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10 Creative Website Ideas: Get Inspired

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“What should I create a website about?” It is one of the most common questions for people planning to build a website. If you are one of them, this post brings you 10 creative website ideas that any average person can easily proceed with. So, browse through these ideas and get inspired.

Basic Requirements for Building a Website

To build a professional website, you need the followings. If you want to see your website successful, invest in reliable partners only.

Domain Name:
It is an address of your website that users will type in their browsers to access your website. Some of the popular domain name registrars available in the market are Domain.com, GoDaddy, Gandi, Namecheap, etc.

It is a service that helps your website available to be viewed by internet users. A web hosting partner offers space on its server so that other computer across the globe can access your site by means of a network.

Nowadays, thousands of web hosting services available, therefore, it can be difficult for you to find the right one. If you’re unable to decide with which option you should go, this hosting review article may help you. It is comparing the top web hosting providers of 2019.

Website Building Platform:
A website building platform is a tool that allows the construction of a website. From CMS (content management system) to website builder to manual coding, you have plenty of options to create a website. WordPress can be a good option for newbies as it is both user-friendly and pocket-friendly.

10 Creative Website Ideas

1. Personal Blogging

If you are interested in expressing yourself and sharing your passion, blogging can be a good creative website idea for you. You can write about anything and everything in your life. According to a report, more than 6.7 million people blogging across the world. Some of the world’s most successful blogs are Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, LifeHacker, The Daily Beast, TechCrunch, etc.

2. Online Portfolio

If you are an artist, you may create an online portfolio website. A well-built portfolio site helps you showcase and sell your talent to a large audience. To create a good-looking portfolio site, make a balance between attractive visuals, clear layouts, and effective copy. If you want to get the inspiration you can go through these mind-blowing portfolio websites: Josh Miller, Bell Brothers, Melanie David, Gin Lane, Panic, etc.

3. Review Site

It is another creative website ideas for those who like to review things. You can dedicate your blog on reviewing things and can become an affiliate to get paid while doing it. According to research, 84% percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends. So creating a review website can be profitable for you. Some popular review websites that are doing really good are Tripadvisor, Hosting.review, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Manta, etc.

Website Ideas

4. How-to-do- Something Website

The Internet is a powerful tool to learn how to do things. If you create a graphic trendy website on this niche you can really make a good amount out of it. wikiHow is a good example that is used by millions of people around the world.

5. Travel Blog

If you have a passion for traveling and want to share your traveling stories to the world, you may create a travel blog. This creative website idea has been adopted by numerous people across the globe. Some successful travel blogs that you would like to go through are Dan Flying Solo, Lili’s Travel Plans, Drew Binsky, The Blonde Abroad, etc.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways you can make money via your travel blogs such as affiliate marketing, Adsense programs, sponsored content to online sales, etc.

6. Career Counseling Website

Career counseling market is growing rapidly all across the globe. Students always wonder what they want to be in life after completing their studies. If you can provide an answer to their questions and better suggest which career should they opt, creating a career counseling website can be a great idea for you. Some popular career counseling websites are MyPlan.com, About.com’s careerkey.org

7. Art Website

If you have the ability to draw, compose, sculpt or do other creative work of art, you can’t find a better creative website idea than creating your own art website. An art website can help you promote your products and generate revenue by selling them.

8. Health Blog

Health and wellness are popular topics in this age. There are numerous health issues from which people suffer such as skin problems, obesity, and other diseases. If you have great knowledge of remedies or you have experience of coming out of these problems, you can show your audience the best remedies for their health problems.

Make sure the remedies and exercises you are disclosing are safe for the people. You should clear the potential risk with your users in advance. To make your blog more helpful add videos and pictures for more illustration.

9. Wedding Planning

You can start this business at a small level. If you have the skill of decorating venues, taking pictures, and making other arrangements needed for a party, a wedding planning website can be a great idea for you.

By creating a professional wedding planning website you can promote your skills and businesses and convince your visitors that you’re a good planner.

10. Recipes Website

Are you good at preparing food? Share your cooking experience with people interesting in learning cooking. You can add your cooking videos, or simply share recipe through your website. Some of the great cooking websites are AllRecipes, Food Network, Food, Yummly, etc.

These are ten creative website ideas that you can proceed within 2019. Choose the one which you find you’re better in.

10 Creative Website Ideas: Get Inspired key takeaways:
  1. Basic Requirements for Building a Website
  2. 1. Personal Blogging
  3. 2. Online Portfolio
  4. 3. Review Site
  5. 4. How-to-do- Something Website
  6. 5. Travel Blog
  7. 6. Career Counseling Website
  8. 7. Art Website
  9. 8. Health Blog
  10. 9. Wedding Planning
  11. 10. Recipes Website
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