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Pantone Color Trends in Web Design 2019

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Featured image for Pantone Color Trends in Web Design 2019

Modern companies, trying to increase the conversion of their sites, try for this use a variety of methods and techniques. One of the decisive factors is the colors selection.

If it is a young and dynamic developing start-up, then the audience can be attracted with bright colors. Their contrast combination will achieve an optimal visual effect. Even big giants like cryptocurrency exchange Binance and Coinbase pay special attention for choosing their colors.

The Psychological Aspect

You should never forget about the strong psychological impact of the color scheme of the site on its visitors. The phenomenon of visual thinking and the psychology of color perception has not been studied until the end. Despite this, there are some rules of color, contrary to which no color trend is formed.

In order not to make mistakes in the design-marketing strategy of the site, you need to first learn basic information about the use of certain colors in the web design area.

A single recipe for engaging colors in the design of websites does not exist. However, it is worthwhile to know the classical associative series associated with different shades.

This information you can use competently, proceeding from the goal that stands before the created Internet resource, as well as the specifics of the business itself.

Different cultures - different perceptions

There is a scientific fact that representatives of different cultures perceive colors and their symbols in different ways. There are some analytical data that allow the successful use of colors in the process of influencing certain emotions.

It is obvious that web designers are trying to use this information as correctly as possible in their work. This is required to ensure that the atmosphere of the site is consistent with its theme.

The Vandelay Design website presented an analysis of color trends and those associations that cause certain colors used in the web design industry.

Initially, we should make a reservation that these trends are typical for people of Western culture.

Those time trends that arise and are transformed, are formed on the basis of basic universal laws and can not go against them.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with these fundamental aspects that will help to apply current trends reasonably. So:

Red is the most stimulating. Prolonged contact with it even affects the increase in blood pressure. Color is often used for important announcements, warnings. If your site has a lot of preventive, educational and preventive information, its moderate use will be justified. At the same time - if you do not want to cause increased aggression of users, choose more moderate shades of red.

Orange color is associated with youth, energy, movement. It is one of the quietest warm tones. If orange is chosen as the primary color, then it will emphasize the dynamism and joy that the company seeks. The continued use of this color by the Fanta brand confirms this pattern.

Yellow is a universal warm color that conveys positive emotions, but does so without excessive sharpness and sharpness. This color is the optimal solution for those companies that earn various consultations.

Green is associated with calmness, positive emotions, moderate relaxation. The stable atmosphere created by this color is excellent for those companies that consider this factor to be one of their main priorities. For example, it may be about financial institutions, construction companies.

Blue in design - a synonym for security, openness, reliability. However, his message also depends on the shade. For example, the light colors of blue are traditionally associated with friendliness, and the dark ones with some sadness. Such giants as Facebook and Twitter successfully use different colors of blue to create exactly the atmosphere to which they aspire. It's a common color in launching own cryptocurrency.

By the way, you can learn more about this in graphic design trends.

As a rule, any actual trends take into account these aspects and do not go against them. In 2019 nothing will change - and the trends will be formed taking into account this factor.

Bright color schemes - the current trend of the next few years

In 2018, the most actual color was called ultraviolet. This choice of experts and designers clearly demonstrates that people like bright colors and color combinations. Area of design of sites and applications will display this in full in the near future.

Since at the moment the trend is gaining momentum, in 2019 and subsequent years it is likely to increase not only in web design, but also in logo design trends. Most organizations, which by their own activity can afford bright colors in the design of sites, will do it.

Color Trends 1

An eloquent example of this trend is the Shawbrook bank website. Even if a solid financial institution chooses bright colors for itself, to deny this tendency becomes meaningless.

To some extent, this choice is an example of breaking templates. But, on the other hand, modern customers like dynamics, optimism and brightness in all life manifestations. Correspondence to this request of the audience indicates the ability to adapt to the challenges of time.

Using a gradient

A gradient in web design is not a new effect in its essence. However, it still surprises his specialists with his capabilities. The gradient itself is a gradual blending of colors, which allows to actually achieve a new color and a new tone. Objects look more qualitatively isolated.

Therefore, the design to some extent even acquires a new dimension. The main task with which the gradient handles successfully is to add depth to the visual composition.

Color Trends 2

It is also important to understand that the gradual blending of colors is not an artificial device. Such color effects, as well as a visual "game with transparency" are often found even in nature.

For example, you just have to look at the evening sky - and you can be sure that our world does not consist solely of monochrome or flat colors. Therefore, for the audience, gradients will not become something new and unexplored, which practically excludes any subconscious hostility in perception.

Color Trends 3

If we talk about the design sphere as a whole, then the most popular gradients are in the web direction. In polygraphy, they can be found much less often.

Since in the virtual space the use of gradients is returning and gaining momentum, it is important for designers to know several significant aspects related to the use of this technique. They are as follows:

Avoiding contradictory shades. There are a lot of specialized resources with which you can choose the right combination of colors. This applies to color, monochrome, shadow, complex and triadic schemes. If you do not know how to combine colors, better use the tools to do it competently.

Moderation. Realizing the relevance of the trend of brightness, some web designers are excessively sophisticated, creating too "screaming" and poisonous combinations. Remember that the optimal gradients consist of 2-3 colors.

Inspiration and creativity. To achieve an excellent result, you must initially represent what you would like to get out of the way. There are special sites that help to choose interesting gradient options. For example, this is the resource uigradients.com.

Do not forget the light source. Always moving from dark to light, gradients should take this feature into account. Otherwise, the location of the shades will not correspond to the objective laws of creating gradients - and, instead of an aesthetic composition, one will get what is called "rubbish".

Color 4

Also, there are two important "secret" for web designers, which will greatly facilitate the work with gradients. For polygonal and square objects, select linear gradients, and for round select radial gradients.

color trends 5

White layer creating a negative space

The use of negative space is one of the actual trends that should not disappear from the sight in the upcoming year 2019. Even in web development. You can implement this trend with Photoshop.

A vivid example of such an opportunity is offered by wayup.in. Demonstration of the possibility of removing the sky on one of the photos. To do this, select the mountains, invert and press the Del key. It turns out an interesting image with a negative space. It attracts much more attention than traditional photography.

Color 6


In 2019, most likely, will be obvious those trends in web design, which have shown their influence now. Bright colors, negative space, competent use of gradients - all this you will see in the updated websites.

To be in the trend and not too carried away, leaving in the bad taste, designers should remember the basics of color and apply the current ideas of web design with their consideration. A competent web design agency will help youto realize future trends in real life.

Pantone Color Trends in Web Design 2019 key takeaways:
  1. The Psychological Aspect
  2. Different cultures - different perceptions
  3. Bright color schemes - the current trend of the next few years
  4. Using a gradient
  5. White layer creating a negative space
  6. Totals
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