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Why Geneva-based Masterpieces are Expensive

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Featured image for Why Geneva-based Masterpieces are Expensive

It is no surprise for a high-end timepiece worth more than a million. The Geneva-based brands have always proven the saying that time is gold. Almost fifty watchmakers around the world are eager to design a unique timepiece. This year, a timepiece from Patek Philippe broke the record for the most expensive watch auctioned.

Why are these Geneva-based masterpieces are considered a worthwhile investment? What are the features that make them dominate among other timepieces?

Geneva-based Masterpieces

In the 21st century, two Geneva-based timepieces are competing on the top and most expensive list for timepieces. They regularly fetch higher auction prices proving their luxurious worth.

This 2019, Patek Philippe auctioned their Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A over $31 million. The whopping $31 million left the auction crowd speechless. Meanwhile, last 2017 Rolex Ref. 6062 “Bao Dai” became at the top list when it is auctioned for $5 million.

Why These Watches are Expensive?

When it comes to Swiss watches, Patek Philippe and Rolex always top on the list. This year, Patek Philippe robbed the title of the most expensive watch in the auction in the 21st century. You might have asked yourself, why are these watches cost millions, and why are people willing to pay for its luxurious price? Well, we might have the answers to your question.


These watchmakers have been producing high-quality timepieces since 1800. There is no doubt that extensive knowledge and the high level of expertise are handed over from one generation to the next generation. Some of these watches still use the traditional process that is made in the 19th century.

Moreover, these masterpieces are a product from the finest watchmaking process resulting in royalties patronizing the royalties. Surprisingly, clients of these watches are nobilities around the world.

Transformation Throughout Time

These Swiss watches have pioneered groundbreaking advancements that are still being used until today for watchmaking processes. Most of these watch brands have received several patents with their unique and complex inventions in horology.

Patek Philippe had a hundred patents, these inventions involve the split-second chronograph, the Cal. 89, and other watch complications that are still used today.

Why Geneva-based Masterpieces are Expensive


Not all can have these masterpieces, the Swiss watches are only produced at a limited amount each year. Regular watches or some other brands produce millions a year. A unique and complex watch will take more than two years to finish. Thus, the detailed production process of these luxurious watches is the main reason why the company has a low production.


It is undeniable that some of the wealthiest people in the world hold these expensive watches. As a matter of fact, elite and influential people proudly claim that they wear an exclusive and exquisite watch brand. Some even use Swiss watch brands in music, movies, or any mode of art as a symbol of power and money.

If we can recall, some of the most renowned, influential, and historical people who have owned these expensive watches are Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles of Wales, Albert Einstein, and Pablo Picasso. Even a famous rapper owns a luxurious watch, Drake showed off his custom-made Patek Philippe.


Unlike other watch brands, these timepieces have a good resale value. It comes out to be one of the best investments you can have. Most likely, watch values increase throughout time. It will only shock you to find modern and vintage watches of Rolex or Patek Philippe displayed at secondary markets for outstanding prices.


These watchmakers reflect the uniqueness and complexity of their watch through their exterior design. Each watch has its style and technique that are meticulously handled by genuine artistry and outstanding craftsmanship. The watchmaking process artisans did for these watches is more than the extreme delicate engraving and setting of beautiful stones, paints, and inlays.

Each luxurious watches have a noticeable, high-quality design. These intricate details are one of the reasons why these watches are auctioned for millions.


As Swiss brands are known for their commitment and attention to create the best craft and details, the artisans will handcraft every bit of the movements and watch. These watches are assembled and finished manually.

As the artisans will handcraft the design, they will need at least six months to complete each part of the watch. Thus, the ideal estimation in designing and conceptualizing watches will take three to five years.


These watch brands are fully committed to providing excellence to their nobility clients. The Patek Philippe has their own seal, they have surpassed the Geneva Seal Bureau. The Geneva Seal Bureau holds the standards for using a high-quality watch movement to maintain and protect the reputation of the city. Geneva is known to be the home of the finest watchmakers.

Geneva-based watches place high standards not only on their watches but also to their employees. Patek Philippe offers a lifetime service pledge that gives the possibility that Patek Philippe watches from 1839 to present can be maintained and restored.


All of these reasons justify why these watches are the most expensive ones. Patek Philippe has proven to be the benchmark brand in Swiss watches. Nonetheless, the unique and innovative designs, delicate workmanship, and high-quality materials make these watches the best brands in the world. It would be painful if these watches are damaged. If your expensive watch needs restoration or maintenance, www.soflypart.com can help.

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