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Best Javascript Frameworks and Libraries of 2022

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Featured image for Best Javascript Frameworks and Libraries of 2022

Modern technologies today give us many advantages that make the life of programmers and ordinary people much easier. It is difficult to overestimate the relevance of using  frameworks: using them is a much smarter solution than doing the same work manually from scratch.

Framework and library concept. Features of working with them

A framework is a kind of carcass, a specific platform that supports the structure of an entire software system. In other words, it is software that makes it much easier to develop individual project components and simplify the process of combining them.

Many people just use the word "framework" and the phrase "framework approach", which means an approach to building programs that consists of only two parts:

  • from the main "structure" that does not change;
  • modified modules.
Any mobile application or Internet resource can be created from scratch in a short period of time, and all thanks to frameworks.

The whole point of the process lies in several aspects:

  • the process of dialing codes is partially automated;
  • in addition, the structure of the software solution is more easily formed;
  • all components of the project are easily combined into one whole;
  • each user can customize their own product and its interaction with third-party services.
The concept of rapid application development allows you to speed up the work process, make the working environment for a specialist more comfortable and remove restrictions that prevent the disclosure of all the programmer's capabilities.

One of the most important advantages of frameworks is a fairly low entry barrier for beginners in comparison with standard programming languages. As a result, even if a person does not have enough experience and skills for programming, he can still learn the basic principles of the functions. It is easy to optimize your workflow with this knowledge.

Today, there are a lot of javascript frameworks trends, but among them there are several of the most popular. This graph shows the indicators of competition between the five most demanded frameworks. Also, there are three more mentioned here, less popular, but no less qualitative.

Best Javascript Framework and Libraries of 2022

The difference between a framework and a library is that the second can be used as part of a finished program, as a set of auxiliary programs that are very close in functionality to the main one. At the same time, the subroutines do not affect the architecture of the project and do not limit its capabilities.

The framework, on the other hand, indicates clear rules for building the architecture, which should be followed, and also at the very beginning sets the parameters of that very "framework". As part of each framework, there can be several libraries, different in subject matter.

Let’s consider the differences between the framework of the software system and the application.

  1. A system framework is its carcass, that is, a component that includes: additional programs, codes. It can also consist of software that greatly facilitates the development of a large project, making it easier to work with each individual component that makes it up. As an example, you can call Laravel, Symphony, the features of which are described below in the article.
  2. The application framework makes it possible to work with a ready-made structure, since in most cases it is standard. The emergence of graphical interfaces has led to an increase in the popularity of these "wireframes". An example of a framework that was one of the first to be created for commercial use is MacApp. It was developed by the well-known company Apple.
A framework is a large number of classes that can be both specific and abstract. The first are generally designed to create "relationships" between classes. At the same time, abstract are extension points where each class can be adapted.

Features of working with frameworks

Let's take a look at each of the frameworks presented in order to determine their advantages and disadvantages.


This framework is today considered one of the most demanded and popular, even in the world general rankings it takes the first place. Used mainly for building complex websites and applications.

The service was launched back in 2011 and today it is rightfully considered one of the first such infrastructures. Many may think that the age factor is not particularly attractive, given that we are talking about modern information technology. However, such an early launch of the project gave it more opportunities and time to improve developments. That is why, as of today, Laravel has evolved and has become the most comfortable tool for developing and creating Internet resources.

Among the advantages can be noted:

  • high level of security and safety of the framework;
  • the ability to create templates using special tools and mechanisms;
  • program architecture: allows you to separate the layers of the model, controller and view, make them independent from each other;
  • you should also pay attention to such quality as free access to Laravel data.
This program is quite popular, since it is a huge goldmine of information on how to use the framework correctly, what rules to follow, it also contains instructions and discussions, and has separate forum pages.

The only and important drawback is that the program leaves a lot of manual labor for the user. This significantly slows down the workflow, makes it more complex and labor-intensive, although it gives a little flexibility in the selection of software solutions.


The presented framework is characterized by an incredible workflow stability and reliability. The program is often chosen for work by qualified developers, since it is quite simple to use, and also with its help it is easy to create applications that are complex in structure, web services. The Laravel mentioned above was built from scratch based on the Symphony framework. This adds popularity points to the program, persuades many professionals and beginners to choose it for work.

Among the advantages of the program, several points can be noted.

  1. Symfony offers the user advanced functionality and unlimited possibilities for its scaling from the very beginning.
  2. The settings are quite flexible, which allows you to completely change them for your own convenience, to work with comfort.
  3. The user has the ability to connect the program with other Symfony services, to make the integration with other frameworks simpler and more understandable.
Today it is used by many popular services such as Drupal and phpBB.


This program attracts users primarily with its simplicity: configuration and navigation are the simplest, which significantly speeds up the coding workflow. It’s also worth noting the high performance and speed of work. Software is best suited for creating programs that need more simplified coding.

Best Javascript Framework and Libraries of 2022

The characteristics listed above demonstrate that this framework is one of the best options for creating mobile applications and websites. A very important point is that the developments written in this program lend themselves to complex testing. In addition, there are several other advantages that can be noted.

  1. The source code is available, you can examine, view, modify the data. This way, developers can track down details that their users don't like, discover weaknesses in their program, and fix vulnerabilities. Open source allows you to change the program, and it can also be used for new developments and correcting existing errors.
  2. The next advantage is obtaining the MIT licensing document. Some may think that this license is outdated, since it was one of the first free ones. Despite the fact that this opinion is quite common, this is not entirely true: the document is based on clear algorithms by which it is issued. The fact that money is not needed is the main principle that the company has been adhering to for many years.
  3. Another advantage is convenient refactoring. It refers to databases and includes qualities that are valued in a modern product.
  4. The framework supports PHP objects, which means the versatility and convenience of the interface, with which it will be quite simple and easy to work.
It is also worth mentioning that the program has a large library of encrypted codes, and it’s a pleasure working with the platform, especially if you need to solve complex problems.


All the software described above are known for their simplicity and comfortable use, as well as for their pleasant external design and speed of learning. CakePHP can easily beat all frameworks, receiving the reliability mark by an incredibly significant margin. In professional circles, it is called exemplary software, which represents:
  • flexible architecture;
  • many auxiliary additional components that make working with the framework surprisingly convenient;
  • the user can control and manage sessions, which allows him to open up new opportunities and expand the functionality of the program;
  • it is worth specially focusing on another feature: converting themes into plugins, so you can create relevant, high-quality themes.
In addition, it is impossible not to note the high productivity, which will significantly save the developer's efforts, will not ruin the mood, and will save nerves when developing templates, routing or performing other work.

New components were used in the development, the implementation of which had a positive effect: the creators simply got rid of a number of problems.


It is an efficient platform originally designed for AJAX compatibility. The program works great with caching, and also saves a lot of time that is required to develop a high-quality application, website or other web services. Here the user will find many handy tools with which you can create great interfaces from scratch. As a result, Yii is highly regarded by front-end professionals.

One of the main drawbacks of the framework is that it is not suitable for a novice programmer. The program is quite complex, so even one small mistake can lead to the fact that the final product simply will not function correctly.

JavaScript libraries

As noted earlier, a JavaScript 2022 library is a set of classes or functions written in the Java language. This language has been used by many sites for a long time, but the greatest popularity came to it after the appearance of Web 2.0. Then the language began to be actively used in programming and creating user interfaces.

Several libraries can be noted among the most demanded and popular.


According to expert ratings, it has recently begun to lose its popularity, although it is still quite in demand.

Best Javascript Framework and Libraries of 2022

Among the advantages:

  • uses plugins, which allows you to reduce the time spent on creating working functionality;
  • written code is suitable for any browser, which helps to reduce development time;
  • all versions of the library are compatible with each other.
Among the disadvantages, one can name a large memory footprint, as well as the need to spend time creating code if there is no ready-made solution.


This library has existed for less than 10 years, but it has already become discussed and relevant.

Its advantages:

  • is an intermediate link between the web resource and the real DOM, all changes to the site can be made in it;
  • making edits to one component does not affect the rest in any way;
  • element loading speed is high, updating is fast;
  • it is possible to reuse separate parts of already written code;
  • open source code, which makes it possible to make changes and improve the library;
It’s recommended for using to single page Internet resources or applications.


Designed for working with numbers, objects. Responsible for their creation, editing and modification, transformation, as well as sorting.

Of the advantages:

  • browser library that works quickly, eliminates compatibility problems, does not depend on the version;
  • it is possible to import individual modules or necessary functions without affecting the entire library.
Among the disadvantages, we can note the large amount of memory that the library requires.

All of the above programs have not lost their relevance for many years, so there is no doubt that they will be popular in 2022. Of course, progress does not stand still, and new developments appear every day that can facilitate the work of programmers. However, the basic software and libraries will always be relevant.

Best Javascript Frameworks and Libraries of 2022 key takeaways:

#1. Framework and library concept. Features of working with them
#2. Features of working with frameworks
#3. Laravel
#4. Symfony
#5. CodeIgniter
#6. CakePHP
#7. Yii
#8. JavaScript libraries
#9. jQuery
#10. React
#11. Lodash

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