Featured image for Best Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible

Best Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible

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Featured image for Best Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible

Websites are an essential promotional tool for business organizations. After designing a website, you will need maximum visitors to increase your sales and profitability. To ensure that your site is available to everyone, you need to check accessibility. Accessibility is not a challenge to implement once you have an understanding of the issues one with a disability may have with your site. After you detect what makes your side hard to use, you can move ahead to fix it.

Before talking about these issues, it is essential to understand the meaning of website accessibility. It is making your website and services usable for all people, including those with physical disabilities, colorblindness and blindness, cognitive disabilities, and hearing disabilities.

In today’s world, if your website is not accessible to everyone, you will take a hit. There will be fewer customers, and lower sales and profitability. Moreover, your website will be tagged as a platform that doesn’t care about people with disabilities.

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Best Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible

Keyboard-Friendly Website

If you want to make a website accessible, it should work without a mouse. Some assistive technologies depend on keyboard-only navigation. In this situation, all features of your site must be accessible through keyboard. It includes accessing everything, such as content, links, all pages, etc.

The “Tab” key is a popular way to navigate a website with a keyboard. It will help you to jump between different areas, such as forms, buttons and links. To make your website accessible, make its navigation easy with the use of the “Tab” key. Test your site without a keyboard to ensure its accessibility.

Accessible Content

After making your website keyboard-friendly, you have to increase the accessibility of on-page content. Dynamic content on a page can increase problems. Content will be dynamic if it can change without reloading the page. If your website is not communicating with assistive tools about this change, the readers will face problems.

You may need ARIA landmarks to do this. These tags can clearly define content on your page. It is useful to make navigation straightforward because users can directly skip to particular content. ARIA trends are more efficient and flexible.

Alt Text to Images

To increase the accessibility of your website, it is essential to enter alternative text for each image. This text will explain the images if they fail to load. Screen readers can access alt text; therefore, describe your images to give context to every user.

With the help of alt text, you can improve the SEO of your website and give more information to search engines for crawling. Make sure to write descriptive summaries for every image and include your keywords to make sense.

Carefully Choose Colors

Color blindness impacts how the website is viewed; therefore, you can’t ignore this disability when designing your website. There is a spectrum in which people perceive colors in exclusive ways. Carefully select contrasting colors for your website. Remember, every reader should be able to distinguish between different elements on your website.

Try to create a perfect balance of text and background to make everything readable. Set a dark color against a light shade, but these should not bleed into each other. For instance, if you want a blue color scheme, avoid creating a palette with similar saturation and hue. Choose contrasting colors to make your text readable for everyone.

Structure Content Correctly with Headers

Use headers carefully to make your site accessible. It will make your content easy to digest and understand. Moreover, it is essential to improve flow. Clear headers will help screen readers to interpret all pages of your website.

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