce business trends 2022. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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