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Cyber Security Trends and Threats in 2019

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Featured image for Cyber Security Trends and Threats in 2019

The rapid development of technology encourages cybersecurity experts to work more active to counter hackers. To some extent, their rivalry can even be called the “arms race”. Threats really become more tangible. But the means of protection are experiencing evolution. We offer you to find out what means of protection against hacker attacks exist today and will develop in the future.

New Accents in the company development

Information sphere is steadily transforming. Consequently, companies are changing their strategies in this direction. This applies to various enterprises regardless of their activity field. There are such items of expenditure in budgets, as:
- Implementation of information security systems.
- Their improvement.

Even the leaders of very powerful companies understand that any business ideas are vulnerable to outside threats. At the same time, the are not enough legal departments to defend themselves, no matter what professional specialists work there. When a leak of significant commercial value occurs, it is difficult to regulate it using legal methods exclusively. You can find guilty, prove their guilt and sue the amount of damage, however, such phenomena, at least, stop the functioning of the company. The damage from leakage of important data is very difficult to assess on an objective scale when it comes to a perspective time. Therefore, even graphic design companies like Adobe are concerned about cybersecurity.

According to Tadviser experts, information security is now perceived not as a separate aspect. Now it is a part of modern business strategies. Company leaders understand that information security is not a one-time project. This is an independent process, which, however, is among the general strategic issues of an enterprise. Cybersecurity of modern business includes (except logos):
- risk miscalculation;
- investments;
- specific results.

In order, solutions related to cybersecurity were timely and justified, business leaders need to communicate with IT experts and web developers, in fact, talk the same language with them. It is important to be aware of potential threats and those solutions that allow you to protect against them. Therefore, a corporate digital security strategy should be developed.

Risk of ransomware viruses

Over the past few years, ransomware viruses have been one of the most serious threats in modern cyberspace. For example, in the past, the number of attacks from such malicious programs increased by 250%. Among the victims of these viruses are not only powerful companies, but state-owned enterprises, private business representatives, ordinary users and even hospitals as well.

According to Carbon Black information, about 25,000 of such malicious programs are for sale to date. Last year, the total sales of such programs amounted to over $6 million. Thus, it can be concluded about the seriousness of the problem. Such programs are in demand.

If earlier the main purpose of the attackers was the equipment on which Windows is installed, now they have expanded the range of their activities. Viruses attack including equipment with Linux and Mac systems. Cases with smartphones attacks were noted.

There are suggestions that the next goal of such viruses will be the Internet of Things (IoT). On the one hand, there is no critical information in such devices. But on the other, their defense is extremely weak. Experts put forward suggestions that the plot with the threat of disconnecting the electrical network may be involved for blackmail. CSO edition reports about it.

Security and Cybersecurity Trends in 2019

Source of data from redpixie.com

Experts believe that in the coming year the activity of ransomware viruses will be at a high level. Accordingly, cybersecurity experts will need to take steps to counter this phenomenon.

Systems vulnerability with Big Data and cloud services

It's no secret that large companies store their important business data in cloud services. Accordingly, such services are attractive to cybercriminals. If large providers have some tools to fight attacks, then small regional services are quite vulnerable.

There is little doubt that in the coming year situations with large-scale data leaks will be repeated. One of the clearest examples of such cases in the past can be called the collapse of Equifax. This is a credit bureau which hackers hacked into personal information of more than 140 million clients.

The Bitglass agency specializing in information security proved the fact that the stolen information with personal data in “darknet” scatters very quickly. The danger lies in the fact that it can emerge later in any state and at any time. Accordingly, intruders have many options for using such data.

A prime example: only in the first half of last year about 6 million records with personal information were stolen. As for the major hacks, there were more than 2 thousand of them. This is not to mention the multiple cases of petty hacking.

Experts recommend ordinary users to be more careful with downloadable applications. According to their calculations 80 percent of the most serious data leaks in the past year occurred due to the vulnerability that personal data of users have in applications.

Malicious spam links

Many company leaders are very simplistic about the process of hacking system. As usual, it is attacker or a group of hackers who hunt for important corporate data. However, in practice, things often look completely different.

Studies prove that a lot of hacks occur since employees themselves are inattentive. For example, they open viral spam links using the Internet. As a result, those malicious programs get into the corporate computer network that should not, in principle, be there. The matter is banal inattention and indiscretion; in other words that is the human factor.

In order, to avoid such phenomena, one should be attentive to the issue of employee’s information literacy. It will be appropriate to periodically conduct trainings and lectures on personal and corporate information security. Even if you do not have an IT department and you must invite competent experts, such costs will be justified.

The use of artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity

The fight against some information threats does not provide for the important principle of timeliness. That is, many experts are struggling with yesterday’s (if not with the day before yesterday) threats. The result is not as it should be.

If you change the approach and begin to simulate situations, working in advance, hypothetically you can achieve a better result. Experts believe that in the case of machine learning, it will be possible to respond to threats in real time. The principle is based on the fact that any given system has a certain “norm” of behavior. As a result, the system vulnerability is eliminated in real time.

Despite the effectiveness of the use of artificial intelligence in solving local narrow problems, in general, this tool is not fully understood. Similarly, all the risks that may be associated with its further development are unknown. And if the scenarios of films with the “machines uprising” now seem distant and unreal, in many respects the segment of the functioning of artificial intelligence (AI), yet, itself requires regulation: a legal, professional and ethical.

Two-factor identification with sending an additional password

Some companies do not yet consider the seriousness of the cybersecurity issue. Single-level identification is the norm required for access to the company's key information systems.

If, however, to be vigilant and strengthen the protection of databases can greatly help. For example, provide for sending an additional password to the employee’s personal phone. This will greatly protect important corporate data that is fundamental to the company. As a rule, a high level of security is used when creating cryptocurrency platforms.

Summing up ...

The cybersecurity segment in 2019 will be determined by various factors. Important aspects among them are the following:
- Information security will become more important direction in the overall company business strategies. Enterprises will more actively protect their corporate information.
- The risk of ransomware potentially spreads to new areas (for example, the internet of things).
- The attractiveness of cloud services for cybercriminals will remain as high and personal user data are in high demand in the “darknet”.
- The vulnerability of corporate computer systems to malicious spam links due to the informational illiteracy of many employees will become a more obvious problem. Companies will have an incentive to deal with this by training personnel in basic cybersecurity-related knowledge.
- Two-factor identification and KYC with blockchain with sending an additional password to an employee’s phone can be a good option to protect corporate information from unauthorized access. This is very often used on blockchain trends.

Cybersecurity is an important aspect not only for the successful functioning of companies, but also for the protection of individuals information. And if some threats require competent ways of opposition, then in many respects the level of risk can be reduced by elementary information awareness. The rest of the actual problems see experts. Therefore, it remains to observe and analyze how relevant, ethical and effective will be ways to address them.

Cyber Security Trends and Threats in 2019 key takeaways:
  1. New Accents in the company development
  2. Risk of ransomware viruses
  3. Systems vulnerability with Big Data and cloud services
  4. Malicious spam links
  5. The use of artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity
  6. Two-factor identification with sending an additional password
  7. Summing up ...
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