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How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet like Exodus?

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It requires thoroughly studying the subject to develop a cryptocurrency wallet like Exodus. Exodus supports multiple currencies. It is an intuitive and reliable application that offers many functions. Daniel Castagnoli and G. P. Richardson created this wallet. Castagnoli is a former designer in major companies like Nike, BMW, Apple. Richardson was coding various cryptocurrency projects. As a result, they developed a multicurrency wallet that can store large amounts of currencies.

Exodus supports an extensive range of tokens and allows trading them without leaving the application. The beginners find this wallet extremely convenient, and the intuitive design makes it easy to navigate in the cryptocurrency world. The wallet is free so that anyone can download it.

Exodus — installation, main features, straightforward setting

Look for a version of the Exodus wallet that will fit your OS, download it, install the application, and confirm the launch. There are several tabs where one can interact with the application.
  1. Portfolio. Here the users can find data on the cryptocurrencies they own, and it is represented as a diagram. Also, there is a list with the details on the number of coins, price, names, and percentage distribution. This tab also shows the price shifts of various assets for a certain period in a graph. Also, one can see all their transactions and export them if required.
  2. Wallet. Here various operations are performed with cryptocurrencies. Use the ‘Send’ button to transact a cryptocurrency. To complete the transaction, the users have to enter the quantity of the currency and the receiver’s address. There is a fee on each transaction, so consider it and monitor the balance. Tap the ‘Receive’ button, and you will see your wallet’s address, copy and share it with the sender to receive cryptocurrencies.
  3. Exchanger. The ShapeShift exchanger provides all operations. It supports the same assets that Exodus does. The exchanger process goes the following way: firstly, select a coin and the quantity on the left, and choose a desired coin on the right. It automatically analyzes the current rates and performs the exchange.
  4. Backup. It is a must to provide decent protection for the assets. The users need to enter a password and a phrase of 12 words (it will help regain access to the account while changing the device). The user needs to pick one of the four words offered to confirm the phrase.
Suppose the user needs to restore access to an existing account. In that case, they must install the application first, then go to the Portfolio tab, tap ‘Restore from Backup,’ and enter those twelve words made up during the registration in the appropriate field.

Adjust the settings of the following sections so that the wallet function properly:

  • Assets;
  • Localization;
  • Themes;
  • Hardware wallets;
  • Security;
By visiting ‘Assets,’ you can set the types of cryptocurrencies that will appear in the ‘Portfolio’ or make all assets hidden, zeroing the balances, except Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In the ‘Localization’ tab, the users can change the main currency of the balance and the crypto assets.

In the ‘Themes,’ the user can select a different wallet design or apply themes from the skins, textures, and colors sections.

Connecting the Trezor cryptocurrency wallet in the ‘Wallets’ category is possible. All assets in Trezor will show up in the ‘Portfolio.’ Internal cryptocurrency exchange is carried out directly through the interface Exodus.

After setting the encrypted password, the backup function appears in the settings, namely, in the ‘Security’ section. There is also a feature for auto-lock of the wallet after a certain period.

Use the Ctrl+Shift+D combination to open the advanced settings tab. To check the private keys, use the developer menu. Here you can also choose one of the recovery options, export the archive wallet, save all transactions directly in CSV format, and use other useful features.

The advantages of the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet

While selecting a modern and universal cryptocurrency wallet, the experts recommend paying more attention to the benefits:
  • The faultless functioning of the Exodus;
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface;
  • The wallet supports about one hundred crypto assets, so there is no need to use specific wallets for certain coins;
  • Fast and secure transactions;
  • Straightforward portfolio;
  • Integrated exchanger;
  • Regular updates, supporting new cryptocurrencies, adding new functions;
Frequent updates, which the developers run several times a month, show that the application is regularly improved. Prompt technical support solves any difficulties that users may encounter. Transactions cannot be done manually, and the calculation is done automatically to achieve excellent transfer speed.

There are no hacking incidents, which indicates an increased level of security. Those users looking for a secure solution to store cryptocurrency assets choose affordable applications such as Exodus.

How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet like Exodus? key takeaways:
  1. Exodus — installation, main features, straightforward setting
  2. The advantages of the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet
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