Featured image for Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms That Smart Marketers Can Use In 2019

Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms That Smart Marketers Can Use In 2019

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Featured image for Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms That Smart Marketers Can Use In 2019

Instagram has witnessed a meteoric rise in its number of monthly active users to more than one billion propelled by the popularity of features like Stories. Some 80% of Instagram followers follow at least one of the 25 million business profile daily which represents a huge opportunity for brands.

https://www.grin.co says that brands have also increasingly taken to influencer marketing that takes advantage of the special relationship the influencer has with her followers to beat the credibility gap associated with traditional advertising. As effective as influencer marketing is, the real challenge is to find influencers that have a large enough base of followers with the right demographics and a high rate of engagement to make the investment worthwhile. To avoid the time-consuming effort of developing and nurturing relationships with influencers, smart marketers can make use of numerous influencer platforms to simplify their influencer marketing programs. Some of the more popular influencer marketing platforms:


The Neoreach influencer marketing platform has a proprietary algorithm that mines data from the social web. The Neoreach database is populated with the details of more than three million social media influencers across multiple social media networks, including Instagram in every imaginable sector that is just perfect for large brands looking to expand their horizons. Businesses can search for influencers on the database with keywords and then refine the results with multiple filters like social channel, conversation topic, social metrics, as well as the demographics and psychographics of the target audience. The platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver a wealth of information so the results keep on getting better with successive iteration.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms That Smart Marketers Can Use In 2019

After the influencers with the right profiles and follower bases have been identified, brands can use the comprehensive campaign management tools that the platform provides to put together an integrated influencer marketing program. Neoreach provides each of its users, highly detailed campaign performance reports, including Influencer Media Value (IMV), their own interpretation of ROI. Businesses can just enter the amount of their advertising spend to get an estimate of the IMV of their planned influencer marketing campaigns.

AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence)

The Aspire IQ influencer marketing platform claims to have more than 500,000 influencer profiles in its discovery engine that continuously scans social accountsof multiple networks, including Instagram to discover potentially valuable influencers across all industries. Influencer search can be conducted using keywords, hashtags, or topics and then further filtered by different methods.

The platform’s “Quickmatch” feature can be used to get suggestions on the ideal influencers based on your preferences while the “Watchlist” feature can be used to get to know which influencers have made mentions of either you or your main competitors. The platform even lets you search by images of content shared by influencers that are similar to a sample provided by you. In addition to influencer discovery, AspireIQ provides robust tools for assisting brands with creating campaigns, managing the campaign lifecycle, providing digital terms sheets, tracking products, content collaboration, campaign analytics, tracking payments as well as tracking Instagram Stories. The resumption of a screenshot Instagram notification may also help in understanding follower behavior.


The HYPR influencer marketing platform boasts of an influencer database exceeding 10 million and focuses on the collection of the maximum possible demographic data of their followers. The list of influencers is comprehensive and not limited to those who have agreed to collaborate with them. The search engine that powers HYPER is simple but makes life easy for users with its high responsive interface. Even though the platform allows influencer search by name, most of the searches that you would tend to conduct would be by the target audience so HYPER makes it possible for businesses to not only search by interest of the audience but also by a wide range of demographic factors such as age group, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Searches can be refined thereafter by more factors like follower count and influencer location. The platform delivers the results in the form of influencer details like photos and other information on individual cards. You can click on any card that you are interested in to get detailed information about their reach and audience profiles. In addition to influencer discovery, HYPER provides services like tracking of influencer outreach and performance along with the demographics of the audience and conversion, the health of the audience, fraud detection, and payment management.

Tagger Media

Tagger Media is an influencer marketplace that claims to have a database of over one million influencers. The platform claims to be tracking over 8 billion social conversations that result in the creation of over 28 million data points. You have to first opt-in to use the tool and access the full feature list of the marketplace, including a very sophisticated influencer search engine that permits the use of 50 filters for generating the most refined results. The all-in-one platform permits businesses to conduct detailed searches of its user database, discover influencers, create campaigns that can be offered to only select influencers or everyone at large, manage the chosen influencers and submission of content, analyze the performance of both posts and influencers, and also determine the return on investment.

Tagger Media emphasizes follower psychographics and has capabilities to analyze what Instagram users are discussing, as well as their subjects of interest to help users understand better about what content engages them the most. The dashboard is simple, intuitive, and extremely robust and makes it very easy for brands to initiate, manage, and track their influencer marketing campaigns. If you still hesitate, check out this article about choosing social media marketing agency for small business. The platform offers comprehensive services like influencer discovery, management of campaigns, a well-populated influencer marketplace and comprehensive third-party analytics.


Traditional marketing is enormously expensive and often results in wastage when you have a defined target audience. Influencer marketing on Instagram is increasingly picking up momentum as brands realize that targeting prospects with the help of influencers can be far more effective in the long run. With influencer marketing brands can exercise more control over their communication to relatively smaller groups resulting in better conversions and enhancement of brand reputation. However, finding the right influencers can be a very big issue and can take a lot of time and effort; which may not always be possible for individual brands with active presence across multiple sales channels. In this context, using influencer marketing platforms can make the task far simpler and deliver superior ROIs.

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Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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