Featured image for Your Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Your Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

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Featured image for Your Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Amazon is often the most favorite retail platform that most business owners want to sell their products. It is indeed a tested-and-proven retail service company wherein most of its growth are made by third-party sellers. According to a recent study, by the time 2019 ends, sales coming from Amazon marketplace are anticipated to exceed over 70%.

Amazon platform offers merchants a wide variety of potential consumers. Not to mention, its multiple ranges of business management as well as tools for products distribution makes it convenient for sellers to sell and market their product.

Your Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Now, if this sparks your interest to become a seller online, know what are the things you need to do. This guide will help you how to sell successfully on Amazon.

Determine if Your Products Require Amazon’s Approval

There are more than 10 categories on Amazon that are open to sellers. So, if your product belongs to any of the categories, then there’s no need for Amazon’s approval. But, there are other categories that need approval though. In the event your products fall under these categories, then you need an application to subscribe for a professional selling plan.

Take note that Amazon restricts the number of sellers in every category. The purpose of this is to maintain product quality. Therefore, if you believe that your products are high-quality, then send Amazon a request approval.

Choose a Selling Plan Appropriate for Your Business Niche

There are two selling plans that Amazon offers — the professional plan and individual plan. For the professional plan, you have the option to sell an unlimited number of products while paying for a fee of $39.99, on top of it are variable closing and referral fees. The professional plan is most recommended for sellers who are selling more than 30 products each month.

As for the personal plan, you will pay worth $0.99 subscription fee for each product you sell, on top of that, its variable closing and referral fees. This plan is ideal for sellers who are selling less than 30 products each month.

List Your Products Under Amazon Seller Account

To list your products, you need to create a seller account first through Amazon Seller Central. It is where you will handle and manage all your products. Once you are done creating an account, you may proceed with product listing. If you are subscribed to a Personal Plan, you may add one item at a time to the Amazon marketplace catalog. Whereas, the Professional Plan allows you to add items by batch to the catalog.

Moreover, if you are marketing products that are listed already on Amazon’s platform, inform them of the condition of your product and how many products you are planning to sell, including its shipping details choices. Listing if one of the most profited options in bitcoin exchange platforms. Consider it in your business plan and in the development pipeline.

Your Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA Account

Start Setting up Options for Shipping

You will always have the option to ship products on your own even if you are under Amazon’s platform. Moreover, they provide their sellers unique and highly advantageous services for shipping that is difficult to ignore. It is called Fulfillment by Amazon. The process is simple, simply send your inventory to a fulfillment center of Amazon, they will then place your products for storage, box them, and ship them to your customers’ location.

Your products will be eligible for Amazon Prime customer service, standard free shipping, and two-day free shipping when you sign up for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Also, the shipping costs are included in the plan. You will only pay for storage space and fee for every product order. There are also other companies who offer amazing FBA shipping like fbabee.com.

Promote Your Products and Start Selling

Once you are done setting up the options for shipping, you are now ready to start selling. To entice your target market, ensure to create captivating product listings. It should have clear-cut and succinct titles, descriptions that are rich with product benefits/advantages, and clear relevant images. You can also run sponsored ads to boost product visibility on Amazon.

Encourage Customers to Provide Feedbacks

It is important for customers to give feedbacks to drive sales effectively on Amazon. Customers will find your products more credible and real if you have more reviews for your products. The good thing about selling on Amazon is, they allow sellers to send follow up to customers. This is to ask for feedback/reviews via email after they order the products.

Amazon even automates the whole process, but you need to adhere to strict guidelines wherein marketing messages are not allowed.

Performance Evaluation

It is important to evaluate the performance of your business. To do so, you will need to access your sales dashboard — shows a snapshot of orders, sold quantities, and sales generated for the day — on your Amazon Seller account.


If you are new to the online selling platform and you want to sell products on Amazon, it pays to know the do’s and don’ts and the basics of selling products online.

In terms of brand awareness and advance logistical features, Amazon has the most fascinating tools for your business expansion, something that is far more than you could do on your own. Setting up a business on Amazon may take time and full attention. It can be a bit costly too, however, if you manage to know every bit of how it all works and you start to see an increase of your sales, it is very rewarding. You can really say, all your hard works paid off.

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