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Get the Most Out of Your CRM - Top 6 CRM Best Practices

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Featured image for Get the Most Out of Your CRM - Top 6 CRM Best Practices

In business, it is always good to have a plan. If your business benefits with a CRM tool, you must chalk out a strategy to use this tool. Ecommerce and other online businesses need customer relationship management software more than others because 83 percent of online buyers want to get help and support from an online representative. Thus, CRM adoption is ideal for businesses with a vision.

“Better relationship with customers and prospects leads to increased profitability.”

Let's unlock the secret to more productivity with these CRM fixes

Choose wisely

Just like every shoe doesn’t fit your feet, every CRM is not fit for a business. You have to employ the best match of CRM with your online business. When looking for a tool or software, research and pros and the cons of deploying that software in your company. What if it has repercussions? What if the solution is extensive, but your company is small? These things matter a lot because the features and price of CRM vary.

Moreover, consider if you want a niche-based solution like a Real Estate CRM or finance based CRM. Does it operate and store data on the cloud or is it saving data on site? Weigh all these options so that you don’t regret the choice later.

Train your team

Once you have chosen the CRM and are in the process of deploying it in the company, it is time to train your team for using the software. Without appropriate training, the software may not even work according to your needs. Since the average ROI of using a CRM ranges from $5-$8 per dollar spent, you can invest some time and effort to familiarize the employees with the dynamics of the software.

When training, focus on all aspects of the tool. This includes informing the team why you are making a shift, what to do with this data and how it will benefit a business in long-term. The training should be hands-on and conclude with a test of how much the staff retained. Moreover, you can offer crash courses and periodic trainings to keep the information fresh and FAQs updated.

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Automate, automate!

The main reason why you adopted a CRM was to ease down the tough task of manually handling all customer relations. Let automation save the day by scheduling repetitive tasks and leaving the tasks to the software. Check out these steps to build a CRM database system.

This will make your lives easier and bring more focus and productivity to the teams. The workflow automation feature is a key feature of any CRM that puts all your tasks into a pretty little lineup, headed by the software itself. Moreover, you will notice that the business processes begin to look more streamlined and the staff will have enough time on their hands to try out new strategies and benefit from existing data. You can customize everything - from triggers, email templates, syncing apps, etc.

Data-driven analytics

A data-driven strategy is a way to go in the future. Companies that have unlocked the key to using data in operations know that this information is a treasure trove to reach out for more business. One of the main reasons why CRMs don’t work for companies is because the companies are not benefiting from the data at all!

Instead of letting the important data go unused, pinpoint some useful tips like when are customers more likely to call you, which operating system is used the most in buying, etc.

As you start keeping an eye on the metrics, you will be well-informed of customers and their most relevant personas.

Ignore unnecessary data

At the same time, you should be wise enough to keep your CRM clutter-free and focus only on the important bits of information. Unnecessary or useless data lying around the system can also hog down the functions and create much confusion. Keep only the relevant data for your perusal and delete anything that does not bring value.

Deleting and removing unnecessary data means you are paying attention to the right metrics and your focus is set on clear goals. Assure that at the end of every day, you have actionable insights to power marketing and other business strategies.


From the time when you researched the best CRM tool to the time when you closed the first deal through it, you should document the whole journey. Documentation is necessary because your future self will appreciate it.

Taking notes on your CRM functions is necessary; it is almost critical. You can create a trail of actions and thought processes that went behind the adoption and whether the adoption became a success story or not. Moreover, such a memory bank is also ideal for creating FAQs and motivating further steps.
Documentation is also necessary when your company spans several locations, and you have many teams that need to be updated about business.


You know very well that salespeople are always busy. In busy times, they don’t even have enough space to eat or take a break! How to keep their morals soaring when the work pile keeps getting higher? Through organizing properly. Organizing the entire functionality and color-coding will make them take a sigh of relief, and magically improve your day-to-day processes.

The more you organize and color code, the better. Hours will turn into days and days turn into weeks. What you will see is a squeaky-clean sheet of organized tasks, complete with due date and possible hurdles. Advisory offices or financial reps can benefit greatly from this feature.

Last word

Your CRM choice will determine how long your ship will stay afloat in tensed waters. However, choosing a CRM is not it. The next stage is to customize it so much that it becomes your right hand. Salespeople, stakeholders, and marketing teams altogether can unlock the solution to business perfection with these few features that are already present in every CRM. As you keep practicing these habits, they will become second nature and help you achieve more business goals.

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Get the Most Out of Your CRM - Top 6 CRM Best Practices key takeaways:
  1. Ignore unnecessary data
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