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Busines and Startup Website Ideas That Could Make You Rich in 2021

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Featured image for Busines and Startup Website Ideas That Could Make You Rich in 2021

Perhaps, startups have become the biggest surprise for the global economy. Despite the fact that this concept appeared in the seventies of the last century, now, without a doubt, it is approaching the peak value of its development. Modern entrepreneurs are often ready to help new talents develop their campaigns, if, of course, they consider them profitable.

How to start a startup?

With a deliberate decision. Any thoughts can be denied and even iron logical arguments can be easily put in question, but it is impossible to go against the facts. Startup Genome Report data give more than disappointing statistics: 92% of startups self-liquidate within 5 years; 74% die due to exaggeration of their own importance and capabilities, as well as forced scaling of business and "inflation" of the staff.

Most often, already at the start of the campaign, many newcomers to the world of startups make mistakes that are expected and obvious to everyone but themselves. This is normal: it is always more noticeable from the side of the error than from the inside.

So the first mistake is to enter the startup world in pursuit of fashion. Yes, being an entrepreneur has been fashionable for decades, but to risk your own well-being for the sake of fashion is, frankly, stupid. In this case, the chance of success is minimal. If total immersion in ideas is not your thing, then it is better not to bother and do what you know best, building your business around what you really know how to sell.

The next common mistake is overconfidence. In a little more detail, it means that there is a huge gap between ambitions and capabilities of a startup. No matter how the business idea is implemented, the forcing of events kills even the most profitable enterprise in the bud. It is not always necessary to invest in something that helps development, but which is quite possible to do without. Moreover, if the budget is limited, then it is categorically contraindicated for an amateur businessman to do so. Despite the fact that it was at this stage that many successful businessmen stumbled, who have already talked about this in all kinds of motivational books, articles and podcasts, every year many young companies stumble in the same place, sometimes not getting up after that at all. It may be easier to use more budgetary analogs instead of licensed expensive equipment and outsource tasks.

The third and last miscalculation for today is a poor analysis of the market and, as a result, its underestimation. It seems that since there are a large number of successful startups around, then this one will absolutely "make a hit". So young inventors and businessmen rush to the barricades with their bosom instead of acting calmer, more restrained and wiser. The bottom line is that they remain on these barricades because they spend on a struggle that they did not expect, all their strength, means and nerves.

Accordingly, before starting your business, you need to study the market, its features, how the entrance to a niche works, your competitors and many other factors. The chart below shows the dynamics of the most popular areas of employment that could help you while choosing a startup niche.

Apparently, you are still reading this article, which means that you were not scared by all of the above. So it's time to make your dreams come true and develop your own most popular startup!

The most important thing is the idea. This article will tell you about the trends that will be popular in the coming year. All of them relate to web development in 2021 that will help future clients get what they want or need. We decided to focus on those industries that have already gained a certain popularity in order to minimize risks.

1. Online training (business idea)

Many were skeptical of such ideas until the world felt the full delights of the coronavirus pandemic. When there is no way to go to the gym, you have to work out at home, and good old morning exercises are no longer enough. While the virus is striding across the planet with a heavy gait, a set of exercises developed and recorded in the format of video lessons can help people to keep themselves in shape: dancing, aerobics, fitness, yoga - all online.

In addition, many who, with their usual workload for constant physical activity, simply do not have enough time, have already appreciated the opportunity to train without leaving an apartment or house.

A striking example is the site caliberstrong.com.

2. Trade in vintage and retro goods (business idea)

This trend has existed for a very long time, but interest in it is constantly growing in all countries of the world with the exception of the least developed ones. Sometimes it even comes to the point that separate genres and subcultures are formed that are based on such products (for example, diesel and steampunk). The reason is that every year more and more of what we call vintage goes to private collectors or ends up in a landfill.  With a small investment and minimal technical ingenuity, you can create a work of art that will be appreciated by both those already interested and those who are just preparing to look after something of their own in the world of vintage. Helping a client get a masterpiece, wherever he is, with the help of such a portal – isn’t it a profitable business idea? After all, at all times it was known that where the ignorant sees a heap of rubbish, a person with taste can find a real treasure.

You can also create not just your own website, but a whole online marketplace, taking, for example, website like eBay as a basis. Doing international trade yourself or helping others to cope with this difficult task is up to you.

3. Opening of an online co-working space (startup)

Of course, many have already tried, many have succeeded, but should that stop anyone? Use non-standard ideas, up to designing your own online game, on the servers of which users will be able to deal with their work in the simplest, vivid and pleasant way. There is no smell of competition here, since the number of ideas is not limited. Virtual reality technology would be excellently implemented in this matter, which would help clients who are tired of the cruelty of the modern world to spend several hours not only with benefit, but also with pleasure. Nice background, calm music - and the dialogues take on a completely different shade. The symbolic price, which, nevertheless, will rustle in your pocket in the form of dollars, is unlikely to stop people exhausted by stuffy offices and quarantine on their way to online gatherings around a campfire in the mountains or by a lake in the forest.

4. Organization of holidays, concerts, weddings and other things (business idea)

Whatever happens to this world, but holidays and celebrations will forever remain an integral part of it, because every person needs joy. The popularity of this niche in business remains stable, it is very difficult to come up with something new, but who cares? You can add any original detail, for example, stylizing the holidays for similar ones from films and cartoons, not at a one-time, but at a streaming level. It should be more than just a costume party. As a result, a lot of ideas appear: sewing special costumes, replacing holograms that are impossible to create details of the situation, the use of the same virtual reality in some rooms, the game program is not "in the style of a movie", but with complete immersion and compliance. In fact, the participants of the celebration plunge into a kind of questroom-reconstruction, but they do not stop celebrating at the same time. The quest is not trying to flirt with you, because you yourself have chosen these conditions and now you will play by the rules. The only problem is to get everyone as completely immersed as possible. But the solution comes with experience. After the first 3-5 events held, you will get enough abilities to cope with this task. A distinctive feature of this event is that the guests will not be entertained by animators: it will take a lot of effort from them themselves to make the quest work, and when the story is the result of common work, then it is not only easier to believe in it, but also more pleasant.

4. Guide and interpreter services

Again, very ancient professions, business is also not new. But you can also bring something innovative to it. So far, the world has come only to robots who, following their program, help users. But what if, for example, we develop an online camera combined with a headset, with the help of which the translator can analyze the situation at a distance not only from the point of view of the text, but also intonations, facial expressions and gestures, as well as the environment? Moreover, he will be able to advise the client without interrupting the dialogue regarding the culture of the foreigner, his native customs, traditions, norms of etiquette and morality. To do this, you will have to build a whole online platform on which everyone who needs urgent simultaneous translation can find translators from any language, from English to Sanskrit. It will also be very convenient when translating documents and books: you just need to show the desired text to the camera and you will only have to listen to the translation. Here, of course, there are some legal nuances regarding the confidentiality of personal information and trade secrets, but they can be fully settled bilaterally.

5. Fighting loneliness

Trust lines are a wonderful invention, and the people who work there are real heroes. Psychologists, as a rule, also cope with their task and unload a person's soul from heavy thoughts and experiences. But what about those, for whom it’s not enough soothing voice, but they lack the funds for confession on the couch? For them, in our opinion, it would be pleasant, for example, a video session with a specialist of neutral appearance. Perhaps this image will even create a neural network, and the movements will appear thanks to Motion Capture - even so, if only the client could address to him and express everything that is boiling. He will receive an adequate response, will see sympathy on the face of this interlocutor and will be able to accept his help. Of course, a little voice modulation for assistants is desirable, since anonymity in such a matter is only welcomed. Not everyone will be pleased if one day they can be identified by external or vocal signs. Nevertheless, maximum naturalness remains the main requirement, because otherwise the client's trust cannot be won, and if he doubts the decency and honesty of the interlocutor, then he can only become more closed into himself.

6. Smart technologies

Household appliances, computers, toys and even houses have already been endowed with artificial intelligence. This is considered a very prestigious pleasure and is not cheap at all. Making money on this is very simple in its idea, but not in its implementation: think about what else can be endowed with pseudo-intelligence. Perhaps your invention will be a "smart" desk that will be able to sort papers and stationery within itself so that you do not waste precious time. You might decide to design a smart wall map of the world that shows weather conditions, living standards, and travel costs around the world. Everything is limited only by your own imagination.

There are quite a few trends in the world of startups and business ideas now, every month human imagination generates myriads of new thoughts, each of which in the current reality is quite capable of passing for a profitable offer. That is why the article began with a list of common mistakes that should be avoided when developing this thought. The most important trend in any market has become naturalness. Therefore, if this is your project, you want to develop it and with all your heart you are worried about whether it will stay afloat today, tomorrow, weeks, months and years later - go for it. You can make money literally on anything, if you put in effort and a little imagination.

Good luck with development of your own ideas!

Merehead does professional development of online business ideas in 2021. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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