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Best Strategies That Will Help You Generate Quality Leads On Social Media

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Featured image for Best Strategies That Will Help You Generate Quality Leads On Social Media

Social media is for more than just posting pet videos and memes - especially if you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or a marketer. You are supposed to build your brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader by gaining a larger following. You can also generate more leads this way which is perfect for building a business. This is also in line with your goals of selling more products or services.

A third of the population uses social media channels regularly which is a great piece of data for anyone looking to increase their reach. This is why 83% of the marketers are working on social media strategies and reports show that 66% of them are able to get great leads. But how much time do they spend on social media to achieve this? Well, they spend about six hours per week on various social media networks - and the results are amazing. More studies confirm that social media has been able to reduce costs of running a business by 45% and that it can increase revenue as much as a social media marketing agency for small business.

However, you have to come up with strategies that will help you truly achieve this impact and allow you to succeed. Here are some of the strategies that will help you nail social media marketing and gather quality leads:

Find target audience

Before you can start your social media strategy, you have to find your target audience. So, do your research, see who your ideal audience is and what their major markers are. Once you come up with your ideal audience, take their demographics, interests, pain points and behavior markers and use social media channels to find them. You can hire a social media marketing agency who's professional. Some of the social media channels that you should use are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. All of this will help you come in contact with people that really want to be your leads and that really want to convert or are ready to.

These people are sharing content related to your products and services, posting about things happening in their lives and join groups with related materials. They share plenty of information on their daily challenges and you can use this information to find them and get to know them better. Look at what they are writing, what they are posting. You’ll be able to understand them better and bring more value to them later in your posts. Pay close attention to them.

Best Strategies That Will Help You Generate Quality Leads On Social Media

Use gated content for the promotions

Gated content is a good way to promote your email list and convert causal visitors into possible leads. This is educational and highly valuable content like ebooks, pdf files, swipe files and so on. This type of content is extremely good for your visitors because they can take it for something as simple as their contact information, even just an email. What you should do next is promote this type of content on your social media channels with a short description on what they will receive. Not everyone will click to see it but you can be sure that people who are ready to convert will love this kind of content and you will get a high quality lead.

Create a contest

Everyone knows that social media contests are an effective tool to get more followers and an almost instant engagement growth. However, for this to work, you will need several things. First, there’s the reward which needs to be valuable enough for people to join, it needs to be relevant to your brand and to your ideal market.

For instance, if your prize is something like a laptop or a gadget, you’ll get many subscribers but not many of them would fit your target audience and you’ll end up with less conversions. However, if you offer something more specific like your own product or something similar, you will gather the right kind of audience.

If you want to host a contest, you’ll also need some rules of entry like liking, tweeting, sharing or something similar, but the best thing to do is to to ask them to subscribe. This is the best way to get data from them and a good channel to promote your products and services.

Invest in paid advertising

Social media advertising isn’t free but it’s still a great way to get engagement and awareness. It’s also more specific and targeted than it ever was before. So, you can reach the best people for your advertising in an easy and simple way. While it may be a smaller audience, it can reach people that are really interested in buying something from you instead of people who are vaguely interested or disinterested. Use the right platform, where your audience gathers and watch as you start getting more and more high quality leads.

Discounts and promos

“Your followers will feel special if you give them an exclusive promo, a discount or a special offer. They will know that following your page is a valuable contact to have and they’ll know that they should look forward to more great leads from you,” says Dillan Homer, a social media manager at Eliteassignmenthelp and Bigassignments.

You can increase brand awareness, engagement, drive traffic and so on. If you assign a specific code for every social network, you can also track which network brought you the most people and the most sales. You also get leads this way which is a great thing.

Make use of hashtags

These can serve you as a way to grow brand awareness and build a larger audience for your brand. A custom hashtag of your brand should contain plenty of personality and relevance to the brand. This is how new brands get discovered. Your specific hashtags will jump up on various news feeds and many people will see it. Make your hashtag short and fun so that many people would want to share them.

Engage with your audience

“Posting content is a great way to spread your brand awareness. However, most brands put all hopes in posting and not so much into engaging. So, dedicate a part of your time to commenting, messaging and engaging with people.”, says Angelina Torres, a digital marketer at State Of Writing and Academized.

You could find someone who mentioned you or said something about your product - go ahead and contact them, letting them know that you care and that you are a human.

Leverage the power of social media to spread your brand awareness and gather more followers while converting your visitors or old followers into leads. Follow these tips to create a great social media strategy according to trends.

Chloe Bennet works as a content editor at Boom Essays and Essayroo. Before she started writing at PhD thesis writers, she was a full time social media marketer. She teaches business writing and public speaking online.

Best Strategies That Will Help You Generate Quality Leads On Social Media key takeaways:
  1. Find target audience
  2. Use gated content for the promotions
  3. Create a contest
  4. Invest in paid advertising
  5. Discounts and promos
  6. Make use of hashtags
  7. Engage with your audience

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