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7 Awesome Web Design Trends 2017

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Featured image for 7 Awesome Web Design Trends 2017

Web designer, entrepreneur and even owner of a small business have to follow trends. This article will discover you with 7 exciting trends in web design that was in 2021 to help you get most out of your website. Let’s begin!


Gradient more and more liked by users and Internet visitors. Its distinctive singularity many times expands the range of used colors. This means that the tones for web design are much easier to choose. This trend has been going on since 2016, in 2017 and even will be in new design trends and logo trends 2020. The most popular is still the 2-tone gradient. Gradient type doesn't matter; it can be linear or radial are relevant here. Both are awesome!

Web Design Trends 2017


Usual brick web design structure has long since sunk into oblivion. Asymmetry is a new modern word that becomes popular. Web page structure, content, and even graphic elements. Non-standard grid is also welcome. Still are popular in graphic trends.

Web Design Trends 2017

Thin Lines

Nice, unobtrusive and useful graphics elements will best complement to the attractive design. Ghost buttons, outline style these all will be relevant and highly appreciate in 2017. The best combination is with duotone gradient and flat design style.

Web Design Trends 2017

Performance and Load Time

What kind of designer doesn't worry about the future of his artwork? Good mockup can be easily done with a huge amount of animation, video and graphic details. But the user experience will simply go wrong. What is the use of this if the bounce rate is high? Performance is low. You'll say frontend guys should think about it, and I say in a response - teamwork. Artwork is one part of a whole process which called web development. You have to think only about yourself but about teammates. Only together you can achieve the best result. This is very important especially for cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Simplicity and Clarity

Goal of every web design work is to represent company CEO's vision of product or service. Wb design consists of two things. Appearance and its intuitive destination. 2016 was a hard year. A lot of awesome web designs, no one understands it. Attractive? Of course, sure! They look so harmonious. Clarity of company's objectives? No, unfortunately. I've met this problem across almost every B2B company website, they simply can't tell about their work in 2 sentences. Users didn't use to it, they need to get everything within 5 seconds!

Web Design Trends 2017

Semi-Flat Design. Flat 2.0.

Do you remember that nice and lightweight flat design style? Of course, you do. In 2017 it'll be refreshed and renewed. Shadows on huge elements create so beautiful picture. You going to love it, I already love. Please re-read No.1, because they together simply blow your mind!

Web Design Trends 2017


Are you surprised? Content in all its guises will help to designers to draw an amazing mockup; to users to get elusive, non-verbal signs of the product and service. Objective of every web design artwork is to give understanding, clarity of what exactly company is doing. And, to be at least one step ahead of its competitors!

Web Design Trends 2017

At the end, I want to suggest getting acquainted with marketing trends in 2020. As you can see, 2018 is the continuation of this year.

7 Awesome Web Design Trends 2017 key takeaways:

#1. Gradients
#2. Asymmetry
#3. Thin Lines
#4. Performance and Load Time
#5. Simplicity and Clarity
#6. Semi-Flat Design. Flat 2.0.
#7. Content

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