Featured image for 7 Steps to Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You

7 Steps to Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You

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Featured image for 7 Steps to Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You

Ever since internet has arrived, it has changed the world in uncountable ways. The ways of doing business have also changed with it, and it’s no longer a choice for any business to have a web presence. Instead, it has become a necessity today. Having a website that can present your business properly in front of potential customers who may be searching for your products/services on internet helps not only in boosting sales but also in building a brand for your business. No surprise why majority of businesses have a website today.

However, having a website is not enough. You need to ensure that your website is doing the hard work for you and helping you in boosting your income. Now you may be wondering… how do I ensure that? Don’t worry, we’re going to provide the answers. Here are 7 steps that will help you ensure that your website boosts your revenue:

#1. Pay Attention to Your Website Speed

It’s important to pay attention to how long your webpages take to load. Too many fancy elements like graphics and JavaScript may make your site look cool, but they may adversely affect the user experience by making your webpages slower to load. There’s a balance that must be maintained between design and site speed, and it’s a very crucial one because both users and Google hate those sites which load slowly. You may not believe it, but it’s true - Google has been using site speed as a ranking factor since a long time now, and if your webpages are ranking below your competitors despite having better content and products/services then this may be one of the possible reasons behind it. Especially if your site in fintech industry like this.

#2. Get Your Copywriting Done Professionally

The copy of any website is its life. In real world a salesman sells products through his sales pitches, and in online world your copy acts as those sales pitches. When it comes to converting visitors/leads into customers, a lot depends upon the copy that you’ve put together on your site. And that’s why it’s important that you get your copywriting done from a professional. Writing good copy is also an art, and not everyone is good at it. Don’t try to save money on this front, because you’ll end up paying much more in terms of lost customers.

#3. Build an Email List

Building an email list is as important today as it was 10 years ago. According to research done by Statista, more than 251M email users in US alone. check If you’ve got an online business, you’ve got to build your email list to boost your sales.

It helps you in maintaining a connection with all your existing and future customers, which ultimately results in more sales. So, put together an email list building system on your site with help of any reliable email list building solution like MailChimp or something else.

#4. Put Proper Security Measures in Place

Security is another area where people make costly mistakes. And security of your website is as valuable as the security of your premises, because you can’t even imagine the kind of damage that a cybersecurity related incident can do to your business.

Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You

So install SSL certificates to protect all your domains and subdomains, put together a decent antivirus and firewall program, prepare some cybersecurity procedures that must be followed in your company by all employees, deploy a system that can alert you in case of a security breach, and have a backup plan for every possible scenario. Only then you can be relaxed about the security of your site.

#5. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

p>Optimizing your website for search engines is also important. There’s no doubt in the fact that search engines serve as one of the greatest sources of traffic for most websites, and you too can capitalize on this source of traffic if you have optimized your website properly for Search Engines.

Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You SEO

This practice is known as Search Engine Optimization, and professionals are available to do it properly. You must hire an SEO specialist for your site to ensure that your SEO is done in a professional manner and you receive enough traffic from search engines every day.

#6. Pay Attention to Analytics

Analytics tell a lot about your site, so it’s important that you pay attention to them. They tell you what’s working and what’s not, and some of the key metrics that you must keep watching are your traffic sources, bounce rate, returning visitors, the time around which you receive most of your visitors, heatmaps, demographics of your visitors and conversion rate. I won’t go into detail of each of these metrics as it will shift us away from the main topic of this article, but they’re all simple metrics that tell you crucial information about the traffic that your site receives.

#7. Learn and Adjust

Finally, after you’ve learned about what’s working and what’s not working from analysis of your Analytics, adjust your site’s design and marketing efforts accordingly to get the maximum return on investment (ROI). For example, if you see that visitors coming from a source convert more than the visitors coming from any other source, you should certainly focus on getting more traffic from that source. If you see after analyzing heat maps that any element on your webpages causes high bounce rate, you may try eliminating it from your site to retain visitors for a longer duration on your site. And so on… I can give numerous examples of A/B testing here, but the bottom line remains the same: maximize those things which are boosting your revenue and minimize those which are hurting it!


These 7 steps cover almost every element of web-based marketing, and they’ll help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make while building a website. From design to copy to security to analytics, these steps cover the common pitfalls of everything. Ensure their proper implementation on your website, and you’ll see the difference that it can bring to your sales coming from the web. Thank us later!

7 Steps to Ensure That Your Website Makes Money for You key takeaways:
  1. #1. Pay Attention to Your Website Speed
  2. #2. Get Your Copywriting Done Professionally
  3. #3. Build an Email List
  4. #4. Put Proper Security Measures in Place
  5. #5. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
  6. #6. Pay Attention to Analytics
  7. #7. Learn and Adjust
  8. Conclusion

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