Featured image for 10 Examples Of Amazing Blogs Their UI Layout Nailed

10 Examples Of Amazing Blogs Their UI Layout Nailed

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Featured image for 10 Examples Of Amazing Blogs Their UI Layout Nailed

If you have actually been blogging for a while, yet still really feel irritated because you can not get things done easily, then this message is for you. There are blogging tools developed to help start a blog, enhance internet search engine SEO and also take things through any type of given social networks channel.

A great deal of people have expanded their services with blogging. As well as, many currently live a desired way of life, solely from composing, advertising their material as well as developing a social media community. But, the fact is that none of these successful people became efficient blog writers by chance. It took intentional initiative - and also time-saving blogging tools.

Blog writing is an incoming marketing approach that genuinely works. You can produce even more certified leads via blog writing. Current statistics disclose that marketers that blog regularly will get 126% more leads than those that do not. However, to place well in Google as well as drive brings about creative ui ux design services, you need extra.

10 Examples Of Amazing Blogs Their UI Layout Nailed


Clever by Architectural Digest is an online publication celebrating global layout talents, championing industry advancement, and also featuring residence style ideas. This wonderful magazine is in some way minimalist, chic and also eccentric at the same time - with vibrant shades that hum of 80s retro pop art, as well as blocks that virtually really feel 3D. While the actual layout itself is fairly stripped back, it's full to the border with personality.

The designer makes use of a dynamic rhythm to produce a material pecking order, including a refreshing spin to the material card structure most frequently utilized by online magazines. The interface is intense and profits bold colors as well as patterns - a combination that can go catastrophically incorrect if exaggerated. While the shade palette is bold, the high comparison in between the shades themselves combined with the bold geometric font selection tells me that the designer has assessed the site's ease of access. All the UI components on this page job harmoniously with each other to advertise unity. This level of attention to information is no tiny task!


Powered by the international youth traveling brand Contiki, Six-Two boasts durable travel overviews loaded with beautiful imagery that instantaneously makes us intend to load our bags and set off for some severe wanderlust. Six-two have taken the preferred 'til ing' function as well as put their very own spin on it - blending post in with text, and experimenting with photo dimension. While they have actually got some fascinating features going on, they've kept the color design fairly standard - primarily staying with pastel colors with the occasional sprinkle of dark pink.

Six-two has actually taken care of to strike an ideal equilibrium between enjoyable as well as insightful. The designer has also highlighted certain items of content by making the group larger, which creates a clear power structure - and allows the viewers to know what to review initially! Interestingly, they have actually chosen to position the search function left wing of the interface, as well as the main food selection on the right. This goes against standard UI conventions - but making use of recognizable iconography suggests it's still useable.

Annual Digest

When it involves blog site design, simpleness frequently outdoes intricacy. This is unquestionably the instance with Yearly Digest by Curate Mag. Aimed at entrepreneurs and young specialists, Annual Digest is an on the internet publication including a collection of thought pieces that both reflect on the past year as well as an influence for the year ahead. Utilizing huge fonts as well as photos is currently an incredibly preferred UI layout - as well as Yearly

Digest has entirely nailed it. It's difficult not to be astounded by the use of color and also reeled in by the absorbable post titles. Integrating refined animations and shifts with strong imagery as well as a huge typeface make for extremely enjoyable navigating. What's most striking regarding this site is the outstanding implementation of the typography; the clever mix of font styles is elegant and also sophisticated, without being as well serious.

Coda story

Coda Story is an on the internet political journal, covering subjects ranging from humanitarian dilemmas to disinformation tales. Coda story asserts that they are "style agnostic" - implying they do not stick to the structural conventions of other blogs. With a list of docudramas, long reads, short reads, and animations, the Coda story publication is evidence that political material doesn't need to be boring to be taken seriously. The fantastic use of whitespace, as well as the lack of diversions, contributes to the subject of the content: serious topics require tidy interfaces. Nevertheless, that's not to state that the site is uninspiring! The refined yet uplifting animations provide well-needed equilibrium to the website's tone.


On the other end of the spectrum, the Girlboss magazine is every little thing however downplayed. Set against the backdrop of practically every shade imaginable, Girlboss brands itself as a magazine for working millennial women that does not take itself as well seriously. Girlboss doesn't just have fun with different shades - they've also obtained a different font for practically every sentence, and also have made a decision to maintain readers on their toes with a mix of photography and picture. With its attractive shade palette, absence of font uniformity and also overall troublesome tone, the Girlboss publication has all the makings of a blog that will certainly have you consistently returning for even more.


Planning to influence visitors to commit to a healthy and balanced and well-balanced diet regimen, the Nourisheats blog site is the personification of tidy, aesthetically pleasing design. This way of living blog boasts lively, drool-worthy food digital photography - made evermore distinctive versus the site's simple grey and also white color scheme. Contrasted to different other methods of living blog sites, Nourisheats have really decided not to pester their customers with subscription show up, or advertising and marketing banners. Instead, they have in fact let the images do the talking.


Efficiency tool Dropbox has actually shown its creative design with this eccentric in addition to the dazzling blog site. In addition to spectacular us with active color design, the designers behind the Dropbox blog have admired innovative zines with a very easy visuals layout that would usually be connected with the print format. The remarkable tongue-in-cheek images command interest along with allowing the typography to be eliminated back and also take a secondary role. The UI is enjoyable without being early, along with features well with the product - instead of averting from it. The instinctive hover effects nicely guide the individual flow, and also the animated phone call to activity at the end of the web page is a genuine treat!

The Outline

At first glimpse, it appears that The Overview differs any other online publication presently on the scene. Reading The Outline will certainly take you on a journey of discovery - as if each area has actually been created by someone different. With its near-fluorescent color scheme and comedic imagery, on the other hand with its minimalist navigation, The Introduction web site is an aesthetic banquet - damaging every feasible design convention provided. The tiny animations complement the overall style, providing the individual with comments as well as complete satisfaction without being disruptive. I'm enthralled by the use 'content teasers' - such as quotes, quizzes, or just photos without any message - which add variety to the web page and break up the composed web content.

Help scout

Help Scout, manufacturers of client service software programs, have limited the use of duplicate and accepted adverse space on a dynamic yet uncluttered interface. It's hard not to be enticed by the brilliant, block colors as well as simple copy that allows us to know what the article is mosting likely to have to do with. The actual hero of this blog, nevertheless, is the pictures. There's absolutely nothing worse than mosting likely to a blog site as well as seeing the same reused free stock photo you have actually seen on a hundred various websites.


With an energetic homepage, clear call us to activity, and likewise a location for pertinent logos to demonstrate the dependability of each released article, the Pixelgrade blog site is an archetype of a blog that educates the brand's story. They have really kept the exact same shade palette as the key website, which develops a connection with the trademark name. While it may not be the fanciest blog site on this listing, it's very absorbable.

The big message is extremely reliable in regulating the reader's interest. In the post themselves, they've used images to separate the text - attracting visitors to persevere up until completion. While choosing a grid-based design isn't exactly ground-breaking, it maintains the user interface clean and the content digestible.

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  6. Nourisheats
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